Thursday, June 28, 2007

sholay .....

well today i was browsing through our library and while walking around it .... I ventured into the miscellaneous section ... saw some interesting books and then my eyes fell on "SHOLAY - The making of a classic " . I had seen the movie ... liked it a bit but was not a fanatic sholay fan ( like my dad ). Here are some instances which i particularly liked .

  • the Jai and Basanti ki mausi conversation was inspired by the talk which Salim ( salman khan's father ) gave to Honey Irani's mother when he went for asking her hand for Javed akhthar . It went something like this :
' ladka kaisa hai ?(what's the boy like ? )'
We are partners and i wouldn't work with anyone unless i approve of him .
lekin daaru bahut peeta hai.

'kya?daaru peeta hai!' (
what ? Drinks too much !)
Aaj kal bahut nahin peeta hai , bas ek do peg . Aur sme aisi koi kharabi nahi hai .
Lekin daaru peene ke baad red light area mein bhi jaata hai '

(Doesn't drink too much these days , only a peg aur two . He's a decent sort, actually.
Just that after he has had a bit of drink he goes to red light area . )
Only the last line of the conversation was fiction .

  • The original Gabbar was Danny Dengzongpa ...... Amjad khan was later taken and he was virtually dropped cuz he didnot have confidence . Also the people were apprehensive about his voice ( which was different from normal hindi khalnayak ) and suggested of dubbing it . It is an irony that the same voice was made to market nearly everything from biscuits to radio stations.
  • In the original movie which was made ... Thakur kills Gabbar with his shoes and then weeps cuz his only mission in life is over now and what is left is a void .... but when the movie was being released it was emergency period in India . The government thought it would project police in bad light and might instigate violence in the country . So an alternate end was made in which police intervenes in the end ... and so the movie which we see has an end which was not intended
  • Amitabh and Jaya bachan were married just before the shooting of the film started and they kept slipping 100 rupee notes to the pundit , egging him to hurry the ceremony because they were worried they would miss their flight to London. When they returned from london the director had another problem to deal with - Jaya , playing a quiet self denying widow had come back from her honeymoon pregnant !!!!.
  • The whole set was constituted in Ramnagaram near bangalore . Gabbar's den was just behind thakur's house . Makeup rooms for artists were in the village houses .... so was a mess and barns for horses . A road was laid from Bangalore to Ramnagaram and al this was done in 2 months.
  • The original movie had much more blood and violence ... showing thakur hands being cut and tailor's boy being killed .... but they were not in final edit cuz the gov had a problem with such violence and directors wanted the audience to feel the scenes rather than see it .
  • Dharamendra . actually used to bribe the lghtmen to make a mistake in the scene where he was to teach basanti how to shoot so that he could repeat it again and again
  • the movie was a flop for first 2 weeks
so much so for the bollywood masala on my blog .... enjoy it and laugh
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