Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Road to everest

well China is constructing the road to everest .How ironical ....first you go and forcefully occupy a country . Then you force all the inhabitants out of the country . Then you push allegations against the spiritual leader. You impose your rule and allegations on those people . Rename the place and make the world forget it . Then one day some known personality stands up for the cause of these forgotten people . The world takes notice and puts pressure on you . what do you do ???

You build a long train line .... highest in the world connecting it with the mainland ... thereby forcefully saying .."THIS IS MINE .... DON'T MESS WITH ME " . Then paying no importance to ecology of the place you start rapid development changing it fully . why????

What has china got in its mad pursuance for Tibet . What pleasure do they get by harassing people of that place . By Pushing them out of their home . What does China want to show . BY not giving visa to the IAS officer from Arunachal Pradesh saying that he is their citizen .
The chinese authorities don't give freedom of exp to their ppl . They may be the world's fastest growing economy but their road to everest is built on a weak base .

Now about the issue as such . climbing the everest has always been the toughest part ( climbing k2 is tougher still but...) Men have lost their lives in finding the way . It remains the biggest challenge and people who climb it become legends . making a way to the everest will kill all of it . every oter tom dick or harry will say I been to the everest ( so what if only till base camp) ...... this is not right .
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