Tuesday, June 12, 2007

ps fun

well ps is fun .... now we finished the orientation and have got our projects so will get a bit serious .... but this is all we did during ps

the atlas ..... one of our favourate past times ... everyday we finished our department work in 1 hr ..headed to the training cell ...met each other ...discussed and laughed about other people and played ATLAS .... well it is simple ....pick up atlas and do anything.... asked coordinates of cities ... population ..played city,state ,country and general trivia ...our fav past time before we got the project .here pralav is making us play by asking questions and mani is as usual trying to cheat ...while neha looks in her own thoughts as is the case most of the time ... but hey looking here looks like lokesh was also mani's partner in crime ....photos sure do tell stories.

here raghav and armaan are trying to stop mani and look eager for taking on everyone ..... this was the most fun game ..... with vivek(not in the pic stealing the show)

armaan: mani cheating mat kar ...game ko theek tarah se khel

mani : kya hai ...main to confirm hi kar raha tha

raghav : bas bas mani ...tune prove kar diya tu sardar hai dilli se ..... tu punjab ka nahi ho sakta

and the fun continues

Trekking .... it is the best part of the ps . All my ps mates are enthu about trekking . everytime when we were left early we went for a trek . this is from a trek on a hill on holant beach .... it was anout to rain ..wind at high speed was blowing ....there was no way and we were trekking in the jungle without any path to take ....and the way was so narrow that if you slipped you would go down 50 feet ..... however the view was breadthtaking ...this was one point where sea was visible and it was safe to keep my balance and take the pic
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