Friday, June 29, 2007


Well i have just finished First among the equals by Jeffery Archer . Interesting novel .... loved it , arguably one of the best novels i have read till now . But one thing which underlined the whole novel was not politics but yearn for power .
Power the word which is so short has such a deep meaning and impact on our lives . Just take a look around and you will find in this rat race in which we all are running there is just one factor which is common .... and it is the thirst for power . Politics comes in our lives only because of this .

Nobody is born a leader and nobody is born a king . Right from the time of Ashoka ( who was born in the royal family but not as a king ) to the latest Presidential elections in the country there has been politics and bloodshed .. all for what ..... POWER .

It is this yearning for Power which has shaped history , has made and broken empires . Love , lust , betrayal everything for power . All our feelings are governed by the need for power . But why do we want power ? Why can we go to any limit sometimes to get it ? why ?

The true reason even i dont know . The reasons even i don't know ... but they can be varied . getting fame , love , money cud be some of them .
If in one word you can describe life .... then i think it is the quest to gain more Power . Not only men in every living organism there is competition ..... the survival of the fittest.... the First theory of evolution proposed by Charles Darwin.Power has driven the world ... shaped reations .... ever wondered why countries fight for tertorries ( something which to most people doesnot make sense ) ? Why do people yearn to be bigger ? Why do we want to flaunt our achievements ... why do we want to take up posts ?

Power .... the word finds even mention in our motto ... " Knowledge is Power supreme "

underlining the fact that ...... power is supreme .

Everybody has good and devil inside them and their thrust for power ... sometimes ( rarely ) the evil powers over good ( for sometime only ... cuz the good always wins) .... perhaps during writing this post it had happened .

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