Saturday, June 2, 2007

the perfection

well right ow i am in the lap of luxury . blogging right now from the restaurant of coconut creek it is a lovely view outside . slight drizzle , coconut trees swaying , light music playing in the background and i am sitting with my toshiba having my breakfast . it just looks perfect , a bit Utopian you can say . but looking around here the one thing which stands out is the perfection . everybody here smiles at you . looks dedicated in what they do . the gardeners , waiters , guards all of them are concerned about you . all a bit of perfectionists . how many times have you done things with you full dedication . how many times have you enjoyed that work he most , however small it might be ? a lot i will say .

perfection is important an earlier of my blogs i had stressed for it . perfection i dont know . i always strife for it .

probably thats because it is one of the characteristics of half of my sunsign ( i am in the cusp virgo + leo)
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