Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Male pregnancy

well this is a bit disturbing now . I came across a blog and saw it and then went to http://www.malepregnancy.com . I agree that science has progressed and we are on cutting technology and bio tech is the "next big thing " . But this is changing the basic criterion of creation . evolution . I mean Men and women are distinct identities and have their own role to play in the reproduction process . By doing this scientists are shaking the very basic foundation on which life has survived for the past 300million years .
I am not a leftist or rightist but i certainly don't agree to this . It manipulating one's body for producing something else . The scientists have seen what happens with cloning . The other species wont survive a long time . who is to be sure that the progeny born would be healthy .Who will be sure that it would perform all the functions as a normal person would.

Who are we to modify the delicate pattern of evolution of the pst 300 million years. Whenever man has tried to meddle with these delicate things it has led to disasters .

I am not against Mr.Lee Mingwei . I hope he remains healthy and the progeny is also healthy . I admire him for taking such a bold step and perhaps providing "hope" to some . But still it is not right according to my conscious right now.

i don't know but i am not in favour of this
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