Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The hypocrate Indian

Well last week 2 foreign nationals of Indian origin hogged the limelight and our country responded to both of them differently....

1. Sunita Lyn Williams
well firstly i want to know what about this lady is Indian apart from her name ( that too only half ).
She was born in USA .... lived all her life there spoke in amreeekan accent and was an american from head to toe . As the normal consensus has it ... representing an armed force is giving the true allegiance to the country . Even here she represented in the US Navy and fought the gulf war . Still we had people praying in temples and schools for her safe return . India was proud of her . But why only because she took samosa's and chole up in space and described eating these things as heavenly . If tomorrow by long shot i happen to go in space and take with me pizza and pasta ... will Italy consider me as italian ... will they dance on streets when i return .... NO ( even tho i tell them how much i love those 2 things) .
For the people loss of Kalpana Chawla is one thing this generation would never forget ..... our true Indian . People praying for Sunita's safe return is a nice thing .... we are all humans . But blowing this thing up and calling any damn person who has remotest link with the seventh largest country in the world with a population of more than 100 crores is foolishnes.

2. Sir Salman Rushdie

Well here is another American of Indian origin . A person who was Born in this country ... Lived in mumbai and has inspirations from India in some of his novels . Though his parents shifted to Pakistan in 1960's he once gave a very famous comment on his " complicated home " ...... “I know which side I am on in cricket,it’s always India, not Pakistan, no problem for me."
Still when he was crowned last week by the British Queen and there was an uproar in the world especially our neighbouring country , people of which now openly claim to train themselves as suicide bombers . Sadly there was no mention from from our country . We knew he was in a way some part of us . Still we kept quiet ... treating him like a distant relative about whom we are ahamed of . I have not read Satanic verses ( would like to read it .... but sadly it is banned in half of the world ) and i don't know what prompted Ayotollah Khomeni to put fatwa on him or for that matter Pakistan's Minister of religion to say that all muslims around the world should get ready to kill the man . But what I feel is even if he made a mistake ( i feel a mistake ..... but i dont know what he wrote so i am not an authority to it one ) he is after all a human ... and it is imperative of humans to make mistake . He should be forgiven .

But what really bothers me is why these double standards ... rejoicing about somebody who is as Indian as a person who was shunned by the world . Do we decide whom we call an Indian and whom we will call an american based on his tastes , his relations with the world .... his achievements ..

i think its high time we come out of these double standards.....

"You are not superior just because you see the world in an odious light."
-Vicomte de chateaubriand
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