Saturday, June 9, 2007


well it is another lazy saturday afternoon and i am in the campus . It is raining outside cool breeze is flowing from my window ... and i see some migratory birds taking shelter in the campus . It all looks same the hostel .... the campus but something is missing ..... yea my friends . It is so strange the next year would be our last year together. It seems like yesterday when we walked into this college with our share of fears,apprehension and hopes . we danced together ( rdc) slept together , played together , worked together .... did everything together and now we would be doing it for last time this yr . And this thing dawned upon me now when i am in the campus without them .... neway in this post i will introduce some of my frnds.

vishrut "bihari" shukla

The bihari in true sense . when i first saw this guy .... i tht he is a complete geek ( which he is 10p ) . But actually this guy is more than that . one of the most dedicated chaps i have ever seen . would be in most of the campus activities .... always pushing you to the limit ... upar se neeche tak jugad and bugging most of the time by linking everybody with nearly everybody .... btw is famous for his topless cat walk in his corridor during comprees. But yes 25 yrs after when we meet for reunion this guy would be big .

shashank "boxer " tondon

probably the first guy to get a nick in the campus boxer is completely opposite to what he looks like from outside . the correct nick should have been shrek but neways is boxer .one of the first friends i made in the campus and 1 person who hasnt changed a bit. one person who wails all the time about h much he is not studying ( kutta saala harami ) . never gets angry nomatter how much you frustrate him . is the calming factor in the group . the guy would go places ( he is ob the investor in my cycle shop hahahaha)

Vishal Goel

vishal babu ..... the carefree guy . the guy will make you laugh cuz he has got something in his kitty always . loves to chat for long hours . one guy who calls a spade a spade ... fights with you whenever he thinks you are wrong .another hero of emryo and the guy who stands by you ...... the guy who tried hard to shake it like shakira and one person who takes panga without looking at the other persons size ...... srsly one day he wud be biggggggggggggg.

Angad singh gill ( gillu )

gillu the first person with whom i connected instantly on the campus . done it all with him . broke college rules ...talked endlessly about IAF . slept in 96 position .. morphed the images of people we hated ... ragged prospective juniors on yahoo messenger ..... advised each other while drinking appy ... still the guy whom i go to whenever i am down ... tho the one who changed the most ... the computer geek who is turning o an electronic geek . the pseudo surd who sleeping in gurudwara during path ( partners in crime ) .

shubham " choos "malhotra

the ultimate phodu ...imagine cup winner ... nearly conquered all the techfests in the country ...the most techie guy and ya not a nerd . choos loves 3 things .... comp , vodka and the third ... most of bits knows . one guy ho is the most random guy i have seen ...does what he likes not what ppl like .... most succesful bitsian from our batch ..... rt now breaking rocks in khetri .

purnoor singh sodhi

well the first bitsian i met in the campus . the guy who lives opposite to my room.... (and we didnt meet in the coridor ..met after 2 days in insti thats another story ) neway the guy who is surrounded by girls .... the keralite surdar....the guy who loves listening to illad songs . one guy who is accused of having an american accent ( i personally think it is illad ) most sociable guy i ahve ever seen .

mohammed kheezar hayat

maddy .. the guy whose door i love to break wheever i am bored ... one guy whose room is the den of our wing ...i have thrown his room upside down ...don't know how many times .... mr stylish ... he is photography god of the campus ( my photos came onli after he came in cnf ) most emotional guy i have seen ..... gr8 to have him as a frnd

Aneesh "choti " arora

mr . debate ....our debates are famous in the college so much that purnoor runs in whole hostel telling ppl nimit and aneesh started again . he is mr info . .... can start about any topic on earth and then would not stop ...a guy as stubborn as me and the best film editor in the campus .

puneet gupta

when you first see him he comes across as a coool diplomat with sophiticated skills . the guy is most stable ...can take ratonal decisions ...... the cp god mumbai buddy ....eee scare one guy who can find solution to any problem no matter how difficult it might be .
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