Saturday, June 2, 2007

the exp

well ps is fun . everyday we all go get fired and turn to our departments . well the other day i went to my department ... didn't find my instructor so went to another chamber and asked for an assignment. the guy was very oer enthu . gave me the full iwd of fuel rectifier .
told me to study it fully , ask doubts and they go on the ship .

all the diagrams and circuits were alien to me . but still i struggled with those diagrams ... asked some doubts .. got bored .. fiddled with my diary and then left.

after i came his enthusiasm had grown . he now took me to the ship . it was drizzling outside . explained some more terms . and then we went in . the ship decks are really small . wonder what merchant navy guys do . however soon were last but on deck and there was a vertical ladder . it took me ten minutes to get the right posture to climb down the ladder . always fearing i might fall ... and what a death would it be .. fell down a 10 m ladder .. below in water in deck of the ship ... na not interesting . newyas there were fin stabilizers , and out prized possesion the fuel rectifier .

he explained it in detail and below me was the bottom of the ship . around me was water and i was thinking what would happen if i make a small hole here ( he he ) . newyas he gave me the plans and left . now i was all alone 2 decks below water and with noone in sight .

inside he ship it is very suffocating ... you inhale all fumes and specially when the ship is being built you inhale LOTS of them .so i decided to go up after studying the machine fully and now understanding how it works . now again the same stairs . i went up the half way and boom .... there was a powerfaliure .

now here are the stats , i am 2 decks below water ... midway on a ladder which i somehow cannot climb ... there is no power ( pitch black ) and not a soul in sight .
i had 2 choices .... either stay there or go up . i decided the latter . climbed the ladder but now was the most difficult part . the jump .i threw my diary and plans on the upper deck . said lords name and took the plunge .. that was it .. one second an a wrong move and i would be 10 m down .... but the next second i had made it .... but my pen fell down . on the lower deck .

i looked down .. heard the pen hit the lower deck ..... thought it couldve been me ..... but it is ok ... i took all the precautions and was save.

and here is the best part ..... as soon as i was on the upper deck .... the damn generators started and the ship again had power ... my pen was still down .... but i was in no mood to get it .
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