Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The energy of love

well i first saw this video ( free hugs campaign in australia music by sick puppies) in Purnoor's room . It iterates the simple fact abut how we have involved ourselves in the nitty gritty things in the world and have forgotten the basic elements of love, generosity ,compassion . We have high speed net , we have mobile phones, blackberry's and what not .... these were supposed to make man more social but on the contrary they have done the opposite . We keep complaining nobody loves/likes us but have we ever gone out and hugged somebody we love . Have we ever told somebody how much they mean to us . We always take people for granted and then one day when one day when the destiny pushes us away ( love pushing me by linkin park ) we always keep remembering the people we love . I just finished zahir ... and as usual with all paulo cohelo novels which i have read ... i didn't understand it fully ...and as usual i loved it . It had something about energy of love and how have we stopped it from flowing freely . no matter how depressed are ... no matter how low are you .. the moment you get a hug you feel an energy and that is an energy of love .
past is over
future nobody has seen
it is the present which you have and thats why it is called present

so go ahead and hug the people you love and make the energy of love flow

ps: i am going home tomm ( for the weekend ... yupieeeeee) and the first thing i am gonna do is give hug to my parents

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