Saturday, June 23, 2007

CON banega president

well " enough is enough " those were the words of our honourable President of republic of India ... Dr. Abdul kalam azad ( people's president ) when asked yesterday if he would like to continue as president . The President's office ... the office which commands the highest respect in the country which till now was out of politics has been made a dirty political kabaddi game by the representatives whom we have chosen to represent us .

Why when every other person you ask wants the people's president to continue office . Then why our ruling alliance and opposition want him to go . IS THIS IS WHAT IS DEMOCRACY .

Is it done because he was one president who dared to send back the bills which were not proper . One president who dreamed to make us a super power by 2020 . One president who made the president's office truely a people's office .

And who is likely to become our president . A conner who evades bills .. from income tax . A person about whom nobody has heard before . A person who is just coming because she will ork as a stamp and not the president .

This time i praise the media for using there right properly and showing us the true face of these people .

But seriously ..... i would like to thank " our president" for showing us a dream ..

finally i would like to end this post by these lines

" How hard it is , sometimes , to trust the evidence of one's senses ! How reluctantly the mind consents to reality "
-Norman Douglas
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