Wednesday, June 13, 2007

australian memories

well today while coming back from the shipyard there was a drizzle . the weather was cool and it was fun to walk . for once i didnot hate the2 km treck which i have to take everyday to get back to college .

But all this made me remeber my trip to australia . It has been one year since i visited australia . Sydney's weather was exactly like this except take out all the trees and instead put tall buildings.
It is one holiday i would remeber all through my life . How i sat quietly in the van looking dumbstruck at the beauty outside .
How i met all the cartoon characters whom i used to see in tv and felt the same thrill . The problem for veggies and a non vegetarians paradise .
I also do remember how much i missed my country back there . Wherever you are .... you always remain close to the place which calls you its citizen . Home beckons always even on a trip.
people in my college tell me that they want to leave the country as soon as possible . Go to USA , UK ,germany etc etc . But one thing is there ... wherever you go guys will always remain an Indian . Any other country will treat you as a third or a second grade citizen but only this nation will give you the status that you actually deserve . There you may accumulate wealth and probably fame but still you will always be looked as the other one . You will be checked at there airports cuz you have a differet colour of skin ( i remember that i was checked for an extra time than normal ... though i was fun with all the machines but still why me ....cuz i am brown .)

I don't know whether i will stay here or i will go abraoad . i dont wanna predict the future ..cuz it is not in my hand . what is in my hands is my will . I will go out some time mostly to study but i wanna come back and settle down here with my own people .

anyway this post started with my memories about australia .... and yes those are nice memories always cherished .........
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