Saturday, June 23, 2007


well first of all thanks to all my friends who commented on the last post ( yeah thanks to you to anonymus guy ..... you showed me how gr8 friends i have ) .

well last sem i had seen Love Actually and it starts with a phrase which i can never forget " If I am ever sad ... i rush to London's Heathrow's airport arrival lounge Rain ( which claimed my mobile :((( ...) i got to spend 4 hrs at the airport . Saw the arrival lounge ... people meeting , hugging each other , happiness and love all around .. remebered my old post and added one more place to my stress relieving places list .

One more thing which invariably always happens with me is that i have never ever had flight with a girl . I mean everytime you go and hope that some nice looking babe occupies that seat next to you and you get a grumpy old man . Well yesterday when i reached there were 2 flights one to bangalore and other one to mumbai . For a change the airport was full of good girls and that too indian ( rare sight in goa ... and best of the lot) . Well the flight to Bangalore was announced and half of my hopes were crashed . But then also mera number aayega thinking remained with me . Then my plane call came ..... took a look arnd man looks like my day . I boarded the plane ... waited ... all arnd me there were girls yeah ... waited ... some more girls came .... and then again an grumpy man comes sits next to me ........ why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . the ride was ok .... the grumpy man did bother the airhostess a bit but i just read my novel .......

while the arrival lounge is full of happiness ..... the departure lounge is completely opposite . for me always the good byes are the toughest . i hardly say bye .... ever .... and never look around ... cuz for me it is the most difficult part ... leaving somebody ....
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