Friday, June 29, 2007


Well i have just finished First among the equals by Jeffery Archer . Interesting novel .... loved it , arguably one of the best novels i have read till now . But one thing which underlined the whole novel was not politics but yearn for power .
Power the word which is so short has such a deep meaning and impact on our lives . Just take a look around and you will find in this rat race in which we all are running there is just one factor which is common .... and it is the thirst for power . Politics comes in our lives only because of this .

Nobody is born a leader and nobody is born a king . Right from the time of Ashoka ( who was born in the royal family but not as a king ) to the latest Presidential elections in the country there has been politics and bloodshed .. all for what ..... POWER .

It is this yearning for Power which has shaped history , has made and broken empires . Love , lust , betrayal everything for power . All our feelings are governed by the need for power . But why do we want power ? Why can we go to any limit sometimes to get it ? why ?

The true reason even i dont know . The reasons even i don't know ... but they can be varied . getting fame , love , money cud be some of them .
If in one word you can describe life .... then i think it is the quest to gain more Power . Not only men in every living organism there is competition ..... the survival of the fittest.... the First theory of evolution proposed by Charles Darwin.Power has driven the world ... shaped reations .... ever wondered why countries fight for tertorries ( something which to most people doesnot make sense ) ? Why do people yearn to be bigger ? Why do we want to flaunt our achievements ... why do we want to take up posts ?

Power .... the word finds even mention in our motto ... " Knowledge is Power supreme "

underlining the fact that ...... power is supreme .

Everybody has good and devil inside them and their thrust for power ... sometimes ( rarely ) the evil powers over good ( for sometime only ... cuz the good always wins) .... perhaps during writing this post it had happened .

Thursday, June 28, 2007

sholay .....

well today i was browsing through our library and while walking around it .... I ventured into the miscellaneous section ... saw some interesting books and then my eyes fell on "SHOLAY - The making of a classic " . I had seen the movie ... liked it a bit but was not a fanatic sholay fan ( like my dad ). Here are some instances which i particularly liked .

  • the Jai and Basanti ki mausi conversation was inspired by the talk which Salim ( salman khan's father ) gave to Honey Irani's mother when he went for asking her hand for Javed akhthar . It went something like this :
' ladka kaisa hai ?(what's the boy like ? )'
We are partners and i wouldn't work with anyone unless i approve of him .
lekin daaru bahut peeta hai.

'kya?daaru peeta hai!' (
what ? Drinks too much !)
Aaj kal bahut nahin peeta hai , bas ek do peg . Aur sme aisi koi kharabi nahi hai .
Lekin daaru peene ke baad red light area mein bhi jaata hai '

(Doesn't drink too much these days , only a peg aur two . He's a decent sort, actually.
Just that after he has had a bit of drink he goes to red light area . )
Only the last line of the conversation was fiction .

  • The original Gabbar was Danny Dengzongpa ...... Amjad khan was later taken and he was virtually dropped cuz he didnot have confidence . Also the people were apprehensive about his voice ( which was different from normal hindi khalnayak ) and suggested of dubbing it . It is an irony that the same voice was made to market nearly everything from biscuits to radio stations.
  • In the original movie which was made ... Thakur kills Gabbar with his shoes and then weeps cuz his only mission in life is over now and what is left is a void .... but when the movie was being released it was emergency period in India . The government thought it would project police in bad light and might instigate violence in the country . So an alternate end was made in which police intervenes in the end ... and so the movie which we see has an end which was not intended
  • Amitabh and Jaya bachan were married just before the shooting of the film started and they kept slipping 100 rupee notes to the pundit , egging him to hurry the ceremony because they were worried they would miss their flight to London. When they returned from london the director had another problem to deal with - Jaya , playing a quiet self denying widow had come back from her honeymoon pregnant !!!!.
  • The whole set was constituted in Ramnagaram near bangalore . Gabbar's den was just behind thakur's house . Makeup rooms for artists were in the village houses .... so was a mess and barns for horses . A road was laid from Bangalore to Ramnagaram and al this was done in 2 months.
  • The original movie had much more blood and violence ... showing thakur hands being cut and tailor's boy being killed .... but they were not in final edit cuz the gov had a problem with such violence and directors wanted the audience to feel the scenes rather than see it .
  • Dharamendra . actually used to bribe the lghtmen to make a mistake in the scene where he was to teach basanti how to shoot so that he could repeat it again and again
  • the movie was a flop for first 2 weeks
so much so for the bollywood masala on my blog .... enjoy it and laugh

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The hypocrate Indian

Well last week 2 foreign nationals of Indian origin hogged the limelight and our country responded to both of them differently....

1. Sunita Lyn Williams
well firstly i want to know what about this lady is Indian apart from her name ( that too only half ).
She was born in USA .... lived all her life there spoke in amreeekan accent and was an american from head to toe . As the normal consensus has it ... representing an armed force is giving the true allegiance to the country . Even here she represented in the US Navy and fought the gulf war . Still we had people praying in temples and schools for her safe return . India was proud of her . But why only because she took samosa's and chole up in space and described eating these things as heavenly . If tomorrow by long shot i happen to go in space and take with me pizza and pasta ... will Italy consider me as italian ... will they dance on streets when i return .... NO ( even tho i tell them how much i love those 2 things) .
For the people loss of Kalpana Chawla is one thing this generation would never forget ..... our true Indian . People praying for Sunita's safe return is a nice thing .... we are all humans . But blowing this thing up and calling any damn person who has remotest link with the seventh largest country in the world with a population of more than 100 crores is foolishnes.

2. Sir Salman Rushdie

Well here is another American of Indian origin . A person who was Born in this country ... Lived in mumbai and has inspirations from India in some of his novels . Though his parents shifted to Pakistan in 1960's he once gave a very famous comment on his " complicated home " ...... “I know which side I am on in cricket,it’s always India, not Pakistan, no problem for me."
Still when he was crowned last week by the British Queen and there was an uproar in the world especially our neighbouring country , people of which now openly claim to train themselves as suicide bombers . Sadly there was no mention from from our country . We knew he was in a way some part of us . Still we kept quiet ... treating him like a distant relative about whom we are ahamed of . I have not read Satanic verses ( would like to read it .... but sadly it is banned in half of the world ) and i don't know what prompted Ayotollah Khomeni to put fatwa on him or for that matter Pakistan's Minister of religion to say that all muslims around the world should get ready to kill the man . But what I feel is even if he made a mistake ( i feel a mistake ..... but i dont know what he wrote so i am not an authority to it one ) he is after all a human ... and it is imperative of humans to make mistake . He should be forgiven .

But what really bothers me is why these double standards ... rejoicing about somebody who is as Indian as a person who was shunned by the world . Do we decide whom we call an Indian and whom we will call an american based on his tastes , his relations with the world .... his achievements ..

i think its high time we come out of these double standards.....

"You are not superior just because you see the world in an odious light."
-Vicomte de chateaubriand

Saturday, June 23, 2007

CON banega president

well " enough is enough " those were the words of our honourable President of republic of India ... Dr. Abdul kalam azad ( people's president ) when asked yesterday if he would like to continue as president . The President's office ... the office which commands the highest respect in the country which till now was out of politics has been made a dirty political kabaddi game by the representatives whom we have chosen to represent us .

Why when every other person you ask wants the people's president to continue office . Then why our ruling alliance and opposition want him to go . IS THIS IS WHAT IS DEMOCRACY .

Is it done because he was one president who dared to send back the bills which were not proper . One president who dreamed to make us a super power by 2020 . One president who made the president's office truely a people's office .

And who is likely to become our president . A conner who evades bills .. from income tax . A person about whom nobody has heard before . A person who is just coming because she will ork as a stamp and not the president .

This time i praise the media for using there right properly and showing us the true face of these people .

But seriously ..... i would like to thank " our president" for showing us a dream ..

finally i would like to end this post by these lines

" How hard it is , sometimes , to trust the evidence of one's senses ! How reluctantly the mind consents to reality "
-Norman Douglas


well first of all thanks to all my friends who commented on the last post ( yeah thanks to you to anonymus guy ..... you showed me how gr8 friends i have ) .

well last sem i had seen Love Actually and it starts with a phrase which i can never forget " If I am ever sad ... i rush to London's Heathrow's airport arrival lounge Rain ( which claimed my mobile :((( ...) i got to spend 4 hrs at the airport . Saw the arrival lounge ... people meeting , hugging each other , happiness and love all around .. remebered my old post and added one more place to my stress relieving places list .

One more thing which invariably always happens with me is that i have never ever had flight with a girl . I mean everytime you go and hope that some nice looking babe occupies that seat next to you and you get a grumpy old man . Well yesterday when i reached there were 2 flights one to bangalore and other one to mumbai . For a change the airport was full of good girls and that too indian ( rare sight in goa ... and best of the lot) . Well the flight to Bangalore was announced and half of my hopes were crashed . But then also mera number aayega thinking remained with me . Then my plane call came ..... took a look arnd man looks like my day . I boarded the plane ... waited ... all arnd me there were girls yeah ... waited ... some more girls came .... and then again an grumpy man comes sits next to me ........ why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . the ride was ok .... the grumpy man did bother the airhostess a bit but i just read my novel .......

while the arrival lounge is full of happiness ..... the departure lounge is completely opposite . for me always the good byes are the toughest . i hardly say bye .... ever .... and never look around ... cuz for me it is the most difficult part ... leaving somebody ....

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The energy of love

well i first saw this video ( free hugs campaign in australia music by sick puppies) in Purnoor's room . It iterates the simple fact abut how we have involved ourselves in the nitty gritty things in the world and have forgotten the basic elements of love, generosity ,compassion . We have high speed net , we have mobile phones, blackberry's and what not .... these were supposed to make man more social but on the contrary they have done the opposite . We keep complaining nobody loves/likes us but have we ever gone out and hugged somebody we love . Have we ever told somebody how much they mean to us . We always take people for granted and then one day when one day when the destiny pushes us away ( love pushing me by linkin park ) we always keep remembering the people we love . I just finished zahir ... and as usual with all paulo cohelo novels which i have read ... i didn't understand it fully ...and as usual i loved it . It had something about energy of love and how have we stopped it from flowing freely . no matter how depressed are ... no matter how low are you .. the moment you get a hug you feel an energy and that is an energy of love .
past is over
future nobody has seen
it is the present which you have and thats why it is called present

so go ahead and hug the people you love and make the energy of love flow

ps: i am going home tomm ( for the weekend ... yupieeeeee) and the first thing i am gonna do is give hug to my parents

Road to everest

well China is constructing the road to everest .How ironical ....first you go and forcefully occupy a country . Then you force all the inhabitants out of the country . Then you push allegations against the spiritual leader. You impose your rule and allegations on those people . Rename the place and make the world forget it . Then one day some known personality stands up for the cause of these forgotten people . The world takes notice and puts pressure on you . what do you do ???

You build a long train line .... highest in the world connecting it with the mainland ... thereby forcefully saying .."THIS IS MINE .... DON'T MESS WITH ME " . Then paying no importance to ecology of the place you start rapid development changing it fully . why????

What has china got in its mad pursuance for Tibet . What pleasure do they get by harassing people of that place . By Pushing them out of their home . What does China want to show . BY not giving visa to the IAS officer from Arunachal Pradesh saying that he is their citizen .
The chinese authorities don't give freedom of exp to their ppl . They may be the world's fastest growing economy but their road to everest is built on a weak base .

Now about the issue as such . climbing the everest has always been the toughest part ( climbing k2 is tougher still but...) Men have lost their lives in finding the way . It remains the biggest challenge and people who climb it become legends . making a way to the everest will kill all of it . every oter tom dick or harry will say I been to the everest ( so what if only till base camp) ...... this is not right .

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Male pregnancy

well this is a bit disturbing now . I came across a blog and saw it and then went to . I agree that science has progressed and we are on cutting technology and bio tech is the "next big thing " . But this is changing the basic criterion of creation . evolution . I mean Men and women are distinct identities and have their own role to play in the reproduction process . By doing this scientists are shaking the very basic foundation on which life has survived for the past 300million years .
I am not a leftist or rightist but i certainly don't agree to this . It manipulating one's body for producing something else . The scientists have seen what happens with cloning . The other species wont survive a long time . who is to be sure that the progeny born would be healthy .Who will be sure that it would perform all the functions as a normal person would.

Who are we to modify the delicate pattern of evolution of the pst 300 million years. Whenever man has tried to meddle with these delicate things it has led to disasters .

I am not against Mr.Lee Mingwei . I hope he remains healthy and the progeny is also healthy . I admire him for taking such a bold step and perhaps providing "hope" to some . But still it is not right according to my conscious right now.

i don't know but i am not in favour of this

Monday, June 18, 2007


well i was just thinking how was time goes by. It was an article i read in the eps class last sem. It was a speech given at the graduation ceremony of high school . The speaker told the audience that our life presents us with time clocks . He gave instances from his life as to when and how he came to know when he had reached a particular position .

" you wont realise when you would be 20 and in a whiff you would be 30 " . how many terms have you heard yourself say " time flies "...." it seems like yesterday " ......."i had just come to this place" ?
according to him life provides us with markers ..... there is a marker which tells us that we have entered into adulthood ... for some it comes early for some it comes late . For him it came when he was in his senior year and was staning for election.

I thought when was my defining moment . i had always thought in school it would be tha when i would watch an "adult movie in theatre " . But thinking now i think the defining moment was definately when i left home for college (NIT Kurukshetra ) for the first time . It was like moving out of a shell . I still remember that taxi ride . It seemed so normal .... the taxi , Bombay outside ,people going on with their life ..... but something had changed .... something was different ... i had changed. I knew i am leaving my house .... a part of my life has come to an end .... there is a change taking place . I had become more mature ... suddenly in that one instant ..... decided i wont remain as i was at school will change myself ... and did it .. That was my alarm clock .

Time goes on very fast . That trip seems like yesterday and it has been 2 years . I am a third year student . Those students who looked like proper men in Kurukshetra . What have i achieved in 2 years ? I have achieved a lottt . But it is still less than what i could have achieved ... probably writing this post right now is a defining moment . I have finished 50% of my engg ..... i have only 2 years left ( ohh no only 1 ... this is biiiiiiiits ( the way goans say it)) .what can i do .. what should i do how should i procede .

I will sleep over these questions probably.....

Sunday, June 17, 2007

i am the worst son ever ..........

well to start it ... i forgot that today is fathers day .....
i mean i forget half the dates(once even my b'day) but this is the first time i forgot fathers day .
i woke up at 10 ....way pasttttttttttttt my time of 5:50 am .....
then when dad called he talked for 5 minutes and kept the phone ..... strange ... he talks atleast for 15 minutes
i finished my breakfast leisurely ..... came back .... sat on net ....opened reader
there are some posts abt fathers day .... strange
i read the blogs for 1 hr
then there is one post on freakanomics blog ...happy fathers day dad

AND THEN !!!!!!!!!!!!! it strikes me
i called him up and he was laughing ....
i mean i forgot and he was laughing ......

neways i called up my mom and told her to take dad out for a there was another convincing rnd ..." u never take me out on mothers day ..... " ok mom next time pucca .
and also ..." how could you forgettttttttt its fathers day"

in the evening my dad calls me up to tell ...he booked hp7 for me as return gift

return kahe ka .... maine to kuch diya hi nahii


but finally "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD"
i am the worst son ..........

Saturday, June 16, 2007

things i want to do before i die

well after a long time i have actually spent time with myself ... thinking and today i was just thinking what all things i wanted to do before my chapter actually closed ..... theseare in random order.

1. spend a million dollars in a day
2. go to the south pole
3. do sky diving
4. dance in college cultural function bugati veyron on auto -bahn
6. stand on india pakistan border with one foot in each country
7. do sky walk on sydney tower
8. spend a night on tree top
9. visit agonda beach once again ... to pay my respect
10. swim in antartic waters with whales
11 . take part in amazing race
12. tell the 3 crushes i had what feelings i had for them
13. eat the national foods of all the countries
14. do dirt biking
15. fly a sukhoi mki ( the wish i want the most but the 1 which is most difficult )
16. to enter in guiness book of records
17. to cycle down italian country side
18. meet barkha dutt
19.visit disney land ( i have visited warner bros studios)
18. give something back to my college
19.visit the locations where lotr was shot .
20. gift my mom a solitare ...or ... whatever is most expensive
21 become a space traveller
22 witness the sunrise on the grand canyon
23 . go to the steppes ... feel complete and yet incomplete at the same moment .
24. to design my own super car
25. to to do kayaking in iceland on akayak fitted with jet engine
26. to visit all the 21 nominees of the new 7 wonders of the world
27. learn to play the piano ..... only instrument ... i want to learn .... love it

ths is dyanamic and will keep updating it

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The zahir

well these days i am reading "The Zahir " by Paulo Cohelo . I love his works but sometimes they are a bit overhead transmissioon for me as in " by the river piedra, I sat down and wept " . But there is something about this novel which i like a lot . I don't know but it seems very real . I wont spoil your fun by telling you the story or the plot . But this book brings out some of basic instincts ... say male chauvinism . How a man feels that it is he who takes all the burden and it is ok to be loose sometimes . How a man can easily blame his wife for all his martial problems and live guilt free for life . How he never thinks of one person who waits for him at home but looks with greedy eyes to everything which he shouldn't do .
The power of love . A paragraph in the book states that we try to find us in love . We are happy with people who bring out the best in us ...rather than with people whom we just love cuz we have to . Love is a too complex topic for me and on it i cannot write more than this ( probably this is the reason i have had only 3 crushes in my life and probably why i find this book interesting ) .

The man always tries to find that one person in every person whom he tries to love or wants to love ( that explains those long gaps ) . Some people have told me love is crap ... i dont believe in it . Only fools believe in it . i don't wanna comment on them cuz seriously i don't know ( never had a girl friend and as the trend looks like wont have one !!!!!!!!!!) .But yes always in war or in times of crisis a dying soldier never says love is crap ...all he wants is to have that 1 moment with the special one no matter who it might be ( his wife ,mother ,sister etc. )

perhaps it is rightly said that you know the true respect of a thing when it is taken away from you ....( like home foooooooooooooooddddddd i had wished in my schooling days all 12 yrs that today i wanna go out and eat and now i would giv up nething for that home food .....mum u rock ...)

so now let me go and get more confused about love ..... and you guys join me in getting confused .

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

australian memories

well today while coming back from the shipyard there was a drizzle . the weather was cool and it was fun to walk . for once i didnot hate the2 km treck which i have to take everyday to get back to college .

But all this made me remeber my trip to australia . It has been one year since i visited australia . Sydney's weather was exactly like this except take out all the trees and instead put tall buildings.
It is one holiday i would remeber all through my life . How i sat quietly in the van looking dumbstruck at the beauty outside .
How i met all the cartoon characters whom i used to see in tv and felt the same thrill . The problem for veggies and a non vegetarians paradise .
I also do remember how much i missed my country back there . Wherever you are .... you always remain close to the place which calls you its citizen . Home beckons always even on a trip.
people in my college tell me that they want to leave the country as soon as possible . Go to USA , UK ,germany etc etc . But one thing is there ... wherever you go guys will always remain an Indian . Any other country will treat you as a third or a second grade citizen but only this nation will give you the status that you actually deserve . There you may accumulate wealth and probably fame but still you will always be looked as the other one . You will be checked at there airports cuz you have a differet colour of skin ( i remember that i was checked for an extra time than normal ... though i was fun with all the machines but still why me ....cuz i am brown .)

I don't know whether i will stay here or i will go abraoad . i dont wanna predict the future ..cuz it is not in my hand . what is in my hands is my will . I will go out some time mostly to study but i wanna come back and settle down here with my own people .

anyway this post started with my memories about australia .... and yes those are nice memories always cherished .........

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

ps fun

well ps is fun .... now we finished the orientation and have got our projects so will get a bit serious .... but this is all we did during ps

the atlas ..... one of our favourate past times ... everyday we finished our department work in 1 hr ..headed to the training cell ...met each other ...discussed and laughed about other people and played ATLAS .... well it is simple ....pick up atlas and do anything.... asked coordinates of cities ... population ..played city,state ,country and general trivia ...our fav past time before we got the project .here pralav is making us play by asking questions and mani is as usual trying to cheat ...while neha looks in her own thoughts as is the case most of the time ... but hey looking here looks like lokesh was also mani's partner in crime sure do tell stories.

here raghav and armaan are trying to stop mani and look eager for taking on everyone ..... this was the most fun game ..... with vivek(not in the pic stealing the show)

armaan: mani cheating mat kar ko theek tarah se khel

mani : kya hai ...main to confirm hi kar raha tha

raghav : bas bas mani ...tune prove kar diya tu sardar hai dilli se ..... tu punjab ka nahi ho sakta

and the fun continues

Trekking .... it is the best part of the ps . All my ps mates are enthu about trekking . everytime when we were left early we went for a trek . this is from a trek on a hill on holant beach .... it was anout to rain ..wind at high speed was blowing ....there was no way and we were trekking in the jungle without any path to take ....and the way was so narrow that if you slipped you would go down 50 feet ..... however the view was breadthtaking ...this was one point where sea was visible and it was safe to keep my balance and take the pic


well i am in the college and monsoon is the best time to be here ..every colour is pure and smell is gr8 here are somethis is from vgh on a lazy sunset it had just rained

vgh gain .....the tree looks awesome behind background

the campus high above can see the bay and on the far off hill is panjim
riot of colours in the sky
the tree behind the lt's .... it was much more beautiful during my morning jog .... was shivering when i had gone
the first rains ...... was dripping after 2 km walk in heavy rain ...but loved every second of it ...pic from gh3(b) terracethe c wing in the moning ....
apt pic for ending hostel was clicked by mistake

Saturday, June 9, 2007


well it is another lazy saturday afternoon and i am in the campus . It is raining outside cool breeze is flowing from my window ... and i see some migratory birds taking shelter in the campus . It all looks same the hostel .... the campus but something is missing ..... yea my friends . It is so strange the next year would be our last year together. It seems like yesterday when we walked into this college with our share of fears,apprehension and hopes . we danced together ( rdc) slept together , played together , worked together .... did everything together and now we would be doing it for last time this yr . And this thing dawned upon me now when i am in the campus without them .... neway in this post i will introduce some of my frnds.

vishrut "bihari" shukla

The bihari in true sense . when i first saw this guy .... i tht he is a complete geek ( which he is 10p ) . But actually this guy is more than that . one of the most dedicated chaps i have ever seen . would be in most of the campus activities .... always pushing you to the limit ... upar se neeche tak jugad and bugging most of the time by linking everybody with nearly everybody .... btw is famous for his topless cat walk in his corridor during comprees. But yes 25 yrs after when we meet for reunion this guy would be big .

shashank "boxer " tondon

probably the first guy to get a nick in the campus boxer is completely opposite to what he looks like from outside . the correct nick should have been shrek but neways is boxer .one of the first friends i made in the campus and 1 person who hasnt changed a bit. one person who wails all the time about h much he is not studying ( kutta saala harami ) . never gets angry nomatter how much you frustrate him . is the calming factor in the group . the guy would go places ( he is ob the investor in my cycle shop hahahaha)

Vishal Goel

vishal babu ..... the carefree guy . the guy will make you laugh cuz he has got something in his kitty always . loves to chat for long hours . one guy who calls a spade a spade ... fights with you whenever he thinks you are wrong .another hero of emryo and the guy who stands by you ...... the guy who tried hard to shake it like shakira and one person who takes panga without looking at the other persons size ...... srsly one day he wud be biggggggggggggg.

Angad singh gill ( gillu )

gillu the first person with whom i connected instantly on the campus . done it all with him . broke college rules ...talked endlessly about IAF . slept in 96 position .. morphed the images of people we hated ... ragged prospective juniors on yahoo messenger ..... advised each other while drinking appy ... still the guy whom i go to whenever i am down ... tho the one who changed the most ... the computer geek who is turning o an electronic geek . the pseudo surd who sleeping in gurudwara during path ( partners in crime ) .

shubham " choos "malhotra

the ultimate phodu ...imagine cup winner ... nearly conquered all the techfests in the country ...the most techie guy and ya not a nerd . choos loves 3 things .... comp , vodka and the third ... most of bits knows . one guy ho is the most random guy i have seen ...does what he likes not what ppl like .... most succesful bitsian from our batch ..... rt now breaking rocks in khetri .

purnoor singh sodhi

well the first bitsian i met in the campus . the guy who lives opposite to my room.... (and we didnt meet in the coridor ..met after 2 days in insti thats another story ) neway the guy who is surrounded by girls .... the keralite surdar....the guy who loves listening to illad songs . one guy who is accused of having an american accent ( i personally think it is illad ) most sociable guy i ahve ever seen .

mohammed kheezar hayat

maddy .. the guy whose door i love to break wheever i am bored ... one guy whose room is the den of our wing ...i have thrown his room upside down ...don't know how many times .... mr stylish ... he is photography god of the campus ( my photos came onli after he came in cnf ) most emotional guy i have seen ..... gr8 to have him as a frnd

Aneesh "choti " arora

mr . debate ....our debates are famous in the college so much that purnoor runs in whole hostel telling ppl nimit and aneesh started again . he is mr info . .... can start about any topic on earth and then would not stop ...a guy as stubborn as me and the best film editor in the campus .

puneet gupta

when you first see him he comes across as a coool diplomat with sophiticated skills . the guy is most stable ...can take ratonal decisions ...... the cp god mumbai buddy ....eee scare one guy who can find solution to any problem no matter how difficult it might be .

Saturday, June 2, 2007

the exp

well ps is fun . everyday we all go get fired and turn to our departments . well the other day i went to my department ... didn't find my instructor so went to another chamber and asked for an assignment. the guy was very oer enthu . gave me the full iwd of fuel rectifier .
told me to study it fully , ask doubts and they go on the ship .

all the diagrams and circuits were alien to me . but still i struggled with those diagrams ... asked some doubts .. got bored .. fiddled with my diary and then left.

after i came his enthusiasm had grown . he now took me to the ship . it was drizzling outside . explained some more terms . and then we went in . the ship decks are really small . wonder what merchant navy guys do . however soon were last but on deck and there was a vertical ladder . it took me ten minutes to get the right posture to climb down the ladder . always fearing i might fall ... and what a death would it be .. fell down a 10 m ladder .. below in water in deck of the ship ... na not interesting . newyas there were fin stabilizers , and out prized possesion the fuel rectifier .

he explained it in detail and below me was the bottom of the ship . around me was water and i was thinking what would happen if i make a small hole here ( he he ) . newyas he gave me the plans and left . now i was all alone 2 decks below water and with noone in sight .

inside he ship it is very suffocating ... you inhale all fumes and specially when the ship is being built you inhale LOTS of them .so i decided to go up after studying the machine fully and now understanding how it works . now again the same stairs . i went up the half way and boom .... there was a powerfaliure .

now here are the stats , i am 2 decks below water ... midway on a ladder which i somehow cannot climb ... there is no power ( pitch black ) and not a soul in sight .
i had 2 choices .... either stay there or go up . i decided the latter . climbed the ladder but now was the most difficult part . the jump .i threw my diary and plans on the upper deck . said lords name and took the plunge .. that was it .. one second an a wrong move and i would be 10 m down .... but the next second i had made it .... but my pen fell down . on the lower deck .

i looked down .. heard the pen hit the lower deck ..... thought it couldve been me ..... but it is ok ... i took all the precautions and was save.

and here is the best part ..... as soon as i was on the upper deck .... the damn generators started and the ship again had power ... my pen was still down .... but i was in no mood to get it .

the perfection

well right ow i am in the lap of luxury . blogging right now from the restaurant of coconut creek it is a lovely view outside . slight drizzle , coconut trees swaying , light music playing in the background and i am sitting with my toshiba having my breakfast . it just looks perfect , a bit Utopian you can say . but looking around here the one thing which stands out is the perfection . everybody here smiles at you . looks dedicated in what they do . the gardeners , waiters , guards all of them are concerned about you . all a bit of perfectionists . how many times have you done things with you full dedication . how many times have you enjoyed that work he most , however small it might be ? a lot i will say .

perfection is important an earlier of my blogs i had stressed for it . perfection i dont know . i always strife for it .

probably thats because it is one of the characteristics of half of my sunsign ( i am in the cusp virgo + leo)