Thursday, May 17, 2007

your true passion

recently i read some blogs by some bitsian alumini .... they were good . But one thing i found which i thought was different . They were successful ..... yes but many of them were in professions not related to engg .

and then in one blog i saw this question ..... what was your true passion ? i bet when you ask a 5 year old what he wants to become .. he would never answer an engineer . but then most of us take these risk free high return carriers .

I wanted to become a fighter Pilot since even i dont know when . i think it was a nursery book with picture of an airbase that caught my attention and i was in love with it for ever . didnot go to the india and landed here .

sometimes i wonder what might have been my life if i would have actually gone there . how would it have been different . How today instead of blogging i would actually be leaning about som map reading or some survival skills . i dont know what might have been and evey time i think about it the chaos thory shouts in my head ( butterfly effect )

I dont even remember when i wanted to be an engineer . I don't kno what i wanted more ... to be an engineer or to clear IIT . i suppose i wanted to do the latter ... cuz till after the exams were over i didnot kno what stream did what . thankfully i landed in Mechanical . and IIT became a sad story of my life ... i still remember the date and time 28 April ,2005 8:37 am whe the dream ended .

but then sometimes i think what might have been if i wud have cleared IIT . well i don't think about it that much cuz learning from some sources our life is pretty much the same ... only without the IIT tag .

but yes what is your true passion ... what really drives you . i still dont kno what to do after BE . i will sit for CAT, GRE etc etc but then they are again risk free high gain carriers . i once wanted to be in RAW .... or be a Part of the United Nations , still wana do it ... probably that i can make it my passion

one more reason why passion is important is that you dont give your hundred percent to a cause until you fully undrstand it . probably that is why after coming to bits i didnot have cause .

but now enough is enough and ya i am a fighter ( so what if not from NDA) i will fight ... till the end and will do well at what i am in and not crib about what coudv'e been .this i promise myself .
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