Thursday, May 10, 2007

where is the country going ........

1. An actor kisses an actress on stage and people make an hue and cry about it and go file a PIL

2. An anchor wears a sari with flags of the cricket playing nations
...... guess where the indian flag figures out .... near the knee . what happens ... another public interest litigation

3. an actor and an actres get married ... media runs their story for full week with its full share of run up , the moment , climax and anticlimax

4. a tv station has two youths from different religions who wanna get married and what happens ..... it is attacked

5. new 2 rupees coins come out which look like one rupee coins ... people are not concerned how blind people differenciate between them but how on the side it has a cross and it is an attempt to turn the country christian ( bull shit )

now some extras after the main news

1. an old case opens up , a self proclaimed cleaner of terrorists ( read it as minorities according to him ) ips officer shoots a man , his girlfriend and witness 1.5 years back and nobody knows . the inspector gets laurels for saving the country ...... and now when the news comes out the country keeps quiet or says if we prosecute our police officers then who will kill the terrorists . commit suicide in the drought ridden regions and the country keeps quiet .

3. a cancer patient is raped in the hospital and the country keeps quiet.

4. children are tortured by a paedophile . there is initial uproar .... but now the mattered has cooled down and has given the perfect oppurtunity to the killers to fudge with the evidence .

5. a dalit gets killed in his village for digging a well on his own land ... and well the country turns it face away.

6. a murderer stand for election ( and here comes the best one !!!!!!!!!!) wins ....

seriously what is happening to us and more so to our media . recently an article by bharkha dutt said it all . she said she took poud in the fact that indian media was not the west with its paparazzi or digging out celebrities personal lives . it was about the truth . the same truth which sadly appears to have been lost . frankly speaking even i dont know ( like all of you ) how a person in my small unimportant position can make a difference .... but atleast i have started by writing it on my blog .......
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