Tuesday, May 15, 2007

to be your own competetion

well today as usual i went to the landmark store to contnue with "the sacred line " by vikram seth . i am in competetion will store owners . i wanna see how much of the book would they lemme read by the time they get frustrated seeing me coming everyday and not buying anything.

anyway after 2 hours of reading about mubai underworld my gaze shifted to a few giigles . there was a bunch of small girls . They took a coffee table book about shahrukh khan and started giggling at every other page . my thoughts drifted to the man . About his rise . His journey from delhi and how he became no1 in the industry without any filmi dad .

i remebered once during a talk show on NDTV Prannoy Roy had asked him what was the reason for his success or to put it exactly " don't you get sleepless nights because of all the competetion around , how do you manage to be number 1 ?"

his answer was simple " i am my own competetion " . coming from a man who has ruled the hearts of millions of indians . but yes seriously .... only you kno how good or bad you are . only you kno your limits and only you can truly compete with yourself . how many times have you strifed to do better than yourself . we set external markers but the biggest marker would be yourself . try to outdo what you did before .

if you follow sombody else's path technically by the use of english you would always be behind . you can atmost go to the second position and look at somebody up . but it is on the top what really matters . john mc enroe had once sai that most difficult thing is being on the top . it is lonely out there ... and you are your own guide . so try to make your own path

beause winners first break records and then better them .
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