Wednesday, May 30, 2007

the ps

well finally we have started with the ps at goa shipyard . well here is how it went .

first day

me and pralav reach the office . firstly stopped by the gaurd at the gate

" kahan se aaya " , " kaun " yahan pe kya kaam . then after pleading to let us go in ... we cleared the first barrier . we were escorted till the reception . there the same questions and a long wait of half an hour which was marked by several calls to ps instrucor .Then finally we see a few terrified faces in which there was one girl and one sardar who were accompanied by the same gaurd to the reception come detention centre .and we knew it ... our reinforcements have arrived , the pilani guys had come ( i mentioned the girl and the sardar because we had seen the list and the 2 features which stood out were 1 girl and 1 sardar ) . so now instead of 3 there were 10 guys with no clue .

pralav then was chosen after an draw to call up mr. deshpane ( our coordinator from the company ) for the second time . he talked for 2 minutes and then tells us he didnt understand what the coordinator was saying ( i still wonder what the hell they talked for 2 minutes ).

neways after 15 minutes the receptionist gets a call and tells us to go to a particular building , this time too with an escort.there after reaching the training cell armaan went inside mr . deshpande ... well and then the firing started.. i caught some words ...... " late .... last year batch...bits...iit " and then armaan came out looking flushed . we had a preview of the next 2 months in this place .

it has been one week since we started ps .well it is fun . lots of ships being made .. what ships , which ships ... cant tell it is classified . people are friendly . deshpande sir fires us every day . seems to hate bits and iit ( both of us doin intern here ) .

it is fun ... the best thing about the ps ... it has to be the ps mates .... you guys rock
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