Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mumbai meri jaan

well i have been in mumbai ( home ) for past 2 days and i am blogging today . actually didnot find time after all good food and coming to terms with the fact that my room can also be clean . Btw it is strange how one can call a city home . i have lived in mumbai only for 3 years much less than my stay in delhi but still i like it much more and definately whenever anybody asks me about home almost instantly the answer comes out Mumbai .

now my trips to mumbai have been few and short .... but still whenever i come in the city i feel the eccentricity . the city has a buzz ... a buzz which catches hold of you . it is my drug and yes i am probably an addict . i dont kno what is it about mumbai that makes me love this dirty , cramped maddening city . The answer i think probably is that i spent 3 wonderful years of my life ( absolutely fun filled ) here . got some of the best results in my life and made gr8 frnds ( with whom a dork like me hardly has any contact )

well thats it probably . i am counting the days before i have to pack up my bags again and go sailing ( he he no building sailing ) .... but till then

salaam mumbai
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