Wednesday, May 2, 2007


well today was es 2 OPEN BOOK . first half was the objective closed book part . here is how it went

9:00 i got hold of paper
9:01 recovered from the shock that it was of 60 marks as against 45 marks
9:05 solved the first question ( was very happy )
9:06 saw the second question
9:10 couldnot solve the second question moved to third
9:20 went on moving question till i realised first page was over .
9:21 tried to do induction motor problems
9:35 got somewhere .....
9:40 get a kick from bake from behind
9:41 try to show him
9:42 warned by teacher .... now starts roaming around me
9:43 getting irritated by the wierd scent the teacher wears
9:45 - 10 solve some more problems
10 - give the paper fetch the book
10:01 - see question no 3 ( directly from book on values changed he he !!!) happy ... start coping down
10:45 - finish copying
10:46 - look at first question ( looks wierd ) move down
11-12 solve rest of the paper

12 - give the paper feel relieved .... ( hoping i saved my grade from slipping !!!!!)

12 :05 - declare question directly from book get numerous nods
12:10 - people discussing vigourously about 1st question
12:11 - try to ask
12:13 - THE DAMN QUESTION WAS AGAIN FROM THE BOOK ( the question which i left untouched)
12:15 - find partners to share my grief

12-15 - 6 ulti frustrated

how many times does it happen that happiness changes into sadness . how does it feel when u expect something and completely opposite happens ? well , i exactly know how it feels . now my only hope is that i atleast get average in this and due o my previus tests ( which were thankfully closed book i save my grade ).
now i have to start tp ...... greatly below av in that hope not to fall below ....( the damn question was from book..... )

ok now cool down ... as for now discovered google reader . great place to subscribe feeds . i subscribed all my friends blog so now dont have to waste time visiting each blog everyday hoping to find somehing new ... everything at one place ..

well as for now i will start tp . and wait for ur comments ( plzzz do .... i am damn frustu )

the damn question was from the book .
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