Sunday, May 20, 2007

the A factor

have you ever wondered why some movies even if they have all sleaze are not rated A and some movies without any are rated with the big bold letter .well i came to know today .
i went for "life in a metro today " . i didn't like the movie at all , don't know how it is running so well . but here is the scoop i went for it with my parents . you see it is always ackward in a movie when there is particular scene or some reference to the big S . well this movie is all about that , in the whole movie everybody is screwing everybody .
and nearly every 15 minutes there was some awkward scene and god dammit i didnot look at my parents in the full movie , ate my popcorn ,drank my pepsi and slept on the recliner seats , yes i went to sleep ( easy way out )

so here is the lesson , even if you are above 18 don't go for a movie rated A with your parents .as for the movies with sleaze and not rated A , nobody watches them anyway.
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