Friday, April 20, 2007

i am getting old !!!!!!!!!!

well i am not the kind of a person who likes looking in the mirror , but today when i was tryyyyyyyyying to study and obviously was not able to concntrate . my face was turning in every direction ... either watching the empty corridors from my room window or looking at the occasional passing of a navy harrier .

just then i looked in the mirror and there was it ... the culprit ... the damn one string of white hair . i am getting old ... i have white hair ...ohh my god . abhi to maine kuch bhi nahi kiya hai ( you get what i mean ) . till now i was only afraid that i would get bald one day but getting old was far out of my dreams and this damn string of hair .................
i tried to postulate many reasons .... probably i was studying too hard .. na i am below average in 2 subjects .
i am too stressed out .... yes if you call wtching 2 episodes and a movie a day stressing out yeah i am stressed out .

i dont know but now that i have this white string of death i should speed up things before i have a body like a polar bear . till then i will contemplate why i got this white string

i am getting old !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.............. SHIT
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