Wednesday, March 7, 2007

in persuit of happYness

well i just saw this movie . it inspired me a lot . but 1 line which i liked a lot was - we always pursue happiness but never get it .
it got me thinking ...... we are never satisfied , never happy , never really content with what we have .we remain sad , depressed or let me say choose to be sad and depressed . we are always in pursuit of that HAPPyNESS .
life is a roller coaster . we wont even know when it will end .... i am writing this right now ... for all i know this might be the last post and tomorow who knows whether i will be here . so i have decided i will cherish every moment ... try looking at brighter side of life . try to take my problems as challenges rather than cribbing and not doing nething . i will pursue happiness but will make sure i will be happy .

1 more thing i realised while talking to lalit which he pointed out for people like us ( he means both of us ) nothing comes easy .... we are not super brainy to get high grades or super crackers . but yes we surpass others by our hard work ... and that's what the movie taught working with single most attention to your goal is important , working under pressure or as my last post said you have burned your boats is even more difficult . but hard work pays ....and nothing in this world is easy . right now it is nearly 1am ...tomorrow it will challenge for me to get up at 5 . but i will try hard .

finally i am just making a list of all the things about which i can be happy and the challenges which i have to complete .btw as gauravs status message reads right now .... life is an ice cream ... eat it before it melts .... so enjoy life

ps : i have toooooooo many sweets in my room and dont actually have a sweet tooth so plzzz help me finsh it :)
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