Friday, March 16, 2007

the fun

well today my orkut fortune says " a good time to finish up old tasks " ( nobody visits my profile now tho :( ) . Ne way reading it 2 things came to my mind
1. i have to write my blog
2. i have to study for test 2 right now according to my countdown widget exactly 10 days 13 hours 19 minutes and 16 seconds are left for t2 to begin.

well first about my blog .... right now i dont have anything to write ( there are lot of news items in the newspaper and they are all dark and right now i am feeling good so dont want to write about it .

well ya the cricket world cup is going on and his time strangely i dont feel the FEVER . hope we win it this time ....but yes i heard that even tho the cricket is in west indies which is literally a paradise it has not generated many revenues cuz for indians it is too far and tooo expensive to go . but man i wish was there these west indian babes look hot .

what else well quark is supposed to start frm tomm ....lets see how it goes . I am waiting for somebody to take me to 300 .... did you kno that the whole movie has been shot in one room except for 1 scene thats it .

well today we had a pom presentation and there were 2 groups .... we had to make presentation from diff topics but guess what when we reached the class both the groups had prepared the same chapter ... and what the hell man it was about chaddi's ( underpants for u sophisticated ( Hippocrates ) ) why 2 groups after the same chadi . anyways we took the entire time and now the other group has to prepare another chapter .....

of other things lalit has given up his bed and sleeps on the floor now .bake bhaiya's matha abhi tak dukh raha hai . boxer is dreaming about genghez khan and his amazing feat actually (BIFA) . vishrut is crying over test2 and some of the crying of letover from test1 , sidhart is making a phadu model and the dota tournament is going on in the campus due to which arbit noises like god like and multi kill come from everywhere . i am missing all my frnds .... dont know why ..( probably because all ppl are having reunions because of quark and i am sulking in library ) btw from that listening to rock in library is fun ... i mean try it .... its like the moment u take out the head phones it is all quiet and the moment you put them in its complete anarchy .

bahut likh liya yaar tum bhi kitna padoge aur agar itne hi velle ho to jake quark ke liye kuch karlo .... kuch jeeet jaoge to milke party karenge .... now lemme go back to my boilers and condensers ( love u thermo )
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