Tuesday, March 13, 2007

the chaos

well waves is over and now i miss those meetings and that busy shedule which i wanted to get rid off just last week . isn't it funny most of the time we wish to get rid of something and when that thing actually ends you miss it . neways this blog is not about my feeling of big emptiness which has come in my life .... he he ..... ITS ABOUT WAVES 2k7 - the urban chaos

well we started with waves on 9 . big fanfare... our campus actually became a hutch campus ... our biggest sponsor ... love you hutch . everywhere you could see hutch poster and then people started coming in ( read it as babes ) . it was fun ... well me as publicity head most of my work was over so i was free to look arnd and treat my eyes . Roamed around everywhere flashing my batch hoping to get some girls ..... but in vain i mean you have to have something to at least start a conversation . but yeah i gotta know my id daughter ankita well ....... man can you believe it she is a 10 pointer ...... now i am a proud id dady . btw right now she is searching for a mommy ...i.e somebody for me ..... he he he . the events were gr8 ..... we as usual won most of the events and my work of 2 months was appreciated ... and yeah the pilani contingent rocked .

coming to day 2 .... this time i had a plan ..... the gr8 waves survey . since i am publicity and have no job so i decided to conduct a survey ... iam the same boring questions .... as expected i only asked the good looking girls.... even clicked photos with them thanks to the photography and the vice president who decided to make the survey official . for the first time in my life .... somebody was actually flirting with me .... yeah .. it was fun covered nearly everybody . in the evening during the fashion show because of my position i got a good seat .... just neart the stage and then we had fun ....... . well the day ended with dj night by dj shasha the guy rocks ....came down from bangalore only for waves .... and so did mtw roadies ... but alas as always i was dancing with choos ( shubham ) again ...yeah but this time some girls did dance with me .... mera number aayega

and then the last day .... was too tired by the dj night didnot have the power so didnt do the surey and let others enjoy it . sat in the audi most of the time and enjoyed the events . it was just too good was having too much fun . but there were mumurs abut why is bits participating .... they win everything ... it felt nice when i first heard it ... the day proceeded .... i chatted with a lot of people from college with whom i never had prior interaction ... and then was the final event .... Mr. and Miss Waves .... had fun parsani and prahar rocked .... he he . and then it was the END .... the end of waves 2k7 only the pronite remaining but it was nt an event . i was basking in the glory of being a part of it and feeling happy .....

then suddenly out of nowhere a guy comes and says .... " bits created history by cheating in ther own culfest " .... what the hell man ... we didnt even take the trophy ... it was given to runners up ... and we won cuz we were good ... the judges were neutral and we are ready to show even the judging sheets ... but what the hell and then 1 by 1 all losers ( literally and figuratively ) started coming and charging us ... i mean what the hell ..... and then there as the final point some said while going " u guys suck btw "

i mean what the hell .... we were as transparent as we could we showed judging sheets , didnot inform any body i as the head also didnot kno about the surprise rounds and then somebody says we suck . i mean we worked like crazy for 2 months .... didnot see anything .... i screwed up my test 1 cuz i was working fr waves to be a success .... we had a budget wich no goan college could have achieved in 10 yrs . we spent every penny of it to make waves fun for them . we screwed ourselves for them .... we would have been national ..... only because our director wanted to have a low profile this year as a mark of respect for the victims of accident we remained in goa . we over prepared for them got people from every part of the country ... did something which these guys had never seen and then we hear " we suck " .
why the hell wont we participate in our own culfest ????? we are not any damn goan college who donot participate in their own fests or should i say fetes . i was pissed . i had never shown so much dedication for anything in my life

it is like something you believe in something you want to achieve and then after it goes well u are abused .... you feel hurt ... waves as i wrote before was the last project i took in the campus ... worked only for it ... i am appreciated by college people but then i would never forget those 3 words all my life . i dont kno what happens to waves next year ... hopefully it goes national cuz we showed everybody that we sure do have the capability ... but yeah those bloody b*stards dont deserve this

i have written a lot now and i feel a bit light now .... over all looking back except for those last few hours waves was fun enjoyed it a lotttttt .... wud like to thank thank everybody associated with it and now quark is coming ( which thankfully is national ) but i will study cuz i have to get my grades a bit up and in the mean time help my id daughter find a mommy .......:)
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