Monday, February 26, 2007

burning the boats

well now that i am back to blogging ...... i was just thinking about what to write when i stumbled upon this story . when the famed sailor Hernando Cortez landed on the shores of Mexico in 1519 he wanted his army to conquer the land for spain .Faced an uphill battle: an aggressive enemy, brutal disease and scarce resources. As they marched inland to do battle, Cortez ordered one of his lieutenant's back to the beach with a single instruction: "burn our boats."

He went into the war with only 1 option that is he had no other option either he fights or he dies . how many times has it happened with us that we are only left with one option .... one condition in a desperate situation???many times ..... and i bet in all these times we have done the task to the best of our ability . we have performed and performed well under pressure .
but why ?????

it is because we knew there was no plan B and we also knew that if we screw this we screw it all forever . like in case of explorer if he had screwed it he would have screwed it all .

many a times i think of doing many things .... doing this ...building this car ...learning to use this programme ...this language . I do show enthusiasm for doing such things initially but it eventually dies down and then its the same mundane life cycle . i probably have involved myself into too many things . But no.............. my motivation isnt is not big enough to overcome the comfort cushion i have .

yes i have to burn my boats .... burn my comfort zone get out of it .. learn new things and expand the vista of knowledge . i have started distancing myself from all organisations in college .... tho dont wana name them . waves will be last project taken up my me this year atleast ..... and then i will work ... work for myself on the cliffhanger cuz i will know if i fall i will screw it all .

Diamonds get formed through intense pressure. And remarkable human beings get formed by living from a frame of reference that they just have to win.

i might not become a diamond or a remarkable human being but i will atleast become somebody whom i like ( much ore than i like me now ...... neways i rock :D)
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