Monday, February 26, 2007

burning the boats

well now that i am back to blogging ...... i was just thinking about what to write when i stumbled upon this story . when the famed sailor Hernando Cortez landed on the shores of Mexico in 1519 he wanted his army to conquer the land for spain .Faced an uphill battle: an aggressive enemy, brutal disease and scarce resources. As they marched inland to do battle, Cortez ordered one of his lieutenant's back to the beach with a single instruction: "burn our boats."

He went into the war with only 1 option that is he had no other option either he fights or he dies . how many times has it happened with us that we are only left with one option .... one condition in a desperate situation???many times ..... and i bet in all these times we have done the task to the best of our ability . we have performed and performed well under pressure .
but why ?????

it is because we knew there was no plan B and we also knew that if we screw this we screw it all forever . like in case of explorer if he had screwed it he would have screwed it all .

many a times i think of doing many things .... doing this ...building this car ...learning to use this programme ...this language . I do show enthusiasm for doing such things initially but it eventually dies down and then its the same mundane life cycle . i probably have involved myself into too many things . But no.............. my motivation isnt is not big enough to overcome the comfort cushion i have .

yes i have to burn my boats .... burn my comfort zone get out of it .. learn new things and expand the vista of knowledge . i have started distancing myself from all organisations in college .... tho dont wana name them . waves will be last project taken up my me this year atleast ..... and then i will work ... work for myself on the cliffhanger cuz i will know if i fall i will screw it all .

Diamonds get formed through intense pressure. And remarkable human beings get formed by living from a frame of reference that they just have to win.

i might not become a diamond or a remarkable human being but i will atleast become somebody whom i like ( much ore than i like me now ...... neways i rock :D)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The one night stand

well long post overdue . the reason for my not writing the earlier was that the bloody network admins had blocked blogspot ( though it is still blocked i figured out i can still post blogs ..... and for those of you who wannaview my blogs .... ask me ... thanks to gaurav ) .

another reason for not posting was that test 1 was on and officially got over today . IT WAS HORRIBLE . well for it going bad i can think of many reasons as i had waves publicity , cultural secretary responsibility ....... but to tell the truth it is all bull shit . i didnot study ..... and that is the meaning of todays topic ( i bet you thought otherwise ) .

well i thought that like some cool guys in my wing i can do 1 night stand before the exam and score ....... i was wrong . i am just geting average or in some subjects worse . well thinking about last 4 days what did it teach me
it taught me to not to study just 1 night before the exams .... but seriously looking at the bigger picture it taught me the value of hardwork , being organised , being regular and being punctual .

well these things are the same things which we are taught right from childhood , but then why do we always want to do something different . why do we always wanna take the easier route . why why why ????

right now i canot answer that i dont know .... but if you kno do tell me . as for now i have to get back to my studying and study like hell .

i know this was boring but wht the hell it was for me

Sunday, February 4, 2007

where are we going ???

well a look at today's papers i am saddened to see them filled with stories of how our society is forgetting everything about love and compassion . the papers are filled with how children dont take care of their parents , how the Indian government is treating the kashmiris ......heck even in there is violence now . what the hell!!!!!!!!!!

past few days i have seen at least 5 stories of how children are forgetting about their aged parents . children are going abroad without telling their parents , leaving them no contact, no address and no phone numbers. they are " getting rid " of their parents by sending them to old age homes or ashrams . why? why? why? .... why dont people understand that they are the same people who toiled half of ther life for you . the same people who woke up all night just to watch you sleep when you were sick . the same people who held your hands told you how to walk ...the same people who ran after your bicycle so that you dont fall . they were there when you needed them .... and now it is your turn ...cuz they need you now . learn to love your parents . and always remeber this you may be the most successful person in the world ....richest person ...or most powerful person .... but every person has his share of ups and downs and when you hit the rock bottom the only people who will be there for you will be your parents ( telling this from a personal experience ) dont leave your best friends( ur parents) . love them and let them know you do ( even i have to start calling my parents is most of the time them calling me and me being busy forgetting to call them back now i call up my parents )

so now after talking to my parents ....telling dad which stereo to put in our new corolla i am back on my blog . now about Kashmir violence . a few days back salman rushdie in a panel debate in rajasthan said Indian government was commiting atrocities on the people of Kashmir . i was stun ed , angry wanted to hit the guy for lashing out at the country who stood by him in troubled times . but then i read a few editorials by barkha dutt in which she explained both sides of the coin ... how the soldiers are tortured ( 5000 of Indian army soldiers died fighting insurgency in the valley since 1988) and how the people of the valley are tortured . the people are on a thin line . they are not trusted by the army and threatened by the terrorists . so they dot have anywhere to go . there are fake encounters to get medals and sometimes conspiracy killings . that has to stop . the army general had come up with a plan for softer approach to the valley when he was appointed . now there is less of army's presence . but still i feel what would happen if army becomes too soft ...... if they dont run after the terrorists ..... there would be more killings and finally army would be blamed ... there is a need for compassion yes but towards the people not towards the terrorists . they should be given the strictest punishment . so that people of valley have confidence in the army .confidence building should be done so that Kashmirs feel what they really are ................................. INDIAN

well now i think i wrote a lot about the sad part so here is something to cheer about in our country ( we are after all the best country in the world he he ..... proud Indian ) . The TATA's took over corus . a company 3 times their size defeating CSN . it was like we have arrived and donot mess with us . the players are changing . today we are buying a company which is from a country who once ruled us . an indian is the largest steel maker in the world . TATA is the 5 largest steel producer now . what brought this change ? how did we transform from a sleepy country to 1 which was out there to get the world ? it was the power to dream . yesssss..... we dare to dream and dare to achieve our dream . the TATA's dreamed to acquire a company 3 times their size and they did it .
recently my college finished 5 in the recently conducted techfest at iitb . for a college whose batch has not passed out . who is barely 3 years old it was a big thing . we outgrew our parents ( tho it was possible only because pilani set up a campus here ..... u guys are gr8 ) . but why ... how could we defeat the same colleges whom nearly all of us left and were called fools while we were leaving them . again because we had dared to dream . dream people and try to achieve your dream . AS for the people who called us fools .... well here is an amalgamation of fools ...fools who will rule one day

coming about records well looking at what sponz is projecting we would be just short of oasis budget waves is gonna be bigger ... better . so all of you get ready for the urban beat and try to get jiggy ...cuz the waves are coming to get you .......

Thursday, February 1, 2007


well i dont know whether i should be writing this cuz right now i have a folder full of hand written notes and have to make the soft copy of the rules ( my writers wanted a break and wanted me to work ..... but no qualms they worked a lot and deserve a break so now i am making soft copies even after being the head .... he he.... btw great work guys but still more has to be done ) soon my night out will begin after this post.

about the topic .... well this thing stuck me today when my neighbour was playing another himesh baba's song and singing it at the top of his voice and making it difficult for me to sleep ( you should hear him sing .... u will surely appreciate my singing ... probably nominate me for Grammy.....ok now thats stretched a bit :) he he .....). so after telling him to be lower down the volume i thought ... why do this guys songs become popular ?
why do sad songs become popular ? Are we filed with so much of grief inside that we hide it and bring it out only by listening to these songs ? a normal walk through the hostel you come across songs of every genre being played ... rock , fusion , Sufi and of course himesh baba ... one thing common about all this is the SADNESS

why ? why ? why ? a man's feelings determine his work output by remaining sad always we cannot perform . never will . learn to fight ...... not sulk and listen to songs which losers listen to ... . people say these songs are popular because they touch your heart ... that unfulfilled desire ... that lost love . BUt tell me is it that important that you sulk for the rest of your damn life ( even if not life a few months ) . frankly i am happy that i dont understand these things ( probably cuz never had a liaison he he ) but still why is there so much of grief and worst of all if there is a problem stop pretending that you dont have 1 . you might be very good actor but by doing it you are only harming yourself and nobody else ... always remember that .

now about bouncing back .... read jokes ... khushwant singhs joke book is awesome . there are some good joke blogs on blogger itself search for them they are good . listen to good lively songs . my own getting high formula since 4 std is listening to aqua ( you might say i am kiddish or i should grow up..... but thats me ... 8 till i die he he ) . surround yourself with lively people . think of your high points . your friends .... sweet memories ..... those achievements . And finally get yourself involved in some work it will help you will not think about what you were sad for .... and for god sake stop listening to himesh baba and tell my neighbour to do so toooo.

well now i think i have to start working for my waves rules book . officially we cannot publicize outside goa but unofficially anybody can come . so all of you pack your bags and come to the sun filled beaches of goa and enjoy the WAVES from 9-12 march

and now finally my night out begins :)