Monday, January 29, 2007

when you expect the unexpected

" when you expect the unexpected then does the unexpected becomes expected " well i dont know why i started thinking about this abstract topic . seriously there are so many times when you expect something and it happens .

like day before yesterday there was a news item about people ( read babes) sunbathing nude in goa and half of the boys hostels were empty yesterday to go on chick hunting .....but alas the expected unexpected turned futile when they came back tired , with nothing but seeing some old farts playing volleyball ....while a few of my frnds who chose to go to the nearest beach did get a treat for their eyes ...... he he h e

most expected unexpected things happen in our dreams it has happened with me so many times that i have dreamt of something and it has happened . the feeling of deja vu . well according to wikipidea dreams have been described physiologically as a response to neural processes during sleep, psychologically as reflections of the subconscious, and spiritually as messages from God or predictions of the future. Oneiromancy deals with the use of dreams for divination.

in my dreams i have fought wars , being in mid ts of a riot , jumped from Eiffel tower , kissed the girl i liked , climbed mountains , travelled the world . i have felt every emotion from love to lust , from envy to hate , from fear to that of death . it has always been like a roller coaster ride and yes i do remember my dreams .

sometimes i feel we are really controlled by some devine power . there is really a god . who tries to communicate with us through various means . either through or dreams , actions of our friends , random thoughts like the ones i am having one right now .

recently i had a status message of i need a girl friend and the very next day my talli roze to 3 . i.e the no of girls who had a crush on me and i never knew .... he he. and as soon as i came to know about it ....... i didnot want a gf . it was like that classic episode from scrubs where the hro wants eeliot and when he gets her wants to break up . neways i didnot have all those complex probs .....cuz it was all long back but surely it taught me 1 thing .... everything that glitters is not gold ....i pity you committed guys is great to be a free bird ... he he he

i dream and i dream a lot . sometimes of arbit things . things which can never be true ... but i dont kno why they are true . sometimes somewhere there might be worlds where the things i dream of may exists . someday perhaps the string threory will be proved and the parallel universes will be proved . perhaps the abstract things we think of will be true

perhaps some day the unexpected which i expect will be proved and then it wont remain unexpected .

these were just the random thoughts about my mind
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