Monday, January 29, 2007

waves - the urban chaos

well the basic reason i was not blogging or past some time was that i was busy with the publicity for waves - our cultural fest and it sure is gonna be big this time . After all i am in it :D .

well publicity is fun . you get to interact with a lot of people . nearly all clubs have to contact me and then there are those longgggggggg persuasive sessions where you have to persuade soem club or some bade log that theme should be the urban chaos and not something like a mela .

everybody has its own opinion and then everybody has some big contact who can overpower you .

but ya i am having fun . never knew so many people knew me . right now designing posters , teasers web site which would soon be up .... btw do check out and have a virtual tour of my college ....great work abhmanyu and abhniav .

But this is also the first tiem i am working completely alone . out of my protective bubble . i feel lonely sometimes but it has its own merits .

right now about our theme .... it is USA in early 90's . lot of graffiti , hip hop, rap , colours etc.
this project is special to me as it is the last one i am working on . waves is special to these 3 batches of our college cuz it is growing with us . in our seniors we see the people who started it . my batch the people who took it bigger took it out of college and now my juniors who have funky crazy and sexy ideas.

well i will keep you updated with ideas about waves ...... but till now just wait for the biggest culfest goa has ever seen ....... some ideas are here
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