Wednesday, January 10, 2007

the value of life

well today i was just reading the newspapers and saw that the left government in west bengal backtracked its descision for setting up SEZ in the state . somehow now they remembered that they had to consult living in the area before taking such a step.but they realised this after 9 people were killed in the violence and the police fired at the people.

it got me thinking what is the value of life in the country? why do we realise that we have made a mistake only after there is a lot of bloodshed . everyday we read reports of many people being killed in the violence . a glance through the papers will reveal that recently ulfa (assamese liberation army) killed many hindi speaking people there . riots are common in the country . we are a country where 34 children were killed in a house and the police didnot even have a slightest idea . a country where a model was murdered in front of everybody and it still took seven years to bring her to justice . a country where a small statement or an action such as decarnation of a statue can lead to riots and death of many innocents.

in the kashmir valley an average man cannot think about taking walk in the night . people there are torn between dual terror ....if the terrorists donot kill them then they would be harrased by the army .

we all say that we want to be developed country but see the developed countries 1 person dies it becomes a national news . i still remember once there was this 1 soldier who had died in action in iraq and they ran his life story for the full day on cnn . everyday somebody dies in our country and we hardly care .... the general attitude ...uski kismat thi ( it was his/her fate )

we are a country of 1 billion but are we reallya country? the 1 billion is a number . i think we now dont value people as individuals but as numbers so if 150 people die in riot. the number just comes . the news channels run so called live scenes of killings. they hold many discussion what happened ....wy it happened....and most of the time in the shows the people who started these riots sympathise with people . if people die there is a small memorial service and then life goes back to normal and these news channels show the story of resilience of city and country of oing back to normal after the calamity .........BULL SHIT

wake up people ..... we are not that unemotional is not a computer process which you can end by pressing alt + ctrl + del . for every life that ends many voids are created .... people associated with those dead find it difficult to continue . the family is destroyed . everything seems to go wrong for them . what wrong did the dead person do ? to be at the wrong place at the wrong time ? or to be doing his routine work?

never ever are the guilty brought to justice . the reason what do you do with a mob . even today people who plunderd raped and devasted many in gujarat riots go free . they not only roam freely but now threaten people easily

we pride ourself by saying that our judiciary is independent of anything ? then why do smple straighforward cases 7 years ? why do rich and powerful go free when the comman man suffers .

people say our police is corrupt . government is corrupt .but who made them corrupt ?
you yes YOU . we are the same people who give bribe to fasten the process . we are the same people who break rules and give the bribe to traffic policeman instead of getting booked .

if we want to change the country then change yourself ..... stop giving bribes .....learn to use your rights ...right to information....right to hold meetings....raise your voice ...dont let the culprits go scot free and please understand the value of life
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