Thursday, January 11, 2007

shawshank redemption

well since it is the start of the sem i am pretty vella , especially after waves is not national ( hope to do something for quark now ) . so coming back to the point for paasing time i am watching a lot of movies and auditioning people . so i saw shawshank redemption today . it is a movie about a convict who escapes from shawshank prision after spending 20 years there and it also potrays how he potrays those 20 years .well the movie also showed how people are treated in prision. they are treated like dogs . there the police can do nething

it made me think why are so many crimes committed in the prision . there are constant reports of death in custody . sexual abuse in the prision . why are the police turning criminals ? i thought about it a lot . the answer which i think probably might be the reason which i had read in my english text in school . living with the criminals , spending most of their time with the criminals their psychology becomes similar to the criminals. they tend to think like them and ted to behave like them

we put criminals in jail to make them a better human being . but the environment of jail is so bad that instead of making them a good human being the jail actually makes them an animal . the people in the jail stay in filthy environment , have bad sanitation facilities , and get filthy food . how can it change a person ? the person doesnot become fit for the society but finds it difficult to fit in . in the movie 2 people whose term were over after coming out committed suicide because they found it difficult to fit in "free environment " . i think we should improve the condition of jails , introduce actual techniques suc as yoga , other community work to change people . only then country progress

ok now enough of dark stuff , today i started with french . i dont know why i took it ...... probably because i wanted to learn it for a long time .... or i wanted to show it in my cv..... or cuz french chicks are hot . i don't know about the former reasons but the latter was proved when i saw the french teacher ( she is hottt) ....ok so now we started with french ...very funny language .... has different forms for male and female even in words ...... when you speak it looks like a person who has constibation is trying to speak punjabi ..... he he .... neways it was one of the few classes where i had fun ...that too after a long time ( especially withh full mech now in regular classes ) ..we had introductory conversations in french ....goofed up laughed at each other and had fun ..didnt know when the 2 hours passed .... so this is one class where i would be regular ( even if lectures are boring i would come to see the teacher he he )

and now for all those apple enthuasiasts be happy with the introduction of i-phones . finally steve jobs announced the much awaited phone so have fun while listening to ur favourate i-tunes :)
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