Monday, January 15, 2007

the rebel attitude

well today the damn network administrators tried to block orkut in the college ..... the reason " it is banned in pilani and in various other colleges " . I dont know what prompted me ( i hardly visit that site ) but i went to my room and opened orkut in 5 different windows using 5 different methods . this led me to think .. the rebel attitude .

why do we like doing things which we are told not to do ? why do we want to commit mistakes which we know will harm us ... even mildly ? i think it is because when we are told not to do something which we have not done before then it is the enthusiasm of venturing into the unknown . many a times it is show the "i can do it attitude " . take for example a child and tell him not to play with a heavy bat .... he will never ever listen to you .... will always try to rebel and pic up that heavy bat .

it is the adventure which one likes to take . the thrill in breaking the rules , doing something different from the crowd . thinking about breaking the rules i remeber the first semester a lot when we were told to be back in our rooms by 11 but still we would all stay in one hostel 2 ppl in 1 room ...even though it was uncomfortable ...but ther was this thrill ...the thrill in doing something new ( those were great times ) . finally i think this rebel nature is important

it is said that a normal person changes himself according to the world but a insane person tries to change the world according to himself ... so there is a need to find more insane people .. to change the world.

the rebel in all of us should wake up and address the issues of reservation , treatment of women and children, attitude given to soldiers , the corruption in the society ..because now is the time to REBEL.

well now about the past two fun filled days .... we celebrated lohri in campus . lighted the fire ... danced around it and then on the dance floor on the dj tunes . i again sprained my ankle .hurt my leg and still danced ( dont kno when will this leg stop hurting ) . it was fun tho whole night i danced with shubham ( cuz both of us never have ne parter so decided everydance party we will dance together ) . Next day again was fun served the food made by the students ( with help from mess workers ) yes you heard it ...i served ...halva ( but never ate it when i finally sat down to eat ...was sick of looking at it ..dont know how ladies eat the fod they make ) . for the first time i liked food in the mess . the evening cultural programme was great and so was ddlj ( it rocked never had so many people come for a movie ..even if it was brand new ) we hooted shouted had a lot of fun. But in all this something was missing ...on the dance floor ... in the mess ..during the cultural programme ..during the movie ..eyes were always searching punit . he was so active last year that he was just seen everywhere . wherever he was i bet he was seeing us and was proud of gaurav and uday ( cheers to both of you ) . wherever you are may your soul rest in peace . miss you buddy .
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