Sunday, January 7, 2007

the paedophile

well today while reading the newspaper i came accross this term in connection of the nathari village killings in india . so what is a paedophile according to oxford dictionary he /she is a " a person who is sexually attracted to children " . well how sick is that ...... most of these people lure children .....exploit them and in extreme cases such as nathari kill them ....... well what provokes these people . what is said is that these children are easy targets for these maniacs . but provokes them to take life of an individual that too of a person who barely understands what is going on .....what do they get for killing innoncense. well i feel our society is very closed ..... most of indians expect their children to learn about sexuality themselves they learned talking to friends ......visiting pornographic sites .....and the general attitude is that " time aane par apne aap seekh jayenge " but this is wrong . half of the time the child doesnt know what is going on . they cannot differentiate between a good and a bad touch most of the time the child just remains utterly confused and becomes introvert in many cases develops an overly compulsive disorder (ocd) . the children should be educated abt everything if not everything then atleast abt touch . parents shud be open ...most of time it is distant relatives who exploit chilren and the first rctn of parents is "my brother cannot do this " . there are no laws banning child pornography in india ......there is a need to change and removing filth from society if roved guilty these bas*ards should be given death sentence and death sentence only
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