Sunday, January 21, 2007

moving on

well in life you have to move on a lot of times . because if you dont then you will be stuck . sometimes you have to face your greatest fears because you cannot always run from them

today was aneesh's birthday . they planned that they would go to the beach and then have dinner . i had my french class so decided to join them only for dinner . i was kinda happy cuz i avoided the beach ( dread going to the beach after the incident ) but on reaching to the room i came to know that the class was cancelled . i had a choice to make now ...either face my fear or run from it . i chose the former though my inner self shouted at me to choose the latter .

went to the beach . Was quiet at first remebered the day in a flash ....but then all of them started with Frisbees and i got involved . it helped me . i had overcome my fear . we clicked photos and enjoyed a lot ...had gr8 food too ( thx aneesh )

After the incident i have found it difficult to talk to some people whom i came to know on the beach that day . i ignore them ...dont wish them though they expect it . even when they tried to start a conversation i quietly ended it and left it . i have been running till now and am sick of it . sorry guys you might think ( if you ever read this ) that i am rude, egoist , self obsessed bastard but till now i was just hiding ...cuz trust me i have lived with nightmares ...

but yeah i will move on . will come back and rise and yeah will talk to them no matter what it takes .

also today i kind of separated my ways from a dear friend cuz i felt that going n would not benefit any of us and we should part our ways when things are still decent rather than when they would be bitter . i would miss him a lot . but yeah i will move on.

right now listening to some weird sorta trance but it kinda gives me a high . probably thats why 2 posts today :)

well as gurveen pointed out whenever on the beach you stand at one place and waves come you keep sinking in and to prevent yourself from sinking in you have to keep moving on ..... thx

right now editing it and putting something which vivek pointed out

" Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving "
- Einstien
thanks man :)
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