Friday, January 12, 2007

mohd afzals plea refused

well today i couldnot find any tiopic to write ( didn't see any movie also ) but just then cnn - ibn sent me an sms sent me an sms sent that supreme court rejected mohd afzals plea . that means now he doesnot have any legal resort left . well as i see ther will now be a long discussion abt the capital punishment vs life imprisonment

i for 1 am a believer of capital punishment . yes i have the read that leo tolstoy story abt voluntary imprisonment but i dont see any reason why a person who tried to destroy the very symbol of our democracy shouldnot be hanged . if he is not hanged then it would send a strong message accross that the terrorists can do anything and still get away because whatever they do they will never be hung cuz the politicians will find some or the other excuze .

i belive also with this judgement india has matured a bit too . they know what is right for the country in the long run and dont bow before the people . take for example isreal when 1 of ther planes was hijaked they themselves blew it up in air sending the message "dont mess with us"
and from then none of their planes was ever hijacked .

so i dont feel like writing anymore ( am a bit tired ) so promise you a long and nice ( cheerful post ) day after tomorrow .
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