Monday, January 8, 2007


well i just saw this movie today ........... probably cause had nothing much to do . it is a story of a very beautiful woman who is living in the italian village when her husband has gone to fight the second world war . though most of us have seen it for it sleaze and monica bellucci but i saw it in different way ...probably because a friend made me think why 1 wants to get married . in this movie when the woman is alone she is stalked by every man ... then one day the news of her husband's death reaches the villages ..... she is made the person who is every mans fantasy fullfilment ...she is loathed and hated by women and society treats her literally like a outcast .....nobody sells her anything and nobody offers her a job .she is insulted in the town centre once the war is over and is made to leave the city .
then one day her husband returns ( he hadnt died but had been captured by the enemies ) . his house has been coverted to a refugee camp . people who had earlier stalked and molested his wife now taunt him saying he had married a whore . from somewhere he gets news about her . goes to the city gets her back . once people see her with him . they somehow change and start accepting her .

i thought about it . why is it so difficult for single women ? why doesn't society accept some body being a women ? is it her mistake that she is pretty ?
then i realised as my friend had said people want to marry because they wanna be recognised as somebody's wife . have power to hug somebody in public to display " hey here my protector " . it is probably for them but for society also . they society crushes a single person but keeps quiet when there are two of them .

but why is it so . why has our society not changed ? why even after 60 years the society is same? why does a woman still reqire to marry if she wants to prove that she is not a easy target ? we all want women to progress ..but we ourself dont change ourself . we still treat women as that weakling who needs protection . but that has to change . we have to change ( i know i am writing this in every post but if not society i am atleast changing myself ) . women need respect and marriage is certainely not the answer they seek . we have to accept that every woman who is not with her husband is not lose .

it also got me thinking about one more thing ...... how do we treat our soldiers who give their lives for protecting our lives . if a soldier dies there a lonely memorial service and then everybody forgets about him . people dont treat their family properly . soldiers should be given utmost respect .
yeaterday there was a article in the newspaper that all the people who go to the army are the ones who cannot find any job and go there because they are short of money .
i wanted to find the writer of the article and shoot him at the site . i wanted to join the air force .... not for money ....not because i had failed all other exams.... not because i was not wanted .....but because i wanted to serve the country ..... the same reason why every person who is right now gaurding our borders joins it ....the same damn reason why he gives his life while trying to save you and yes the same reason why he does that job even when there is shortage of money

but more than money it is the glory which is there in the force . the pride of being a martyr . it is easy to sit and write ...but think of those who are right now in siachen in highest battlefield of the world ..where even exposing a body part for a second can give you a frost bite and for a minute can lead to death ..... or think of those who are in those jungles of assam......those dangerous valleys of kashmir ......that barren desert of thar and kutch .....just for one reason .....FOR PROTECING THEIR COUNTRY AND FOR PROTECTING YOU!!!!!

being a soldier is the most noble proffesion and accept it which you will never have
a soldier
lives by chance
loves by choice
and kills by proffesion
he is a true gentleman

finally i would like to end this post by saying that i didnot rock this time and yeah gurveen you were right ........
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