Saturday, January 20, 2007

i need a gf

well i had posted a long serious post on widow marriages at 8:30 but then blogger acted in a strange way .... did not publish it and did not even save it as a draft so will publish it tomm ( after coming from vasco trt ) . as for now i am writing this because my status in gmail is " enough is enough ... i need a girlfriend now " and surprisingly half of the boys in my chat list have kept the status " i agree with nimit ".... thank you people or shall i say singles ..appreciate it .

well the past two days were bad for me . Did not see my name in any of the committees for quark or waves ( damn the bloody selector ) . Was low not because my name didnot figure out ..but because the names of the people who were regionalists figured out . Regionalism again won and people like me who worked for the campus got nothing ( tho finally work will be done by my Friends and me but still credit will be with the b******s)

so then for the first time i realised i needed a girl friend . Not the one who will roam around with me on the couple street in the college ( yes there is such a street in the campus which is right now overcrowded with couples of all sizes and dimensions at different levels of relationship which is directly proportional to their position on the street ). neither the one who will sit with me behind the workshop .

All i wanted was a friend who wud understand me . To this my friends put it as nimit's attitude is that of positively ignoring girls. today when i asked the meaning of the statement ,they told me i would never wish anyone , never go and talk by myself ( even if the other person is expecting a conversation or a talk ) . A few of them put it like i kinda like ignoring girls

So here is the truth my friends. i don't ignore anyone . I am just not the kind of person who goes about wishing to every living soul of the fairer sex . I don't start a conversation until and unless i feel it is necessary . to them it was like i don't flirt . but what the hell is flirting . half of the people with whom i work now are paired ( or should i say all of them)

i dont know what i am writing but i am totally confused .. never understood this love/shov but i am trying a psychiatric exercise which says that pen the thoughts in your mind and you will get to the conclusion .
when any damn person can half a girlfriend why cant i ? why cant my friends ....why..why ....why ?

got it ..... cuz we never tried . In first year we were all enthu about the new campus ..tried to get it to the levels of colleges in which we all wanted to be in but never got in . worked our asses off.
started new things . worked for them forgetting everything . that was enough for us because we were working for something and we hoped we would get credit for it . Then came the second year again the people came back and this time half of them got pairs but we still were after the campus . now we were in control . had to make the things started by us bigger and better . we worked and worked .. got everything started ...without having nething . and then ... and then what happens ...
some fools who dont know anything come and sit on our heads . try to direct us . bring in regionalism . try to destroy by whatever we worked for by bringing wrong people . and what do we get nothing ....nothing ...nothing because we dared to dream and dared to achieve our dream and today when we are nearly achieving it ..some b******s come and take over and we are left all alone .

i know this post is too controversial probably not even in context with a heading .... but perhaps i wanted a girlfriend for saying these things .... perhaps .
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