Saturday, January 20, 2007

The hypocratic india

well if you go through the papers today half of them are filled by a lousy story of a supposed racist comments passed on shilpa shetty in some lousy uk reality show . some inmates passed comments calling her a c*nt and an issue was made about as people thought she was called a paki.

we Indians are allays complaining about the racism in the west but have we thought how racist we are ? as soon as we go into a rooms we scan the people and brand them as madrasi,bangali,punjabi . we don't like talking to people of different community . we have different glasses for people who work in our homes. we don't want our kids to play with those kids outside cuz they are different or cuz they eat rice or wheat that way . we are a country where during marriage fair is lovely ... where we think all men who grow beards or wear head caps are terrorists.

when a person is killed in the country due to caste differences nobody cares but let somebody outside call you brown u will kill him. i don't support those comments. no way !!!!!! i am against them but consider ur own backyard . how filthy it is

this led me to think 1 more thing. how are celebrities treated . a few days back mahinder singh dhoni was fined for driving a car with tinted glasses in ranchi . wanna know what happened to the police inspector who fined him ?? he got transfered . the reason " dhoni is one of the brightest stars of ranchi and so he shud have tinted glasses so as to get away from crowds " in short dhoni is the most popular jharkhandi so he can fuck laws .
shushmita sen was fined for underpaying her dues to bmc officials and when she went there all the officials were there with their familieswaiting for her .

why do we give celebrities so importance . what is the fault of aam aadmi and it is because of this only that sanjay dutt kept a ak-56 in his house . fardeen khan was caught with drugs .

we are screwing our own country ourselves and before we act in time we would become what the bloody rascists percieve us to be .
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