Tuesday, January 9, 2007

how ethical should one be ????

well this question was asked today in the principles of managements (POM) class . the idea was in bussiness many a times we lie but to what extend should we lie . many a times we cheat but to what extent should we cheat . many people gave very ethical answers to this question . most of them said that we should look at community welfare and then look at our own welfare . most them were politcally and diplomaticaly right at that point of time but i am sure all of them would look at their own welfare at the given point of time . all about this ethical issue took my memories 2 months back ( probably that is why i didnot participate in discussion today) well it was nearly the end of third day of zephyr ( our interhostel culfest) . the discussion was their that BH4 ( my hostel) had cheated in treasure hunt taking help from bh1 . i am the cultural secretary and the performance of the hostel was my responsibility . at that moment i consulted a few people whom i knew and considered neutral ( later they turned pro other hostels ) and they said my hostel should be disqulified . i gave it a thought and then saw the larger picture ....every damn hostel was cheating ..... bh1 helped us cause of their traditional rivalry with bh2 ...... nowhere it was mentioned that a hostel cannot help the other one .....half the rules by the damn controls were made anti bh4 ( that is another story ) ....and i decided helll...i will support the hard work of my boys and fight till they end even if it looks unethical .... by the time we reached audi for last event there were shouts booing us . i had placed my best bet .....bala taun and i just told him 1 thing " go there and enjoy no pressure on you "( though inside it was 100 degrees for me ....i wanted him to win and wanted him to win badly to prove we can win without help ) ...when i came back to my hostel stand ..i just said 1 thing " shout as loud as you can for cheering bala to suppress these bas*ards voice " . the rest is history ...bala rocked .... he won the biggest event of zephyr ...we won the biggest event of zephyr ... all because of bala . And then i decided i will show them if 1 has to be unethical how can 1 be .... in my power i tweaked the rules of some other events saw that i win them ...... i made sure that we are not disqualified and even get a prize

so now answering the question i think ethics are important ...very important .but when by following ethics you and your people come under question and are accused of being unethical then it is time to show them the truth ..... always be truthful to your people ....that is what is important ...i stood by bh4 ...strained some of my relatinships with the higher ups but i stand with my descision ...stand with bh4 and will always stand
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