Monday, January 22, 2007

Hazaaron kwaishen aisi

well today was a great . Firstly all three bade log came and asked me to be in publicity explaining ther constraints ( it sure feels nice to be coordinator now ). next took part in the gd after a lonnnnnggggg time . it was great all the hotshots sweating it out .

well so yesterday i saw this movie hazaaron kwaishein aisi. it is a movie set in the backdrop of emergency in india . it is a story of 3 friends right from their college days in DU to the end of emergency . One of them who is a rich fathers kid is all gung ho about changing the world . He goes to bihar and tries to start a mass movement . A girl who marries an ias officer but later leaves her husband and goes to live with her love in bihar. the third person is a guy with big ambition who is scaling the ladder for wealth and prosperity.

the movie clearly showed the difference between india and bharat . the same india and bharat which i mentioned in some of my earlier blogs ( wait was it the widow blog which didnot get published ...ok will write about it ) . the india which most of see is the india which developing its gdp at more than 8% . the india which has malls , foreign investment , laptops,callcentres everything and is about to become a super power . but the moment you get 50 kms out of your india .....there is BHARAT . the same bharat which has not kept pace with developing inida . where still a farmer commits suicide as he is not able to pay debts . the bharat where a lower caste person is not allowed in temples , schools while his brothers in india enjoy the unfair reservation quota enjoying as creamy layer . where a uppercaste man would rape a lowercaste women but would not marry her . where he will not allow a lower caste doctor to treat him . where still agriculture is dependent on rain . where the thanedar is the ultimate lord .
this is the bharat most of us are unaware of and it is this bharat which has to develop now if india really has to become a super power .

the movie also led me to think how human nature changes and how with time man changes or as my earlier blog moves on . in the movie the rich guy was all enthu about going to bihar leaving everything and emancipating the people and changing the world . while on the other hand the girl had lived all her life in london and delhi before joining him . in the end ... he is hown doubting his descision . i wont say chickening out but the way he percieved world and people had changed . he didnot go back to bihar but went to england to study medicine . while the girl who was apprehensive in the beginning about going to a village decides to go back and stay in the village and educate people . both of them changed completely or shall i say moved with time changing their priorities and moving on .

the movie also potrayed how spineless the system is . how people can do anything to save their own ass . how politics is played right from the top evel to botom level . what is the imporatnce of lives in the country . police write fake reports. conduct fake enconters . kill people mercilessly just to save their own ass . businessmen fund political parties to save their ass . how a falling government declared emergency and questioned the very basis of our constitution . the sterlization drive without will questioned the basis of free will . politics is everywhere was the same politics because of which i was so low last few days.

and now the lighter part . the succesful guy nevr forgot his young love . he was always their for the girl . even went to save her husband in bihar where he nearly got kiled and became paralysed ...only being able to write i love you . it got me thinking abt my young love . even i will also never forget her though will nevr tell her cause its no point now but will always love her . but as i said i will move on . and that doesnt mean i will find a girlfriend forget the old blog was an emotional outburst ..i was high or something ( no doping or drinking tho he he .

but yeah today i am happy ...getting ready for ur comments :D
and getting ready for going to panjim tomm for movie, dominoes and ccd :)

ps :

its high time i started studying so will probably do less of blogging from now on :)
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