Monday, January 29, 2007

waves - the urban chaos

well the basic reason i was not blogging or past some time was that i was busy with the publicity for waves - our cultural fest and it sure is gonna be big this time . After all i am in it :D .

well publicity is fun . you get to interact with a lot of people . nearly all clubs have to contact me and then there are those longgggggggg persuasive sessions where you have to persuade soem club or some bade log that theme should be the urban chaos and not something like a mela .

everybody has its own opinion and then everybody has some big contact who can overpower you .

but ya i am having fun . never knew so many people knew me . right now designing posters , teasers web site which would soon be up .... btw do check out and have a virtual tour of my college ....great work abhmanyu and abhniav .

But this is also the first tiem i am working completely alone . out of my protective bubble . i feel lonely sometimes but it has its own merits .

right now about our theme .... it is USA in early 90's . lot of graffiti , hip hop, rap , colours etc.
this project is special to me as it is the last one i am working on . waves is special to these 3 batches of our college cuz it is growing with us . in our seniors we see the people who started it . my batch the people who took it bigger took it out of college and now my juniors who have funky crazy and sexy ideas.

well i will keep you updated with ideas about waves ...... but till now just wait for the biggest culfest goa has ever seen ....... some ideas are here

when you expect the unexpected

" when you expect the unexpected then does the unexpected becomes expected " well i dont know why i started thinking about this abstract topic . seriously there are so many times when you expect something and it happens .

like day before yesterday there was a news item about people ( read babes) sunbathing nude in goa and half of the boys hostels were empty yesterday to go on chick hunting .....but alas the expected unexpected turned futile when they came back tired , with nothing but seeing some old farts playing volleyball ....while a few of my frnds who chose to go to the nearest beach did get a treat for their eyes ...... he he h e

most expected unexpected things happen in our dreams it has happened with me so many times that i have dreamt of something and it has happened . the feeling of deja vu . well according to wikipidea dreams have been described physiologically as a response to neural processes during sleep, psychologically as reflections of the subconscious, and spiritually as messages from God or predictions of the future. Oneiromancy deals with the use of dreams for divination.

in my dreams i have fought wars , being in mid ts of a riot , jumped from Eiffel tower , kissed the girl i liked , climbed mountains , travelled the world . i have felt every emotion from love to lust , from envy to hate , from fear to that of death . it has always been like a roller coaster ride and yes i do remember my dreams .

sometimes i feel we are really controlled by some devine power . there is really a god . who tries to communicate with us through various means . either through or dreams , actions of our friends , random thoughts like the ones i am having one right now .

recently i had a status message of i need a girl friend and the very next day my talli roze to 3 . i.e the no of girls who had a crush on me and i never knew .... he he. and as soon as i came to know about it ....... i didnot want a gf . it was like that classic episode from scrubs where the hro wants eeliot and when he gets her wants to break up . neways i didnot have all those complex probs .....cuz it was all long back but surely it taught me 1 thing .... everything that glitters is not gold ....i pity you committed guys is great to be a free bird ... he he he

i dream and i dream a lot . sometimes of arbit things . things which can never be true ... but i dont kno why they are true . sometimes somewhere there might be worlds where the things i dream of may exists . someday perhaps the string threory will be proved and the parallel universes will be proved . perhaps the abstract things we think of will be true

perhaps some day the unexpected which i expect will be proved and then it wont remain unexpected .

these were just the random thoughts about my mind

Monday, January 22, 2007

Hazaaron kwaishen aisi

well today was a great . Firstly all three bade log came and asked me to be in publicity explaining ther constraints ( it sure feels nice to be coordinator now ). next took part in the gd after a lonnnnnggggg time . it was great all the hotshots sweating it out .

well so yesterday i saw this movie hazaaron kwaishein aisi. it is a movie set in the backdrop of emergency in india . it is a story of 3 friends right from their college days in DU to the end of emergency . One of them who is a rich fathers kid is all gung ho about changing the world . He goes to bihar and tries to start a mass movement . A girl who marries an ias officer but later leaves her husband and goes to live with her love in bihar. the third person is a guy with big ambition who is scaling the ladder for wealth and prosperity.

the movie clearly showed the difference between india and bharat . the same india and bharat which i mentioned in some of my earlier blogs ( wait was it the widow blog which didnot get published ...ok will write about it ) . the india which most of see is the india which developing its gdp at more than 8% . the india which has malls , foreign investment , laptops,callcentres everything and is about to become a super power . but the moment you get 50 kms out of your india .....there is BHARAT . the same bharat which has not kept pace with developing inida . where still a farmer commits suicide as he is not able to pay debts . the bharat where a lower caste person is not allowed in temples , schools while his brothers in india enjoy the unfair reservation quota enjoying as creamy layer . where a uppercaste man would rape a lowercaste women but would not marry her . where he will not allow a lower caste doctor to treat him . where still agriculture is dependent on rain . where the thanedar is the ultimate lord .
this is the bharat most of us are unaware of and it is this bharat which has to develop now if india really has to become a super power .

the movie also led me to think how human nature changes and how with time man changes or as my earlier blog moves on . in the movie the rich guy was all enthu about going to bihar leaving everything and emancipating the people and changing the world . while on the other hand the girl had lived all her life in london and delhi before joining him . in the end ... he is hown doubting his descision . i wont say chickening out but the way he percieved world and people had changed . he didnot go back to bihar but went to england to study medicine . while the girl who was apprehensive in the beginning about going to a village decides to go back and stay in the village and educate people . both of them changed completely or shall i say moved with time changing their priorities and moving on .

the movie also potrayed how spineless the system is . how people can do anything to save their own ass . how politics is played right from the top evel to botom level . what is the imporatnce of lives in the country . police write fake reports. conduct fake enconters . kill people mercilessly just to save their own ass . businessmen fund political parties to save their ass . how a falling government declared emergency and questioned the very basis of our constitution . the sterlization drive without will questioned the basis of free will . politics is everywhere was the same politics because of which i was so low last few days.

and now the lighter part . the succesful guy nevr forgot his young love . he was always their for the girl . even went to save her husband in bihar where he nearly got kiled and became paralysed ...only being able to write i love you . it got me thinking abt my young love . even i will also never forget her though will nevr tell her cause its no point now but will always love her . but as i said i will move on . and that doesnt mean i will find a girlfriend forget the old blog was an emotional outburst ..i was high or something ( no doping or drinking tho he he .

but yeah today i am happy ...getting ready for ur comments :D
and getting ready for going to panjim tomm for movie, dominoes and ccd :)

ps :

its high time i started studying so will probably do less of blogging from now on :)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

moving on

well in life you have to move on a lot of times . because if you dont then you will be stuck . sometimes you have to face your greatest fears because you cannot always run from them

today was aneesh's birthday . they planned that they would go to the beach and then have dinner . i had my french class so decided to join them only for dinner . i was kinda happy cuz i avoided the beach ( dread going to the beach after the incident ) but on reaching to the room i came to know that the class was cancelled . i had a choice to make now ...either face my fear or run from it . i chose the former though my inner self shouted at me to choose the latter .

went to the beach . Was quiet at first remebered the day in a flash ....but then all of them started with Frisbees and i got involved . it helped me . i had overcome my fear . we clicked photos and enjoyed a lot ...had gr8 food too ( thx aneesh )

After the incident i have found it difficult to talk to some people whom i came to know on the beach that day . i ignore them ...dont wish them though they expect it . even when they tried to start a conversation i quietly ended it and left it . i have been running till now and am sick of it . sorry guys you might think ( if you ever read this ) that i am rude, egoist , self obsessed bastard but till now i was just hiding ...cuz trust me i have lived with nightmares ...

but yeah i will move on . will come back and rise and yeah will talk to them no matter what it takes .

also today i kind of separated my ways from a dear friend cuz i felt that going n would not benefit any of us and we should part our ways when things are still decent rather than when they would be bitter . i would miss him a lot . but yeah i will move on.

right now listening to some weird sorta trance but it kinda gives me a high . probably thats why 2 posts today :)

well as gurveen pointed out whenever on the beach you stand at one place and waves come you keep sinking in and to prevent yourself from sinking in you have to keep moving on ..... thx

right now editing it and putting something which vivek pointed out

" Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving "
- Einstien
thanks man :)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The hypocratic india

well if you go through the papers today half of them are filled by a lousy story of a supposed racist comments passed on shilpa shetty in some lousy uk reality show . some inmates passed comments calling her a c*nt and an issue was made about as people thought she was called a paki.

we Indians are allays complaining about the racism in the west but have we thought how racist we are ? as soon as we go into a rooms we scan the people and brand them as madrasi,bangali,punjabi . we don't like talking to people of different community . we have different glasses for people who work in our homes. we don't want our kids to play with those kids outside cuz they are different or cuz they eat rice or wheat that way . we are a country where during marriage fair is lovely ... where we think all men who grow beards or wear head caps are terrorists.

when a person is killed in the country due to caste differences nobody cares but let somebody outside call you brown u will kill him. i don't support those comments. no way !!!!!! i am against them but consider ur own backyard . how filthy it is

this led me to think 1 more thing. how are celebrities treated . a few days back mahinder singh dhoni was fined for driving a car with tinted glasses in ranchi . wanna know what happened to the police inspector who fined him ?? he got transfered . the reason " dhoni is one of the brightest stars of ranchi and so he shud have tinted glasses so as to get away from crowds " in short dhoni is the most popular jharkhandi so he can fuck laws .
shushmita sen was fined for underpaying her dues to bmc officials and when she went there all the officials were there with their familieswaiting for her .

why do we give celebrities so importance . what is the fault of aam aadmi and it is because of this only that sanjay dutt kept a ak-56 in his house . fardeen khan was caught with drugs .

we are screwing our own country ourselves and before we act in time we would become what the bloody rascists percieve us to be .

i need a gf

well i had posted a long serious post on widow marriages at 8:30 but then blogger acted in a strange way .... did not publish it and did not even save it as a draft so will publish it tomm ( after coming from vasco trt ) . as for now i am writing this because my status in gmail is " enough is enough ... i need a girlfriend now " and surprisingly half of the boys in my chat list have kept the status " i agree with nimit ".... thank you people or shall i say singles ..appreciate it .

well the past two days were bad for me . Did not see my name in any of the committees for quark or waves ( damn the bloody selector ) . Was low not because my name didnot figure out ..but because the names of the people who were regionalists figured out . Regionalism again won and people like me who worked for the campus got nothing ( tho finally work will be done by my Friends and me but still credit will be with the b******s)

so then for the first time i realised i needed a girl friend . Not the one who will roam around with me on the couple street in the college ( yes there is such a street in the campus which is right now overcrowded with couples of all sizes and dimensions at different levels of relationship which is directly proportional to their position on the street ). neither the one who will sit with me behind the workshop .

All i wanted was a friend who wud understand me . To this my friends put it as nimit's attitude is that of positively ignoring girls. today when i asked the meaning of the statement ,they told me i would never wish anyone , never go and talk by myself ( even if the other person is expecting a conversation or a talk ) . A few of them put it like i kinda like ignoring girls

So here is the truth my friends. i don't ignore anyone . I am just not the kind of person who goes about wishing to every living soul of the fairer sex . I don't start a conversation until and unless i feel it is necessary . to them it was like i don't flirt . but what the hell is flirting . half of the people with whom i work now are paired ( or should i say all of them)

i dont know what i am writing but i am totally confused .. never understood this love/shov but i am trying a psychiatric exercise which says that pen the thoughts in your mind and you will get to the conclusion .
when any damn person can half a girlfriend why cant i ? why cant my friends ....why..why ....why ?

got it ..... cuz we never tried . In first year we were all enthu about the new campus ..tried to get it to the levels of colleges in which we all wanted to be in but never got in . worked our asses off.
started new things . worked for them forgetting everything . that was enough for us because we were working for something and we hoped we would get credit for it . Then came the second year again the people came back and this time half of them got pairs but we still were after the campus . now we were in control . had to make the things started by us bigger and better . we worked and worked .. got everything started ...without having nething . and then ... and then what happens ...
some fools who dont know anything come and sit on our heads . try to direct us . bring in regionalism . try to destroy by whatever we worked for by bringing wrong people . and what do we get nothing ....nothing ...nothing because we dared to dream and dared to achieve our dream and today when we are nearly achieving it ..some b******s come and take over and we are left all alone .

i know this post is too controversial probably not even in context with a heading .... but perhaps i wanted a girlfriend for saying these things .... perhaps .

Monday, January 15, 2007

the rebel attitude

well today the damn network administrators tried to block orkut in the college ..... the reason " it is banned in pilani and in various other colleges " . I dont know what prompted me ( i hardly visit that site ) but i went to my room and opened orkut in 5 different windows using 5 different methods . this led me to think .. the rebel attitude .

why do we like doing things which we are told not to do ? why do we want to commit mistakes which we know will harm us ... even mildly ? i think it is because when we are told not to do something which we have not done before then it is the enthusiasm of venturing into the unknown . many a times it is show the "i can do it attitude " . take for example a child and tell him not to play with a heavy bat .... he will never ever listen to you .... will always try to rebel and pic up that heavy bat .

it is the adventure which one likes to take . the thrill in breaking the rules , doing something different from the crowd . thinking about breaking the rules i remeber the first semester a lot when we were told to be back in our rooms by 11 but still we would all stay in one hostel 2 ppl in 1 room ...even though it was uncomfortable ...but ther was this thrill ...the thrill in doing something new ( those were great times ) . finally i think this rebel nature is important

it is said that a normal person changes himself according to the world but a insane person tries to change the world according to himself ... so there is a need to find more insane people .. to change the world.

the rebel in all of us should wake up and address the issues of reservation , treatment of women and children, attitude given to soldiers , the corruption in the society ..because now is the time to REBEL.

well now about the past two fun filled days .... we celebrated lohri in campus . lighted the fire ... danced around it and then on the dance floor on the dj tunes . i again sprained my ankle .hurt my leg and still danced ( dont kno when will this leg stop hurting ) . it was fun tho whole night i danced with shubham ( cuz both of us never have ne parter so decided everydance party we will dance together ) . Next day again was fun served the food made by the students ( with help from mess workers ) yes you heard it ...i served ...halva ( but never ate it when i finally sat down to eat ...was sick of looking at it ..dont know how ladies eat the fod they make ) . for the first time i liked food in the mess . the evening cultural programme was great and so was ddlj ( it rocked never had so many people come for a movie ..even if it was brand new ) we hooted shouted had a lot of fun. But in all this something was missing ...on the dance floor ... in the mess ..during the cultural programme ..during the movie ..eyes were always searching punit . he was so active last year that he was just seen everywhere . wherever he was i bet he was seeing us and was proud of gaurav and uday ( cheers to both of you ) . wherever you are may your soul rest in peace . miss you buddy .

Friday, January 12, 2007

mohd afzals plea refused

well today i couldnot find any tiopic to write ( didn't see any movie also ) but just then cnn - ibn sent me an sms sent me an sms sent that supreme court rejected mohd afzals plea . that means now he doesnot have any legal resort left . well as i see ther will now be a long discussion abt the capital punishment vs life imprisonment

i for 1 am a believer of capital punishment . yes i have the read that leo tolstoy story abt voluntary imprisonment but i dont see any reason why a person who tried to destroy the very symbol of our democracy shouldnot be hanged . if he is not hanged then it would send a strong message accross that the terrorists can do anything and still get away because whatever they do they will never be hung cuz the politicians will find some or the other excuze .

i belive also with this judgement india has matured a bit too . they know what is right for the country in the long run and dont bow before the people . take for example isreal when 1 of ther planes was hijaked they themselves blew it up in air sending the message "dont mess with us"
and from then none of their planes was ever hijacked .

so i dont feel like writing anymore ( am a bit tired ) so promise you a long and nice ( cheerful post ) day after tomorrow .

Thursday, January 11, 2007

shawshank redemption

well since it is the start of the sem i am pretty vella , especially after waves is not national ( hope to do something for quark now ) . so coming back to the point for paasing time i am watching a lot of movies and auditioning people . so i saw shawshank redemption today . it is a movie about a convict who escapes from shawshank prision after spending 20 years there and it also potrays how he potrays those 20 years .well the movie also showed how people are treated in prision. they are treated like dogs . there the police can do nething

it made me think why are so many crimes committed in the prision . there are constant reports of death in custody . sexual abuse in the prision . why are the police turning criminals ? i thought about it a lot . the answer which i think probably might be the reason which i had read in my english text in school . living with the criminals , spending most of their time with the criminals their psychology becomes similar to the criminals. they tend to think like them and ted to behave like them

we put criminals in jail to make them a better human being . but the environment of jail is so bad that instead of making them a good human being the jail actually makes them an animal . the people in the jail stay in filthy environment , have bad sanitation facilities , and get filthy food . how can it change a person ? the person doesnot become fit for the society but finds it difficult to fit in . in the movie 2 people whose term were over after coming out committed suicide because they found it difficult to fit in "free environment " . i think we should improve the condition of jails , introduce actual techniques suc as yoga , other community work to change people . only then country progress

ok now enough of dark stuff , today i started with french . i dont know why i took it ...... probably because i wanted to learn it for a long time .... or i wanted to show it in my cv..... or cuz french chicks are hot . i don't know about the former reasons but the latter was proved when i saw the french teacher ( she is hottt) ....ok so now we started with french ...very funny language .... has different forms for male and female even in words ...... when you speak it looks like a person who has constibation is trying to speak punjabi ..... he he .... neways it was one of the few classes where i had fun ...that too after a long time ( especially withh full mech now in regular classes ) ..we had introductory conversations in french ....goofed up laughed at each other and had fun ..didnt know when the 2 hours passed .... so this is one class where i would be regular ( even if lectures are boring i would come to see the teacher he he )

and now for all those apple enthuasiasts be happy with the introduction of i-phones . finally steve jobs announced the much awaited phone so have fun while listening to ur favourate i-tunes :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

the value of life

well today i was just reading the newspapers and saw that the left government in west bengal backtracked its descision for setting up SEZ in the state . somehow now they remembered that they had to consult living in the area before taking such a step.but they realised this after 9 people were killed in the violence and the police fired at the people.

it got me thinking what is the value of life in the country? why do we realise that we have made a mistake only after there is a lot of bloodshed . everyday we read reports of many people being killed in the violence . a glance through the papers will reveal that recently ulfa (assamese liberation army) killed many hindi speaking people there . riots are common in the country . we are a country where 34 children were killed in a house and the police didnot even have a slightest idea . a country where a model was murdered in front of everybody and it still took seven years to bring her to justice . a country where a small statement or an action such as decarnation of a statue can lead to riots and death of many innocents.

in the kashmir valley an average man cannot think about taking walk in the night . people there are torn between dual terror ....if the terrorists donot kill them then they would be harrased by the army .

we all say that we want to be developed country but see the developed countries 1 person dies it becomes a national news . i still remember once there was this 1 soldier who had died in action in iraq and they ran his life story for the full day on cnn . everyday somebody dies in our country and we hardly care .... the general attitude ...uski kismat thi ( it was his/her fate )

we are a country of 1 billion but are we reallya country? the 1 billion is a number . i think we now dont value people as individuals but as numbers so if 150 people die in riot. the number just comes . the news channels run so called live scenes of killings. they hold many discussion what happened ....wy it happened....and most of the time in the shows the people who started these riots sympathise with people . if people die there is a small memorial service and then life goes back to normal and these news channels show the story of resilience of city and country of oing back to normal after the calamity .........BULL SHIT

wake up people ..... we are not that unemotional is not a computer process which you can end by pressing alt + ctrl + del . for every life that ends many voids are created .... people associated with those dead find it difficult to continue . the family is destroyed . everything seems to go wrong for them . what wrong did the dead person do ? to be at the wrong place at the wrong time ? or to be doing his routine work?

never ever are the guilty brought to justice . the reason what do you do with a mob . even today people who plunderd raped and devasted many in gujarat riots go free . they not only roam freely but now threaten people easily

we pride ourself by saying that our judiciary is independent of anything ? then why do smple straighforward cases 7 years ? why do rich and powerful go free when the comman man suffers .

people say our police is corrupt . government is corrupt .but who made them corrupt ?
you yes YOU . we are the same people who give bribe to fasten the process . we are the same people who break rules and give the bribe to traffic policeman instead of getting booked .

if we want to change the country then change yourself ..... stop giving bribes .....learn to use your rights ...right to information....right to hold meetings....raise your voice ...dont let the culprits go scot free and please understand the value of life

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

how ethical should one be ????

well this question was asked today in the principles of managements (POM) class . the idea was in bussiness many a times we lie but to what extend should we lie . many a times we cheat but to what extent should we cheat . many people gave very ethical answers to this question . most of them said that we should look at community welfare and then look at our own welfare . most them were politcally and diplomaticaly right at that point of time but i am sure all of them would look at their own welfare at the given point of time . all about this ethical issue took my memories 2 months back ( probably that is why i didnot participate in discussion today) well it was nearly the end of third day of zephyr ( our interhostel culfest) . the discussion was their that BH4 ( my hostel) had cheated in treasure hunt taking help from bh1 . i am the cultural secretary and the performance of the hostel was my responsibility . at that moment i consulted a few people whom i knew and considered neutral ( later they turned pro other hostels ) and they said my hostel should be disqulified . i gave it a thought and then saw the larger picture ....every damn hostel was cheating ..... bh1 helped us cause of their traditional rivalry with bh2 ...... nowhere it was mentioned that a hostel cannot help the other one .....half the rules by the damn controls were made anti bh4 ( that is another story ) ....and i decided helll...i will support the hard work of my boys and fight till they end even if it looks unethical .... by the time we reached audi for last event there were shouts booing us . i had placed my best bet .....bala taun and i just told him 1 thing " go there and enjoy no pressure on you "( though inside it was 100 degrees for me ....i wanted him to win and wanted him to win badly to prove we can win without help ) ...when i came back to my hostel stand ..i just said 1 thing " shout as loud as you can for cheering bala to suppress these bas*ards voice " . the rest is history ...bala rocked .... he won the biggest event of zephyr ...we won the biggest event of zephyr ... all because of bala . And then i decided i will show them if 1 has to be unethical how can 1 be .... in my power i tweaked the rules of some other events saw that i win them ...... i made sure that we are not disqualified and even get a prize

so now answering the question i think ethics are important ...very important .but when by following ethics you and your people come under question and are accused of being unethical then it is time to show them the truth ..... always be truthful to your people ....that is what is important ...i stood by bh4 ...strained some of my relatinships with the higher ups but i stand with my descision ...stand with bh4 and will always stand

Monday, January 8, 2007


well i just saw this movie today ........... probably cause had nothing much to do . it is a story of a very beautiful woman who is living in the italian village when her husband has gone to fight the second world war . though most of us have seen it for it sleaze and monica bellucci but i saw it in different way ...probably because a friend made me think why 1 wants to get married . in this movie when the woman is alone she is stalked by every man ... then one day the news of her husband's death reaches the villages ..... she is made the person who is every mans fantasy fullfilment ...she is loathed and hated by women and society treats her literally like a outcast .....nobody sells her anything and nobody offers her a job .she is insulted in the town centre once the war is over and is made to leave the city .
then one day her husband returns ( he hadnt died but had been captured by the enemies ) . his house has been coverted to a refugee camp . people who had earlier stalked and molested his wife now taunt him saying he had married a whore . from somewhere he gets news about her . goes to the city gets her back . once people see her with him . they somehow change and start accepting her .

i thought about it . why is it so difficult for single women ? why doesn't society accept some body being a women ? is it her mistake that she is pretty ?
then i realised as my friend had said people want to marry because they wanna be recognised as somebody's wife . have power to hug somebody in public to display " hey here my protector " . it is probably for them but for society also . they society crushes a single person but keeps quiet when there are two of them .

but why is it so . why has our society not changed ? why even after 60 years the society is same? why does a woman still reqire to marry if she wants to prove that she is not a easy target ? we all want women to progress ..but we ourself dont change ourself . we still treat women as that weakling who needs protection . but that has to change . we have to change ( i know i am writing this in every post but if not society i am atleast changing myself ) . women need respect and marriage is certainely not the answer they seek . we have to accept that every woman who is not with her husband is not lose .

it also got me thinking about one more thing ...... how do we treat our soldiers who give their lives for protecting our lives . if a soldier dies there a lonely memorial service and then everybody forgets about him . people dont treat their family properly . soldiers should be given utmost respect .
yeaterday there was a article in the newspaper that all the people who go to the army are the ones who cannot find any job and go there because they are short of money .
i wanted to find the writer of the article and shoot him at the site . i wanted to join the air force .... not for money ....not because i had failed all other exams.... not because i was not wanted .....but because i wanted to serve the country ..... the same reason why every person who is right now gaurding our borders joins it ....the same damn reason why he gives his life while trying to save you and yes the same reason why he does that job even when there is shortage of money

but more than money it is the glory which is there in the force . the pride of being a martyr . it is easy to sit and write ...but think of those who are right now in siachen in highest battlefield of the world ..where even exposing a body part for a second can give you a frost bite and for a minute can lead to death ..... or think of those who are in those jungles of assam......those dangerous valleys of kashmir ......that barren desert of thar and kutch .....just for one reason .....FOR PROTECING THEIR COUNTRY AND FOR PROTECTING YOU!!!!!

being a soldier is the most noble proffesion and accept it which you will never have
a soldier
lives by chance
loves by choice
and kills by proffesion
he is a true gentleman

finally i would like to end this post by saying that i didnot rock this time and yeah gurveen you were right ........

Sunday, January 7, 2007

the paedophile

well today while reading the newspaper i came accross this term in connection of the nathari village killings in india . so what is a paedophile according to oxford dictionary he /she is a " a person who is sexually attracted to children " . well how sick is that ...... most of these people lure children .....exploit them and in extreme cases such as nathari kill them ....... well what provokes these people . what is said is that these children are easy targets for these maniacs . but provokes them to take life of an individual that too of a person who barely understands what is going on .....what do they get for killing innoncense. well i feel our society is very closed ..... most of indians expect their children to learn about sexuality themselves they learned talking to friends ......visiting pornographic sites .....and the general attitude is that " time aane par apne aap seekh jayenge " but this is wrong . half of the time the child doesnt know what is going on . they cannot differentiate between a good and a bad touch most of the time the child just remains utterly confused and becomes introvert in many cases develops an overly compulsive disorder (ocd) . the children should be educated abt everything if not everything then atleast abt touch . parents shud be open ...most of time it is distant relatives who exploit chilren and the first rctn of parents is "my brother cannot do this " . there are no laws banning child pornography in india ......there is a need to change and removing filth from society if roved guilty these bas*ards should be given death sentence and death sentence only