Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The good old wine.....

Well if you think this post is about any spirit , then i am really sorry to disappoint you .... and you may stop reading from here on . So you are still reading .... good! .
Well today i again went to land mark for killing some time .... and this time i actually ought a book ( but only after i finished one while sitting there ). So one thing which i noticed was that most of the songs being played there were from the 80's ( yeah the disco decade!). I took a look around and saw people sporting some hairdo's of 70's ... flashy sunglasses .....and some things ... which i don't know how to name ( one problem after coming from goa ..... you feel you are completely out of place .... but feels good ... i look at it as making a style statement .... eshtyle ).

And so it stuck me .... people are actually doing things their fathers or grandfathers did 20-0 years ago . Coming a full circle ( maybe !) .... good marketing by movies like OSO (hated it !) ...... or may be herd mentality .

Well i feel that half of the people out there dont care a damn about fashion . What they do care about is .... what their neighbour is doing . And so a few people ... try to market their product .... start to publicize the product which they want to sell in the name of fashion . A lot of wanna bees take that bluff and follow it ( may be too much money ..... or too little brain ).... and a domino effect follows and soon you end up in a place ..... listening to the diving disco ..... surrounded by elvis prototypes .... and looking strictly futuristic.

Well so here is my take ...... old wine looks good in the old bottle .....( though it is fun to see the fancy dress ) ..... the classics should be treated as classics .......

as for me ..... i am enjoying my back to the future look and now it is time to go back to my books ( bahut paise karach kiye hai yaar ..... buying a book for reading .... what is happening to me ?)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

yeh aakhri alvida na ho !

Well now the third semester has ended and every Bitsian is headed back home. Leaving campus .... on their home bound journeys . But this time it was different. Previously ...because of our campus being a new campus , everybody used to come back. But this time .... there would be 198 people who would be leaving this place..... not to return on 7 jan.

The first batch to pass out of BITS , PILANI-GOA campus..... and boy what a batch it was . inspiring leaders, hard negotiators , caring elders ( if you call them !!!) ..... they had everything. The people who saw the genesis of this great story called bpgc. We had our share of fights and laughs ....but this time ... it is different .... difficult saying goodbye

You guys will surely be missed .....

This post is dedicated to 2004 batch ......hope this is not the last goodbye.

ps: my topics are having a lot of hindi overtones .... next post apni vilayati topic ishtyle.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

kadva sach

Well i am back in bomabay ! yay!!!. Looking at my blog it appears i only blog when i am home .... but this time cdc's got me.... now i know what the hue and cry was about. Well as for now ... half my cdc's are over ... free now and then going back to the grind on 7 ...but as for now ..... i want to sing " utda rahu firta rahu mast gagan mein ..... aj main azaad hu ....." and something more (can't remember.

Well so Bombay ... this time when i came ... it was usual with the buzz , a bit cold but one thing which stuck me was pollution. it was like breathing smoke directly in your nostrils. One thing which is bad about doing college in goa is that you become very sensitive to pollution. For one day (yesterday ) i was just coming to terms with rise in these pollution levels.

And then Al-gore and his inconvinient truth became clear to me . Till now i used to think about global warming , green house effect , pollution levels and all related terms as something which were there in our science textbooks, looked good on discovery and ntional geographic , topics on which people who wanted to hog limelight gave their two cents or topics which page 3 starlets spoke in star studded parties whicle themselves driving back in their fuel guzzling suv's and wasting half the natural resources.

But this time it hit me, why were these pollution levels high? Why was delhi coller than normal ? Why the test matches were closed early everyday ...because of bad light ( damid the result would have been 3-0)? and so the answer was clear to me. The more we think .." What can i as an individual do " ......." Everybody else is also doing this ".The more we lynch the environment. The more we keep the extra lights on, the more we keep the taps running, the more we rev up our cars just to listen to that masculine noice....... the more WE HARM OURSELVES.

Today Bombay had "batti band" campaign ... where people were requested to shut off power in their homes, offices for 1 hour from 7:30 - 8:30 pm . The idea was from similar campaign in sydney which generated improvemnt in their environment. I was out at 7:30 ..... and while walking back i saw some people actually following the rule, but the markets were alight and shining, some people had their houses lit up as if it was diwali...... and while walking back the final straw was my own building .... probably the only house which actually took part in this voluntary campaign in the building was mine.

and so tomorrow when the summers will be too hot or wintrs too cold..... or when walking down the street would be difficult because every other cm of space would be like a smoking chimney..... or when india loses because of the bad light ...... the same people would blame pollution. But when it comes to them ... they would be last one to take pains to rectify it .

SO people take charge !!!! not for your children ... cause they are too far ... take charge for your own life, your own health, your own future ..... what you do today .... shouldn't haunt you in future.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Closed ... am I

Well all of us have a personality, a kind of person which people percieve us to be , a kind of image in the society. Well recently while talking to some friends ... with whom i talk normally when we work together ..... i have been accused of being shy , closed and related terms.
Three years in college and now i come to know some people think i am shy. So here is the story from my side. I am not shy. I am reserved.
i am not closed, i am professional. Come , work , interact , leave. Nice short loops attached ...proper work. That is the best.
Apart from other things Life is going fine normally. A wiki search on introvert gives "Introversion is "the state of or tendency toward being wholly or predominantly concerned with and interested in one's own mental life". Introverts tend to be quiet, low-key, deliberate, and relatively non-engaged in social situations. They take pleasure in solitary activities such as reading, writing, drawing, watching movies, listening to music, inventing, and designing. An introverted person is likely to enjoy time spent alone and find less reward in time spent with large groups of people (although they may enjoy one-to-one or one-to-few interactions with close friends). They prefer to concentrate on a single activity at a time and like to observe situations before they participate.

Now clearly i am not this , i mean come on i am involved in every other activity in college. Due to my schedule i highly find time alone and am mostly with large groups. I handle 2-3 things at a time.

another term which comes to my view is ambiversion this is "Ambiversion is a term used to describe people who fall more or less directly in the middle and exhibit tendencies of both groups An ambivert is normally comfortable with groups and enjoys social interaction, but also relishes time alone and away from the crowd"

now this is me . I am reserved ... because i want to be that way . i don't like foolish talk ... talk what is important and thats me .

i know this was not interesting ... but what the hell .... it was about me , for me me ..... and learned about myself.

ambivert ...yeah ... thats nice!


Well i am back in bombay , after 2 months. Always feels great to be back to this wierd mad house - Bombay. This time came back 3 hours after my exams finished. CDC's are killing us. Chapters finishing in the class before you can even get a hold of what is happening. Any anamoly happens like this ... you will get this by experience.In short " Lagi padi hai"

Life on other front is also busy . Quark has gone into overdrive. Ohh btw ... Quark is our annual technical festival .... . Meetings go on till 10:30 every night ... missing dinner most of the days ... which actually led to my going down with viral ...during exams.

Otherwise life revolves around these two things. First day in bombay was great .... saw a movie ... went to landmark ... sat there for 3 hours ... read a book and again didnot buy. Gorging on food as if i am gonna die tomorrow. Sleeping like a log. shooting mails ... discussing with people our stratergy.

Thats pretty much it .... i know i am blogging after a long time .... so have gone out of my mode . Wait for a few posts before i am back .

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Blackout

Well i am back online nearly after a week . The reason ... the main transformer of the campus got burnt ... so BITS had a blackout. The institute had a back up .... without a/c . Now here is the thing about our institute ..... it is centrally air conditioned . So there are no fans .... and each class has only 2 windows ... which have hardly been opened . So now when there was a crunch ... the mighty authorities decided to go on with the classes ( "In Pilani... there are classes in 50degrees" ...... damid they have fans and winds ... this is hot and humid goa .. with classes like furnace ") .

Anyways the first day we did not have electricity and the central lawn was filled with people . Everybody was out . there were long discussions, weird games played , rumours and gossip was everywhere , disturbing people in salsa workshops, getting hold of nearly anybody and giving him bumps. The night was live .... it was fun ... people were interacting with each other face to face ... rater than through gtalk.

The next day due to humidity nobody in my hostel went for classes . Gully cricket was the order of the day . New rules , new style .... the only thing common with cricket in its current form was that it had a bat and a ball.
One full week , we passed our days like that..... playing cricket in the corridors during the day , attending some off meeting in evening and sitting on the b-dome lawn at night till 11.
Everybody always had some story to tell , some matter to discuss , some game to play ...... it was probably one of those few times when i thought ... people actually existed in this place .

And now power has been restored ( temp ... hostels have light but classes still w/o a/c) .... ad now everybody has gone back to their rooms .. to their comps , dc,movies , gtalk ..... nobody is out in he corridors plaing cricket , nobody in the lawn discussing something .........

I am happy that power has come ... but the last week did teach me one thing . With all the technology to make world a smaller place ... it has made it actually more cold and unconcerned ... people sitting next to each other .... use a gtalk server kept in us to interact with each other ... take pleasure in cs, wow , dota ... and what not ......

Half the status messages in my gtalk say ..... life is back to normal ... the bitsian way ..... but i miss those moments of the past week .

Monday, October 8, 2007

Take a look around

This year , we are celebrating our 60th year of independence. We are one of the most progressive economies, deemed to be the next super power.We are the world's biggest democracy. The next big thing. Everything is good . But still something doesn't look right. Nearly a century ago, Gandhi ji had said through his 3 monkeys "बुरा मत देखो , बुरा मत सुनो, बुरा मत कहो । " Literally " donot see bad , donot hear bad , donot speak bad ." But i think we have applied this to not to speak against anything. Even if it means keeping our mouth shut against injustice and oppression

Take a look around, our neighbors on all sides are facing problems. Nepal and Pakistan with their democracy problem , LTTE in Sri Lanka, Military dictatorship in Myanmar, Growth of radical islam in Bangladesh. We are happy that we have arrived, everything is going good, But for how long. If this radical nature of religion grows in Pakistan and Bangladesh, How much time will it take to spill here? How much time will it be before maoist rebellion in nepal affects uttar pradesh and Bihar? How much time will it take before the civil war will break in Myanmar?

We may turn a deaf ear to all these questions. But the truth is how can we think of ourselves as a super power when we ourselves cannot control the situation in our neighboring areas. When we ourselves wait for situation to get out of hand and affect us. Prevention is always better than cure. India is always vary of helping neighbors after debacles in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. But we have to raise our voice if not for them , for us .

Writing this, it made me think, how many times we don't care what happens around us in our life. We have become too mean ... too self centred... too busy to drop in and say a simple "HI". We are ignorant of the problems faced by the people around us. We always wait until something like that affects us. Its time we take a look around and see for ourselves .... if somebody needs us.

Everyday people are dying in Mynamar because they are protesting against military government there. Bloggers like you and me are running from one place to another because of no freedom of expression and the government . Still they are bringing the true picture out ... so that somebody like you and me take notice and support them .... even though it may cost them their life. Innocent monks are shot upon . A journalist dies while filming the protest ..........

How long will we keep quiet?

This post is dedicated to the courages people of Myanmar

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

There is always a first time .

Well recently when i had gone home , my mom had found a my class pic from kinder garden. Looking at the pic , i was actually surprised i remembered most of the names ( esp. if you see some faces after 16-17 years ) . I remembered my life then ...... reading colourful books with big bright colours , playing stupid games ( half of whose names i don't even remember ) , when we were made to sleep in the class " legally " , when our plans and strategies included how to defeat that tiffin bully, getting beaten by girls ( ohh come on at that age girls are bigger and more powerful ) .

One more thing which i remembered was one frequent question which was asked to all of us a lot during that time " what do you want to become when you grow big ?". You got very different varied answers - astronaut , scientist , fighter pilot , cricketer , footballer , ice cream vendor ......... and the list goes on . For the 30 odd people in the class there were 30 different answers.

But now when i see that pic and actually see what some people ( these are the people with whom i still have contact , great even after changing 7 schools ) .... most of them are either becoming an engineer , a doctor , an architect, A lawyer ..........

There is no astronaut , no fighter pilot , no cricketer ...... somehow all of us took the road walked by and became what society expected from us . We took up a road with moderate competition , less hardship , high returns , high profit ...... And now if somebody ask's us what would you do if you were given a chance to do that again . The answer most of us would give would be " We are past that stage ", " it cannot happen now " ," no chance ".

And then i realised , these are the same excuses which we give when we want "ourselves " willingly don't want to do something . There is nothing which is too late .... cuz there is always a first time . I am not talking about a complete carrier change ... but striving to learn something new . Taking up what you wanted to become as a hobby , as your passion , as your drive ....

And believe me if you truly ask yourself ... somewhere inside that astronaut , that miss india , that fighter pilot would still be there .... waiting to come out ....

This post is dedicated to Flight lieutenant. Nimit Mehra ( the name i used to write sometimes when i was small )... hope he would have flown ..... ( All India NDA rank 7 air force cadre )

God dammit ! i will learn how to fly .....

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The world that is ...

Well this week is one week which history probably chose as the week to remember the important people who were born on earth . This week saw the death of 3 very important people who had shaped the history of the world . The three people were very diverse in their ideologies , their way of tackling a problem and also the problem they faced . But one thing was common between all 3 of them . All 3 of them were loved by the people ... they were loved by the masses .

CHE Guevara

This is the face which all of u have seen somewhere ... either on T-shirts , or on rock concerts , or on hippie parties ( too many in Goa ) . He is the face of rebellion against oppression all around the world . The saviour of the havenots .... . He is the one which is given most coverage newspapers and blogs all around the world . The socialist guerrilla , the guy who tho stood for the people but his ways were bloody . He wanted an eye for an eye , wanted to take everything in his own hands . He was the guy who even 30 years after his death is worthy of hogging columns in newspapers.

Lady Diana

The "people's princess " . She was the darling of everybody , right from the charitable work she did to the way she handled the media . Even today we remember her . Even today we remember that fateful night in Paris when she died .

Mother Teresa

The lady who lived for the poor , who cared for the poor , " the saint of the gutter " . Mother Teresa lived her life for the others . She never hurt anybody , never did bad to anybody .... but still the newspapers gave her the least coverage . For them it was just another person who died sometime . The work which she did was not important to give into their writing because it was not sensational . it did not involve killing people. It did not involve he rock concerts . It did not involve naxal ideology , it did not involve drugs .

Even lady Diana was in news because Camella Parker refused to attend her funeral . Their was reports that at the time of death lady Diana was pregnant which were later proved wrong .

What is the world coming to ? Are we only interested in gossip , paparazzi , conspiracy , scandals , violence , drugs . Have the old beliefs which were taught to us as a child lost their importance . Have we become so indifferent that we do not stop talking ill about some person who has died .

Seriously it is time to introspect . Look into ourselves , think what we have become . What our media has become .... what we want to hear . All these 3 people changed history , all 3 of them were important but the way in which they were remembered was not good .

May their souls rest in peace !!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

The Basic Instinct

Was looking up the newspaper for past few days to find some inspiration for writing . The only thing which was there in the newspaper was Left's tough unrelenting stand against the nuclear deal . It was just everywhere front page , page 3 , editorial , international news .... even some indications in the sports column . I wondered what has left got against the government that it opposes the government so vehemently . Why is it against the nuclear deal . The reason which i got as answer was probably left's pre cold war era anti capitalism and hence anti US stand . But then even the staunch rightist in the parliament were against the deal .

Why this ? two groups hardly having anything in common agreeing on the issue . And then .... just then it hit me . It was not the so called socialism , or defence of the country or even the selling our souls part, it was all farce . The truth is was and will remain .... EVERYTHING WHICH HAPPENS HERE HAPPENS FOR SOME SELFISH REASON . The left wants to stress on its importance and therefore tries to be the hurdle in everything . But it doesnot want to let go of the government because then it will lose the twetny pence importance which it has . The right on the other hand wants to get back the power .

It got me thinking . The basic instincts .... the basic feelings ... the basic principles which all of us have right from our birth ... selfishness , anger , meanness . Nobody teaches anybody these things , nobody teaches a child to cry , get angry , be possessive ... but he/ she still knows about them . Look around you everybody is busy in something or the other .... something selfish ... sometimes even at the cost of many things . This world is run on the whims and fancies of 10 % people with power and rest 90% people are dictated either directly or indirectly .

With time ... all you become is more selfish , mean , more practical .... more self centered ... and then one day you hate yourself . Hate yourself for what you have become .... but then you look around and remember the Darwinian rule .... survival of the fittest .

BITS has taught me a lot of things .. for which i am grateful to it . Transformed me from a boring hated bloke to a self confident guy . But one thing it has also taught me is to be self centred , making your path ... even at the cost of sacrificing somebody . And yes sometimes i do hate myself for that ... for what i have done .... but then ..... the basic instincts prevail ... change prevails .

Power , prestige , position ...... the things which govern this world .

i don't know what i have written .... but this is my grossest post ever .

Saturday, August 18, 2007

goa with hooligans

well was checking out my mobile and came across some pics which i thought would be nice for my recollection and for you to laugh at ........

well living in goa ... moving around .... you see a riot of colours .... here is something about the architecture of goa ..... which is different .... for a start ... colourful and vibrant .
the postal office of goa
A government building in Panjim
the church which is invariably shown in every movie .......
Another government building in panjim

Wierd antics
well ..... my group of friends .... are not normal .... we do a lot of hooligan stuff .... some of which is not known to public .... so here is an insight into some of the wierd stuff that happened in the past few days .

Duniya gol hai .... aur uske liye hum bhi gol gol ghoomenge .... puneet , maddy and purnoor .before chak de india ...... passing time .

Nahi nahi mujhe aur bhi khelna hai same people .....

Well couldnot think of a caption ..... but look closely there is only 1 guy (gill) in the line meant for girls ..... sometimes being street smart can be a one way icket to a horror show . gill in the mess ..(literally )

ek din main bhi himesh banoonga .... vishrut ..... trying to fool around with a guitar ... lok at the expression ...... bhojuri rap to come soon .

WEll there are a lot of pics of me doing such antics ...... but this is my blog !!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

60 things i love about being an Indian

Well today is India's 60th independence day ... the day we got our right from the British colonial rule . To many people this freedom is taken for granted and for many people we are still not free .... considering the exploitation which is going in the country ... so i thought what should i write about his day and the only thing i could think was 60 things i love about being an indian .

1. To be able to wake up in the morning not thinking abour how to dodge bullets as in many war ravaged countries

2. To be able to blog , debate and express my views without having the treath to go to jail ..... assert my freedom of expression

3. To experience all 4 seasons in one year

4. To have a choice to learn about 18 languages and still say we are learning a language from our country

5. To be a nuclear power and have the second largest Army , 3 largest Airforce and still take pride in the fact that we have not attacked any country in the past .

6. Butter Chicken .

7. To go to the Taj Mahal without paying exorbitant amounts .

8. To have about 15000 species of plants and have about 3000 species of animals .

9.Singing national Anthem at the top of my voice ( trying doing it ..... it is a different experience altogether )

10 . Bollywood

11. The invention of zero ( got i learned the value of this number after coming to BITS)

12. Maruti 800 ( the easiest car to drive anywhere in the world )

13 . Being able to walk anywhere .... middle of road , side of road , under the road ..... on road at all !!!

14 . Being able to call every stranger Uncle/ aunty / Bhaiya / didi / beta / beti ..... the last 2 after 20 - 25 years .

15 . To have a vada pav in one hand .... umbrella in the other and walking (jumping ) all around the road ... trying to protect yourself from potholes ..... this one would only be understood by mumbaikars ( i miss the city .... but goa rocks!!!)

16 . Chacha choudry ..... lovd the comics

17 . Nimbu pani ..... best drink ever ....

18 . bombay local train ..... experience in itself .

19 . Indian weddings ..... complete chaos .... complete anarchy ....... no coordination ... but still you will love it .

20 . Goa ...... mix of past , present and the hint of future .

21 . Where being a virgin till 30 is no big deal ( okk we all don't like this part )

22. Sari ...... the best dress a women can wear ... mix of sensuality , grace, sophistication and honour ....

23. music .... .. punjabi in north , gujrati in west , carnatic in south ... bengali in east ....

24 . gulab jamun , ras malai ... kheer .......

25. where drinking water is free .....

26. feeling of being one ... inspite of all the differences .

27 . Where living with parents is no shame ....." we don't take appointments to meet our parents " loved this quote by aishwarya rai .

28 . To support our cricket team inspite of whatever they play ( thanks for defeating england again after 60 years ).

29 . Tipu sultan , bhagat singh , Ashoka , akhbar , chandrashekar azad ........ grew up reading about them .... and their stories are better than any roman fables .

30 . To have a holiday on diwali, eid , gurupurab and christmas ....

31 . To tell the foreigners that 10 years back we were bankrupt ..... considering today we are one of the powerful economies .

32. To have a impartial judiciary ...... no distinction between a king and a popper .

33 . To eat butter chicken pizza ,gobi manchurian , american chopsuye dosa ........ we are best at improvising ... and ya these dishes are indian ... find me any of these things anywhere else in the world .

34. To play pkadam pakdai ...... patang udana , lattu chalana .... i kno i have passed that stage but loved doing these things .

35. To have the cpability to dream big and one day become a superpower ....( trust me one day i would write a post when i would write abt us being a superpower )

36. To be called a generation of young and have future in front of us ....

37 . To listen to pantera ...metallica..... learn salsa ... tango .. but still press the dj to play kajra re or beedi jalaike ... when we want to loose it .

38. To tell riksha vaala " bhaiya jaldi chalao "( drive faster ) ... but still waste 10 minutes to get him to reduce 2 rupees .

39. To get your whole family (extended ) to see you off when ONLY YOU are going for a week .... away .

40. To blame everything from hih prices to high temperature ... to why your dog didnot eat on the government .

41 . To go for walk in the garden ... walk for 10 rounds ..... become tired ... take an auto ride ..... and then go to the nearest restraunt and order cheese pav bhaji ( with extraaaa cheese ) ... cuz you are too tired .

42 . TO make your children eat badam every morning ..... dimaag ke liye acha hai ... eat curd before an exam ... shubh hota hai .

43. To go on a family trip with mummy papa chunnu munnu and tommy on one scooter .

44. To eat lint... toublerone .... mars and still say ... Dairy milk rocks!!!

45. To not to use a new phone too much ...... kyunki abhi to naya hai .... and then say ... out of fashion ho gaya .

46. To go to neighbours house to get 2 chamach cheeni ...

47. To play cricket in the gulli .... and run when you break a window .

48. Aishwarya rai , bipasha basu , katrina kaif and her ...

49. Param super computer

50. Indian railways ....... the whole country in a compartment .

51. To remeber god .... whenever we start something .

52. To touch the elders feet for their blessings .

53. TO tell the world about peace .

54. To help others .... when we ourselves might need one ( remember tsunami )

55 . To find a connection with somebody as my fathers cousins sister- inlaws sons wife's second cousin's son 's friend

56 . To laugh at santa banta jokes ...

57 . To eat laddu at every independence day

58 . To wear a kurta pajama ... wake up at 6 ...only for seeing tri colour flutter .

59 . To be proud to be an INDIAN

60 . TO be born in this great country and live here

i know some of these were follish but still these small things give me pleasures and

" A great life is nothing but a series of well lived days with small pleasures strung together like necklace of pearls "
- robin sharma

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chak de India

Well after a long time i saw a Hindi mainstream "masala" movie which i enjoyed so much . Well firstly the movie is inspired from the story of Mir Ranjan Negi the goalkeeper of the Indian National men's hockey team of 1982 Asian cup ..... in which India lost in the final to pakistan with a score of 7-1 . Negi was made the scape goat and was labelled a traitor which led to premature ending of his career . He finally redeemed his honour after 16 years by coaching the Indian Men Hockey team and making them win gold in Asian games in 1998 in Bangkok and then coaching the Indian womens hockey team and making them win the commonwealth games in Manchester in 2002 .

I wont spoil your movie by teling the story . But what i realy liked about the movie was that there was a certain spirit of doing well . Certain feeling to achieve something ..... which was beautifully portrayed beautifully . The team spirit ... which i think is losing some sort of relevance in today's cut throat competition. The spirit to achieve your goal ...... the feeling that nothing is impossible .... the spirit of setting your LIMIT to the sky ....... I don't know but i just love movies about India!!!

After this movie i feel our cinema has finally come of age . Finally there was a movie with no love shov ..... no silly dancing ..... only thing which was there was the plot . You might say that you have heard such stories a lot ... but still even when we would all know the result ..... it still kept me on the edge of my seat .... waiting for what was next to happen . The acting of the actors was nice .......... the movie surely did chak de !!! worth a watch .

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Marking your LIMIT

well on july 8 , 2007 the big apple ... New York had a deluge ....much like what aamchi mumbai has now every year . It was sad with a loss of lot of property and death of some people . But what surprised me was the headlines in the newspapers . Instead of reporting what happened in New York they actually compared Mumbai to Ney york and took a saddistic pleasure in saying .... " We are like New York " . There were comparisons with New York times ......

But what are we trying to project .... we are as bad as some other city in the world to tackle our problems ? or are we saying that we are inferior to somebody and establishing the other's supremacy ? or do we consider the problem so grave that we can't find a solution to it ... do we feel that it is impossible ? ...... have we set our LIMITs?????????

" I'd rather confess that i am wrong and be right than claim i am right and be wrong "
-Maria Fontaine
excuses ...... thats what we had been doing for 40 years after our Independence and what was the result ..... an empty treasury .... foreign sanctions ...... crumbling market .... and when we accepted our faults and changed the course of action what happened ...... we became one of the fastest rising economy..... second largest growth rate ..... being compared into the league ....... We became right by accepting that we were wrong . Everyday ... we try to hide from our mistakes ... everyday we make excuses .... everyday we run ........ from what ???? eventually from success.

" Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better "
- Pat Riley
" You may be disappointed if you fail .... but you will be doomed if you don't try "
- Beverly sills
most of us have set a LIMIT for ourself .... which we have set sometimes on the basis of our failures in the past , sometimes because people tell us we cannot do a certain thing but most of the times it is because we are worried what happens if we fail .... we set our limits and try to perform in those set of preconceived goals .... we never strife for bigger things because this may lead to losing what we have ..... we are afraid to burn our boats .....

" I think therefore I am "
- Descrates

we can be what we perceive to be ... if we perceive to be the best , the fastest , the brightest damn right we can be ....... the only thing is where do you set your limits and how much do you believe in yourself .

If we think we match a city in its failure then dammit we will compare ourself to every failure .... but if we compare ourself to the strengths of that same city and strife to be better ...... then i see no reason why one day there won't be an article in New York times comparing New York with Mumbai .

We have had our setbacks and we have all screwed up ... but there are only a few who rise ... while others just make a deal with fate, destiny ... or whatever excuse they wanna give .

" Everybody screws up , its what you do next matters "

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

whipping the cream

well i picked up my paper today .... and the first news i see is " Chief Minister to Samovar's rescue " ...... with a photo of some celebrities and quotes by shobha De . Now what is samovar ..... and why is it so important .... looking at the headline i figured out that it must be some monument or some area where some less fortunate people were living which needed help .

But looking inside i figured out that it is a cafe at kala ghoda ( one of the most expensive area in the city ) ..... and the article starts like " Superstar Amitabh Bachan and his wife Jaya will be happy. Chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh on Monday promised to help save Cafe Samovar in Kala Ghoda from shutting down. The actors had their first date in the early '70s in this bustling verandah cafe at jehangir Art gallery "

Well first of all does this news deserve to be on the front page of a reputed national daily ? why do i care if two actors met here , dated ... kissed whatsoever .. specially when there are more important topics concerning the country and the world which are pushed inside ? why is the media so much frenzied about even the sneeze of a celebrity while the constant suffering of the common man is ignored , taken for granted ..... not worthy of reporting ?

The cafe might be important for the art lovers .... but it certainly does not deserve the front page . I had written a post about how waylaid our media has become .....something which came out on the recent Ramnath goenka memorial debate .

Another ... point which i want to make is why the celebrities think they deserve special treatment . The Sanjay Dutt conviction ...... i for once am ok with it . why? because he might be munnabhai on screen , his father might have taken out peace marches .... a champion of the poor , he might be a superstar ...... but all said and done , he had broken a law . He had made mistakes and should be punished , like any other ordinary man . What would have happened if you or me would have kept an AK-56 ? we would probably have been kept in lock up without even a reason , might have died in a fake encounter ....... and nobody would have batted an eyelid . The same media which now runs story after story on the conviction ... wouldn't have found it worthy to make it to their pages esp. when there should be advertisements ..... which are important . The Salman Khan blackbuck case ..... The Fardeen khan drug abuse ...... The shakti kapoor casting couch ...... The Rahul Mahajan drug abuse case ..... why do we forget the crime in light of something which is actually a dream ( cinema ) .

The society calls these people the cream . They are doing well professionally , making us laugh and cry with them ...... but this does not give them a license to do whatever they please . It is time the cream needs to be whipped .

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Happy friendship day

well right now i am sitting in gillu's room ... blogging from the temporary wifi we set up from his router .... night out after nearly a year .... will watch 2- 3 movies starting right now with cheeni- kum ..... feels nice . Well somebody declared on DC that today is friendship day and so started the AH3 tour in which we went to all our friends room in AH3 and wished them friendship day (friendship day to bas bahana hai .... sabke ghar se aaya hua khana jo khana hai ) ( Don't worry mere pyaare hostel vaalo kal main aaonga ) . Well thinking about it .... it the first time i have wished anybody friendship day , sadly for many of my friends it would be the last time i would be wishing them ...... the last year .... seems what we did for past two years ??? In one of my earlier posts i had written about how we never tell people how much they mean to us and how we repent it when they are no longer with us ..... and so now thinking about it .... well guys ... i love you ( not that you peverts ) .... and damn will miss you after we disperse in the big bad world .....

seeing one of boxer's post ..... i remebered my friends from school ..... sadly ( ashamdly ) i have lost all photo proofs of all my school friends ... except one kg class photograph which mom found in my mess in the room and revived it .... will put it up sometime ..... but till then ....... HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to you all and ya .... wish the people around you .... cuz sometimes after 10 years you would repent that you didn't .........

Cheers!!! to all my friends

Friday, August 3, 2007

the road ahead

well i have been away from blogging for a few days cuz the lan in my hostel is not working ( and all those of you for whom it is working ... don't rub it in ... AH4 rules )

So now another sem has started . Looking around i saw it as another first sem . Fresh look , new resolutions, clean rooms , trying to live life in a more civilized way , first years having a mix of fear and excitment in their eyes, fourth yearites getting goosebumps about placements , second yearites feeling good on finally being a senior and not letting any oppurtunity go for assering their new found status , third yearites preparing for ...ohh no not speeak abt it (CDC's)......

It somehow got me thinking ....... why everytime we try to begin in a new way .... why all of us aim for a 10 when we start ( now don't groan about it ..... even a 5 pointer aims for a 10 inside .... no matter how much we try to label 10p as padaku but it is grapes are sour feeling ) and still only a handful manage it ? Why we pledge to attend all classes and finally one day after a surprise test through which half of us slept we ponder why what has happened after those 2 years of slog to get here ?

Frankly speaking i don't know . The 5 sem has started ... this time with cdc's ..... and like always i too have my set of resolution ... which i wanna stick to ..... lets see how far i go ....
but anyways

BEST OF LUCK to you and me

ps: the thing about sleeping has been taken care of by my time table atleast .... on monday , tuesday and thurday .... my first class is at 10 A.M and on friday my first class is at 12 noon ....

Sunday, July 29, 2007

फिर भी दिल है हिंदुस्तानी

बहुत समय के पश्चात भार्तिये क्रिकेट टीम ने हमारे देश के बहार कुछ अच प्रदर्शन किया है । इसी विषय में कल हमारी क्रिकेट तें ने पत्रकारो कि एक सभा बुलाई थी .... जिसे अन्ग्रेसी बाशा में प्रेस कोन्फेरेंस कहते हैं । इस सभा में भारिये एवं हमारे ऊपर पूर्व राज करने वाले देश इंग्लैंड के पत्रकार आये थे । इस अवसर पर हमारे सलामी बल्लेबाज़ वे हिंदी कोस्मभोदिथ लक्ष्मण ने इन पत्रकारो को स्म्भोदिथ किया ।

वे हिंदी में पत्रक्रो को सम्भोदिथ कर रहे थे । इस पर कई विदेशी पत्रकार उनकी इस बाशा के प्रयोग से कुश नही हुए और इससे पहले की वे अपना उत्तर समाप्त करे वे उनकी मेज़ से अपने यन्त्र उठा कर चलते बने ।
मैंने सोचा ऐसा क्यों हुआ । क्या यह इसलिये हुआ कि एक भार्तिये ने अपनी मत्रबषा का प्रयोग किया । तो फिर जब यह फिरंगी आकर अपनी भाषा हमारे ऊपर थोपते हैं तो हम उनकी वाह वाह करते हैं । हममे बचपन से सिखाया जता है अतिथि देवोभावा ..... जिसके मतलब है कि एक अतिथि भगवन समान होता है । परुन्तु इसका अर्थ यह तो नही कि हम चुप बिठेंगे जब कोई हमारी मातृभाषा कि इस प्रकार से बेअज़ात्ती करेगा । हिंदी एक वैज्ञानिक भाषा है ..... जिसमें जिस प्रकार बोलते हैं उससी प्रकार लिखते हैं । यह एक भार्तिये होने कि पहचान है और मुझे इस बात पर गर्व है कि हमारी भाषा विश्व कि सबसे पुराणी भाषाओं में से एक है । आप लोगो ने कभी किसी रूसी या फ़्रांस के नाग्रिग को अंग्रेजी में वार्तालाप करते हुए सुना है ........ नही । वे उसी प्रकार अपनी मातृभाषा में वार्तालाप करते हैं जिस प्रकार अम्रेकन या अँगरेज़ अंग्रेजी में बात करते हैं । तो फिर हममे किस बात से शर्म है । हम उन लोगो से ज़्यादा आमिर हैं अब । हमारी फोजें उनसे ज़्यादा शक्तिमान हैं । हमारें इंजीनियर , वैज्ञानिक , डाक्टर उन सब देशो से उच् स्तर के हैं । हम किसी प्रकार से उनसे पीछे नही । तो फिर हम उन गोरी चमडी के गुमान को क्यों बढ़ाते हैं । हम लोग क्यों उनके जैसा बन्न्ना चाहते हैं ?

मैं एक भातिये हु । हिंदी मेरी राष्ट्रभाषा है । जन गन मन मेरा राष्ट्रीय गीत है । शेर मेरा राष्ट्रिये पशु है । मेरा देश विश्व का सात्व सबसे बड़ा देश है । मेरे देश ने आजतक किसी और देश पे आक्रमंद नही किया । मैं उस देश का वासी हु जहाँ सबसे पहले मानव ने सभ्यता का मतलब सीखा था । जहाँ पर बुध और नानक ने शांति का पाठ पढाया था । जहाँ रिग वेध के रुप में सबसे पहला ग्रंथ लिखा गया था । जहाँ सों करोड लोग जो कि एक दुसरे से ब्भिं भीं प्रकार से अलग है सुख एवं सम्रिधि से रहते है । मुझे इन बातों का गर्व है और हिंदी मेरी मातृभाषा है जिसका मुझे गुमान है ।

जय हिंद

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Main peeke talli ho gaya

Well the recent news doing the rounds is that of Kiran Bedi ( India's first woman IPS officer ) being super seeded and the post of Delhi's Police commissioner being given to her junior . She alleged that it was because she was not a part of the " Social Drinking Circle " ( apart from the gender bias and bureaucrats not wanting to deal with a woman ..... but i already wrote about the issue in one of my previous posts ...) . So now about the drinking . I don't drink ... and so do many of my friends from my group ( leaving apart our very dear choos and punter ) . But yes some of my friends who are social drinkers also ( Puneet , Mohammed , Aneesh ) ..... we have never been pressurized to drink ( which i like ) . I don't know what pushes people to drink ( i am not discussing pros or cons of drinking ) But just out of curiosity ..... is it .....

1. to look cool (maybe )
2. to fit in ( probably but considering our group to fit in you should be an appy drinker not a vodka drinker)
3. to cope up with stress ( as a friend doing mbbs said thats why they drink )
4. Because it tastes good ( a frank reply given by gogo)

well these are all what i could think of ... left the 5 one blank cuz i know that this is not the full list and there will be additions . But seriously what would i do if ever i am faced with such a condition . I mean yes i want to rise in the corporate ladder fast ..... i want to be " in the club " .... but still i want to regard the two promises i made to my parents before leaving home one of which was never to smoke or drink . Would i give in to the temptation/pressure ? or would i let go off my career ?
Right now what i feel is that i will not drink . I mean my father is a teetotaller and i don't think it has affected his career in any way . But who knows ???
Thinking about this there was an article in DNA about sexual exploitation which happens in the corporate offices these days and there were some anonymous experiences about people of how it happened . What happened when the tried to resist .... But sadly no experience about how to resist . I mean this problem ( according to normal notion ) is faced by women ...but according to recent reports people believe in gender equality . For people us ( considering most of the people who read my blog are college students ) who will be entering the corporate world soon .... how do you tackle such problems ??? especially when you are at the bottom of the ladder .....

Drinking , exploitation .......... it sure looks a dark world out there ...... i wanna enjoy this year with my friends fully .... 5 sem beckons .....

Friday, July 27, 2007

Vela = ME

well looking at the past few posts on my blog ... they have been very serious and make me look like a social activist ...But in reality i am a college kid with a net connection and some thoughts . So i thought why not write a Lite post . Thinking about it ..... why not write about what i do ... well so here is the list of some things i do ....

In College

1. I sleep for 6-8 hours
2. I watch movies, sitcoms , funny videos , music videos .......
3. i attend meetings ..... clubs , departments etc....
4. sometimes i get bouts of seriousness when i feel like studying...
5. I party with friends
6. I blog
7. I have vela night outs with friends
8. I have serious discussions with friends
9. i go to beaches , trek on weekends
10 . we have appy sessions where we remember our incomplete stories ...

At Home ( apart from meeting my parents and staying with them )

1. I sleep for 16 -18 hours
2. I Eat
3. i watch tv
4 . I Eat
5 . i go to landmark and read a book without buying it
6. I Eat
7. I Sleep
8. I Eat
9. I Sleep
10. I Eat

well thats pretty much it ..... it is not an interesting post ... don't bother ... but what the hell it is for me ....

Monday, July 23, 2007

Putravati Bhav

Every year about ONE MILLION girls die in India ....... due to female infanticide. Most cannot even see the world from their eyes because they die when they are in their mother's protective care and some who do ....... die because they did not fulfill the family wishes . We are the second largest population the world , the seventh largest country in the world , on the verge of becoming a super power ....... but still we have a skewed sex ratio of 1000 boys to 927 girls .

In our history we have given importance to women . We pray to durga Mata , Saraswati Mata is goddess of knowledge , Laxmi Mata is the goddess of wealth ....... but still we kill small girl child as if she is a disgrace...... still people bless with putravati bhav . People go to cocktail parties.... give speeches about empowerment of women , how women are equal to men and then the same people drive their cars to the hospitals to abort the girl child .....

India has banned ultrasonic sex determination in 2002 and so people could not determine the sex of the child before it was born , but this did not stop people .... they invented ways in which they could plant the embryo of their own choice .... and thus technically didnot kill the child . But how right is this ? Why should one meddle with the basic reproductive process which was made to ensure equality of both the sexes ?

In ancient times women and men were equal in stature . But then due to wars of the tribes , physically strong man gained prominence and since he wrote all the scriptures ..... he established his so called superiority .... but now in the age of information ....... women are equal to men . We find practices like purdah are cruel , but then why do we feel that women are weaker ?

The society has to get this change in thinking .... we should change our mindset .... we should accept the girl as a boy . For the uneducated masses of the country .... government should organise programs telling them how a child is born and how its sex is chosen in biological process . Incentives should be given by the government for the people who have girl child . For the educated , rich ... well all i have to say that their conscience should be awakened .

we call women the fairer sex . We call our country matrabhoomi , we call our language matrabhasha ..... we place the girl so high in our culture ...... let this girl have a chance to live ......

This post was inspired by two factors firstly a conversation i had with my school friend Gurveen a few days back and secondly due to a talk show i saw on TV today.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The confused Desi

Well today since i was alone for most of the earlier part of the day ... i decided to go and check out Landmark ( a book store near my house ).As expected it was abuzz with the most awaited book - Harry Potter and the deathly hallows . There were people booking books , children buying franchise ..... the store looked like a miny Hoghwarts - it was nice !!!.

So while strolling i happened to pass by a section in which Amar Chitra Katha comics were kept . I remembered my early childhood days and the fun i had reading them . Stories about kings , mythology, freedom movement etc etc .... surprisingly there were no kids in this section .... ( only some people like me who wanted to kill time ).

And i thought why even after having 5000 years of rich ancient history , mythology our kids have chosen a phirangi wizard as their icon . If you see closely even the indian mythology has magic , sorcerers etc .... we have our own LOTR's and our Own harry potter's but still we want to go out and read that westernized concept .

I still remember i was in 9th and had forced my mom to take me to the LOTR movie . After the movie she had come out .... while i was in awe she remarked " what is so special abt it ... it is after all like the chandamama which we used to read " . I had laughed the comment off that time , but thinking now it perfectly makes sence - Devta (elfs ), Manus ( humans ) , Bhagvan (Wizard ) ..... we had it all but we wanted a book to be written about it with the "cool " things which would be a "style statement " to read .

In one of my earlier posts me and Akash bhaiya are having a discussion (in comments ) about why we are not proud of what we have ? Why do we want to plagarize the west ? Why can't Hanuman be Aragon ? Why can't Arjun be legolas ? Why do we have to be confused desi's ?

right now i don't know . what i do know is after 3 days when hp releases i would be one of the first in the line to pick it up .......... but why would the same be not possible for a Ramayan or a Mahabharat

Monday, July 16, 2007

A new beginning

Well today was the 50th day of my PS The mighty PS1 program finally came to an end . So why is the title " A new beginning " well as my friend angad (gillu) says ..... " A thing never ends , a new one always begins ".
gogo (vivek ) , Armaan , tharki (abhishek ), Arpit , Lokesh

Well today i have been overcome by nostalgia . Our first day at PS .... the first time i actually interacted with GOGO (vivek ) (though we had been living in the same campus for past 2 years ). How we reached early ... sat at the reception for 1 hour with no clue , where to go and then finally meeting the wonderful Pilani guys.

Getting fired everyday by our company coordinator with his famous " that is " . There is a strong theory behind it . He never uses a full stop ..... " You are coming from BITS thatis"......... " You won't go on the ship deck that is " ....... " Bada boss will give me bamboo thatis " ....... " Bitsians ... useless people thatis " ...... " you understand me that is " . There were moments when he would be scolding us and we were trying to stop our laughter just by shear fun of counting the number of "that is " in the sentence .

Going on that long walk of 2 km to catch the bus on zari . How neha couldnot keep up and how she never complained . Finally writing a blog about her agony and i giving her ... her chance to reedem her highway wishlist by walking exactly one step behind so she can overtake me.

Me, Raghav and Mani

How Lokesh and gogo would reming us of romantic song of raj kapoor by sharing one broken umbrella and walking like two lovers trying to get close ( HAHAHAHA). How tharki ( abhishek ) used to tease Mani everyday . How Raghav used to taunt Mani by .." Tu dilli ka sardar hai .... Punjab se nahi ho sakta " .

How we used to go abhiksha for lunch and when to some it became too expensive they shifted to rs 1.50 gsl lunch and others like me to kamath canteen . Pralav's and mine economy sharing ... not to spend more than rs 20 on lunch . The day when tharki decided to drink and gogo comes and said his famous line " Khana kisko hai ... peene ka lao " all of us non drinkers died laughing so much so that they tht we had taken the drink .

The day when we got the conference room .... how awed we were . It was actually better than the office of the CMD . How we got those bouts of seriousness in that conference room which soon fizzld out . We ended up either listening to Mani's i-pod or playing some stupid game.

The day ship was launched .... how proud we were ... the feeling of being an Indian . That thing about sweet pockets . That final amazement " Ship bahut jaldi chali gayi yaar .

Those trips which we used to go to directly from PS . The trek on bogmalo ... where while looking at sunset from the top of the hill tharki actually got a bit senti and said " yaar .... those explorers were so great na ... they took there ships to the horizon knowing it would fall down behind it " ... we all were so surprised ... started laughing only after 5 minutes to his statement .
Or the trek on holant beach .. when the storm was about to come and the way was so narrow that one mistake ad you would go down 50 feet . The final trip to Japanese gardens with Raghav , Mani and pralav ..... the fun we had .
Pralav , Lokesh , Neha , Mani

Those quizzez where we used to laugh after answering the questions . Those gd's where i used to be the blabber mouth and a complete chaos reigned .Those games of Atlas .. Those seminars .. where everybody used to sleep ... that walking in the rain everyday , getting drenched till our undies . That diary writing .... those stupid anxiety of seeing who will be the topper .Our maam who was most supportive ... never shouted at us no matter how grave mistakes we made . God i am gonna miss all of these . gonna miss all the people from pilani with whom i shared some wonderful moments ..... gonna miss each and every moment of those 50 days at goa ....

Leaving them today after 50 wonderful days is a bit painful . We had grown a bit close ... and i had forgotten my policy of not getting close to people . But this pain is also sweet ... cuz in it are sweet memories ... so thanks guys for proving me wrong . Thinking about leaving frnds .... i don't know what would happen when i leave BITS and my wonderful friends . So bhai log ( sorry don't have any close female friend ) this year wud be our last year together ..... so full time masti karni hai . I have met a lott of people from my stay in 7 schools and 2 colleges ( 2 weeks at NIT do count ) and have learned a lott from my friends with whom i have made new beginnings .... so cheers to you all .... this post is dedicated to ALL my friends .

but what the hell today our PS has ended . Tomorrow 10 of us would head in different directions for our homes and some of us may not ever see each other again . But whatever it is these memories would remain .

best of luck guys .........

Friday, July 13, 2007

India's tryst with भारत

Just take a look around you . Sitting in front of your computer , listening to music , reading my blog , you have your cell phone by your side an mp3 player on the other .You step out of your house , step in your car go to the mall , stroll in the hep market place and spend hundreds in a day . And why shouldn't you do it , we are one of the richest economies in the world , the rate the growth is second in the world and everyday there is a new multinational opening. India is shining isn't it .You bet it is ...... and we all are feeling it .

But not far from where you are sitting and there is a भारत , who doesn't understand this India in which you are sitting in . Here a farmer has to worry where his next meal will come from . Everyday there is a suicide . A woman has to walk nearly naked on the streets to protest against the harassment by her in-laws for bearing a girl child . A भारत where man has to fight so that his land is not forcibly taken away . A भारत where a man has to show his cast not his potential to get a job. A भारत where man is still pulling man. A भारत where still getting primary education is still a challenge . A भारत where there are villages where a single light has not glown ever and where a woman has to walk 25 kilometers to get access to drinking water.

And what has all this led to ......a mistrust between the have and have not's . The rise of neo liberals, naxalites who don't trust the system and want to take it up in there hands. The rise of corrupt politicians because looking at the system the people who should be in politics don't join it . A caste system which has still not ended ..... so much so that now there will be more reservation on the basis of what ....... CASTE ( BITS ... rox in this sense ... no reservation .. whatsoever ). Increase in the number of dowry deaths . A skewed boy to girl ratio of 1000 is to 927 . A gap which sadly is winding between the two siblings.

The Indian economy is surely booming . But it is not a structured boom like China . There are no fixed policies or structures who are marking this . It is like a bubble which is increasing . All this due to the fact the some places have seen accelerated growth .....but this growth has remained till the periphery of that area. It has not penetrated to that heartland of भारत . And if correct steps are not taken then soon this divide might burst the bubble under whose shell you are enjoying .

It is time INDIA has its tryst with भारत .........

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The forgotten desires

Well today the evaluation components of PS got finished ( almost !!!) .... had a little fever due to the roller coaster last week . So after taking rest decided give my self some time and went to VGH for looking at the sunset and pondering over my life . The campus dogs have a certain affinity to me .Wherever i go they parade after me ... providing some sorta .. guard (at least that what i think ).And so while pondering over my life ... my eye falls on this dog eating grass !!!( yes a dog eating grass ) and i thought the same thing what you are thinking now ..... dogs are not supposed to eat grass . But then i realized that these dogs had never had to fight for anything ... food was always available in plenty ... no threat of other predators ... and so they adapted themselves like that . They are so lazy that even if someone steps on their tale they merely wake up from their sleep look up at the person and then go back to sleep again . And so now when they have to struggle a bit they have forgotten what it was to search for food ... and as a result are eating grass .
Looking through any environmentalists blog you will come to this "civilization of the wild" . The lions are forgetting how to hunt , the rabbits forgetting how to run and so on and so forth .

And then i thought what about us . After all we are the species who have been civilized for the past 3000 years .The table manners , discipline , rules regulations ...... they have changed ... the way god had made man to be . We were a group of nomads , having anarchic tendencies practicing polyandry .... the human was made to be rough , tough and to use his brain . The man has used the third very well but has forgotten the first two . In todays age if we have to walk a km we feel tired . We are mechanizing everything ... every damn thing around us is mechanized and so what is the result ...... the diseases which were not even heard off 200 yrs back are now coming out and we are trying to do wht we were meant to do by going to gyms, spa's and whatever those fancy ads are for ..... we are becoming like the dogs who have forgotten what they were supposed to do .

long time back i had asked a question " why do men fight wars ?" the answer i got was that during wars , there s chaos , anarchy confusion ...utter disorder and under such conditions man discovers his " forgotten desires "

ps: i don't know what i am trying to say by this post .... i don't want wars .....and i want mechanization ... nahi to mere pet par laat padegi ......i just want the damn dogs to show some doggly nature .

Monday, July 9, 2007


What is the first image which comes to your mind when somebody mentions the word terrorist to you ? The archetypal image of the terrorist — and that includes extremists under the rubric of Naxalites, Kashmiri militants, etc — is the person who takes recourse to grievances of socio-economic deprivation and being marginalised. This was the image which always came to my mind a few days back . Some radical with a long beard living in some dingy suburb or some cave in the mountain with his kailishnov rifle in one hand and the holy book in the other .
But this image of mine was broken a few days back when some "terrorists " were caught in connection to the failed Glasgow airport bomb blast . They were not radicals in any way . They did not live in caves , they were not the people who had just one form of education and they definitely were not from backward socio economic class . Rather they were doctors , who had studied well , received good education , were clean shaven , lived in posh London suburbs .
Then why ??? in one of my previous posts i had asked some questions about religion and had got some answers . I had always thought that the people didnot have correct education and so were a group of "misguided souls". But these people......

Now why does a person who works hard to make a career , burns night lamps to get into a college , slogs in it to get the degree and then after some years achieves something ..... give it all away in one shot .... and that too for killing other innocent people .

what prompts such people ? Where does the rational thinking which they were taught in school goes when they think of some ghastly acts ? These people were not that stereotype but people like me . But still i cannot think of doing something like this ...why? perhaps because (what i think ) because of my education (they also had it ) , my family value ( nobody in their family was radical ) , my friends ( their childhood friends say that this is not possible , they were not like this ) ....... then why ?????

And what is the result . Prime Minister of United Kingdom has ordered to increase checks on Indian skilled workers . What more will you expect ? I don't blame him , any country would do such a thing to protect its citizen's . But what image has this put up about our country . Two years back a war torn President Bush had asked Prime Minister Dr . Manmohan singh that how a country having so many people practicing Islam had no connection with Al- quaida ? I had felt a sense of pride that time . We were not like our neighbours ( still not are ..... and ya for me Islam is not terrorism ... some of my closest friends practice it .... and they in no way are radical ) . But now what ..... is the bitter venom of terrorism poisining the educated people of our country too .

Even after writing so much ... i am still where i started ....... why????

Saturday, July 7, 2007


All of us have a certain dislike to some particular habit of others . Some people just cannot stand it when other people drum their fingers on the desk or when somebody pricks their nose . I for one hate it when somebody gives me a missed call ... ( until and unless I have asked him to give one ) . Most of the time i don't return a call because if the person is really that concerned to talk then he would call again or send a message .

So yesterday at 11 in the night , i received a "missed call" . The number was a Goa .. mobile number ...but as usual i did not call back . The person kept sending "missed calls" , and i did not reply . By 12 he had sent at least 7 "missed calls " which did not last more than 1 second . They were so fast that i could not pick them up even when the phone was in my hand . So after that i went to sleep .

Since today is Saturday and i have a holiday , i decided ... i would sleep till late and miss my Jog . So here i am sleeping , dreaming about "censored stuff" and my phone rings for exactly one second in its irritating tone ( my phone is in repairs , this phone's tones are not a music to the ears ). I wait , look at the time it is sharp 6 . I again go back to sleep . Just about the time i was about to dose of the damn thing rings again . Now i get up, someone must be trying to reach me desperately , i should not be so prejudiced .

So i pick up my phone and decide to call the person .

This is what happened
Me : Hello
The person on the other line had an air of achievement , he had finally saved his 2 bucks and made me call , it looked as though he had won some war or something .

Person ( in some sorta bihari accent ) : helo ( pause .... to let the feeling of truimph sink in ) Shah Bahadur kaise ho !!!

Me (
not knowing what to say ... was so pissed of ... finally after some seconds ):wrong number

(before i could cut him off ) : kaun bol raha hai (still with that air of truimph )

Me (now totally pissed ) : Main Manmohan Singh bol raha hu , agli baar phone kiya to jail mein daal doonga , aage se phone mat karnaaaaaaaaa ( now literally shouting )

He was so scared that he cut the line immediately . And i decided that i would never ever return a missed call .

As for me , my dreams of a nice long morning sleep were squashed , couldn't to anything better , so put on my shoes and went for the jog .

And that was not enough , when i was in a patch where there were no buildings , it rained !!!!!!!!!!!!! and i was a chalta phirta water tanker ( the one's in India ... who shed of half their water before reaching the destination .)

So much so for 7/7/07 .... the luckiest day considered .... it surely started on a bright note for me .

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Meddling with religion

It is said that faith can move the mountains . The power which religion has , has already been seen by our generation at least . So when i saw the news of Pakistani forces attacking Lal Masjid ... i was a bit horrified , because for me my mind raced back to two incidents which changed the course of our history .

1. Operation Blue star

During June 3 to June 6 , 1984 ... during the time the insurgency in Punjab was the highest , an extremist for the cause of Khalistan Jarnail Singh Bhinderanwale had taken up refuge in Harminder Sahib ( Golden Temple ) . Golden temple is one of the most holy place for the Sikhs . Mrs. Indira Gandhi the then Prime Minister ordered Operation Blue Star for the capture of Bhinderanwale. The Indian Army was sent to golden temple . After the struggle for 3 days and many casualities ( many of them civilians ) the army had killed Bhinderwale , But in doing so there was a damage to Akal Takht ( one of the holiest building's of the campus . This didnot go down well . On 31, October , 1984 ... the Prime Minister of republic of India was assasinated by her own body gaurds who wanted to avenge the disrespect shown to their religion. A period of anti Sikh riots followed in which 3000 people were killed .

2. Jerusalem

In 1947 by popular vote the United Nations gave the right to the jews to establish their own independent state in heart of Palestine . For the previous two thousand years jews were treated badly in Europe ... every part of it ... while they had remained in harmony with the Muslim rulers , be it the turks or the middle east rulers . But after the second world war ... victor's justice prevailed ... and Britisher's ( who themselves had treated them badly in middle ages ) .. gave them home in Palestine . This angered the original 2/3 inhabitants of the area who were Muslims , who had never treated them badly , who were now deprived ......... of their homes . What en sieged is we all kno , 50 years of bloodshed with no result .

Religion is a very strong emotion which people abide by . For long men have preffered to travel in groups and it was religion which binds them , whenever there has been a chance to change something with religion it has always been disastrous ..... babri masjid riots , crusades in middle ages , 1984 riots , shia ..sunni riots in iraq , the list is endless . Sometimes i wonder , why are people so much bound to their religion ? the answer i feel is that in a group of similar people , performing some similar operations, we feel safe , when people are not educated , the only education they get is their religion , and when the people of the group they travel with feel threatened they themselves feel threatened and then the self defence follows .

What is happening is Pakistan is a group of misguided souls , who were always taught abt their religion but in a twisted way which was interpreted for them differently . They believed what they were told and acted accordingly. Their actions were wrong .
But how right was the Pakistani government in attacking Lal Masjid ? Or the Goverment of the republic of India in attacking Akal Takht ?
I Personally think Operation Blue star was an historical blunder . It should have been avoided , because in doing what the Army did , they made the person they were looking for a matyr . They hurt a lot of people's sentiments and the people whom they were against actually used this to fuel the fire they were trying to build .
I hope that the Lal Masjid attack doesnot end in the same way as Operation blue star ( Best of luck General Musharaff ). The people should understand that faith and religion are two things which should be dealt carefully , a moments mistake can change history .
why do people fight on the name of religion ? no religion teaches you to fight , no religion tells you to kill people , still whenever people want to show hate they cowardly do it behind the curtain of religion .

"We have just enough religion to make us hate , but not enough to make us love each other. "
-Jonathan Swift

Monday, July 2, 2007

Setting sail

Well today CGAOPV 1202 " SAMRAT " ( Coast Guard Advanced Offshore Patrol Vessel ) set sail . GSL looked different , too many cars with red lights on top , all employees dressed properly smiling at everything they see don't know why but we seemed a bit out of touch ( the best part was we being asked if we were Press ).It looked like a marriage scene with junior officers running around like kids , Senior officers moving around with an air of authority and we .... don't who we were .... probably PRESS ( if they cover marriages .) But any how we made our way to the Slipway ... saw many new things ... shamiyanas ,boards leading to launching site ( Had they been in place when we had joined ... we wouldn't have made a fool of ourselves .) We turned and we stopped at what we saw ... for there stood in its full glory , like a newly decked bride our majestic ship and it was huge .... never saw something like that it my life . It was out of its new construction site and partially in slip way .

It was a proud moment for all employees of GSL , after all it was the result of their two years of hard work . You could feel the energy when the ship first tasted the waters , even though we were far back ( what more status would they give us interns , we were after all given a priority entry , after 3 checks .) we could feel the whole advance of the ship into the water .

It got me thinking , how we are deeply attached to anything we work for . Ever designed a circuit in electrical lab and it works ( specially if it works in our lab ) the happiness you get of achieving something is different .... it is something like your well deserved right .No matter what we do however small in a project when the thing gets completed it this feeling of jubilation. Successful completion of a college fest , a magazine you worked for getting published , your name on website anything .

Also a thing which striked me , was how religious we Indians are . Thanking Idra devta for not puring his horses , doing a saraswati vandana for the safety of the vessel and its crew , launching it only after a teeka has been put on this massive protector of our seas. Perhaps this the reason for u winning all the ocean wars .... GOD IS WITH US !!!

There was an incredible sense of National Pride . Even when the ceremony grew boring with all the speeches ( during which Armaan and Mani stole a quick nap ) ... there was the National Anthem soon after and you could see pride in everybody's face ... it was not something which they were forced to do but were feeling proud to do . Every time the National Anthem is played ... i get a feeling of bieng high ( don't know why !!!) but i love it .

After al the formalities .... the ship was ready for its tryst with destiny .... and soon after the pooja and instruction from chief guest ... it gloriously made its way to the water under the sound of crackers and music by the Naval band ... there was an instant sense of jubilation everybody congratulating the person next to them . When i started this post i said the scene resembled that of a marriage , yes it was a marriage .... Of the ship with its groom the mighty sea and together they would see many adventures for next 3 to 4 decades ........
BEST OF LUCK to them

ps: pics would be uploaded soon

Friday, June 29, 2007


Well i have just finished First among the equals by Jeffery Archer . Interesting novel .... loved it , arguably one of the best novels i have read till now . But one thing which underlined the whole novel was not politics but yearn for power .
Power the word which is so short has such a deep meaning and impact on our lives . Just take a look around and you will find in this rat race in which we all are running there is just one factor which is common .... and it is the thirst for power . Politics comes in our lives only because of this .

Nobody is born a leader and nobody is born a king . Right from the time of Ashoka ( who was born in the royal family but not as a king ) to the latest Presidential elections in the country there has been politics and bloodshed .. all for what ..... POWER .

It is this yearning for Power which has shaped history , has made and broken empires . Love , lust , betrayal everything for power . All our feelings are governed by the need for power . But why do we want power ? Why can we go to any limit sometimes to get it ? why ?

The true reason even i dont know . The reasons even i don't know ... but they can be varied . getting fame , love , money cud be some of them .
If in one word you can describe life .... then i think it is the quest to gain more Power . Not only men in every living organism there is competition ..... the survival of the fittest.... the First theory of evolution proposed by Charles Darwin.Power has driven the world ... shaped reations .... ever wondered why countries fight for tertorries ( something which to most people doesnot make sense ) ? Why do people yearn to be bigger ? Why do we want to flaunt our achievements ... why do we want to take up posts ?

Power .... the word finds even mention in our motto ... " Knowledge is Power supreme "

underlining the fact that ...... power is supreme .

Everybody has good and devil inside them and their thrust for power ... sometimes ( rarely ) the evil powers over good ( for sometime only ... cuz the good always wins) .... perhaps during writing this post it had happened .