Saturday, December 23, 2006

the 100% factor

well today i understood the true meaning of success ........ dad gave me the car today ..... and he got out of it ...... the car was totally mine and he told me to drive in a path..... i did pretty well was good at turns ...even took the car forward and then when i came back he signalled me to stop..... i was full of confidence .....had done well on my on ...but at the last moment just before stopping i tht of taking the car to neutral and hit brakes a little slowly and the car streaked an autoriksha slightly ..... my dad said " tumhe brake lagani nahi aati "( u dont kno how to brake ) ..... it defined everything .....u shudnt rest until the work is fully over ...... success is 100 % not 90 ,92 or even 99.99% ..... i must say i have learned more through my mistakes and from life than thru any of my classrooms .
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