Saturday, January 24, 2015

What is Love?

What is love? I am not referring to the lyrics of the song which was a rage in 90s, but rather to the philosophical question which has confounded the human race since its birth. 

So recently, when the clock stuck 12 at midnight on December 31st, my parents embarked upon upon a new quest - to get me married. So they did, what every parent of our generation, whose kid is uncool/ unattractive enough to find someone himself/herself do - say " Beta tumse na ho payega" and  hit tinder for parents with new found vigour i.e shadi/ matrimony/ jeevansatthi .coms. So as I type this a profile is up on these websites with my picture. I for one have decided not to have a look at any of them, so for all I know, there is a picture of an orc from LOTR on these websites and they are populated with quotes from the Two Towers. However, that does not appear to be the case, because there were supposedly female LOTR fans who liked Orcs ( or perhaps their parents did!)

Before I knew it, I had to interact with women who were also sent for this organised dating process. To be frank, organised dating process is a misnomer, one feels like a cattle in Pushkar fair, continuously brought in front of prospective buyers. But then, the question at the back of my mind was always, how do agree to be with a person for the rest of your life on the basis of 1-2 meetings? How do expect to make that decision on basis of a few questions? What determines whether you would be comfortable for the rest of your life? What is Love?

  • We have grown up on the notion of marrying for love. Finding that special someone with whom you want to spend the rest of your life ( blame it on bloody YRF and Dharma productions). Somewhere in between of getting into and out of graduate schools, relationships and jobs, we realise that we have raced through our twenties and are at a point in our life where we do not have that special someone. So should one marry because you are at a particular age? or should one wait for finding love?
  • We have all been in that one relationship or an idea of a relationship which has become a benchmark for how we view view all others. Would we ever have the same sort of feeling for any other person? Is it important to have those feelings? To view the world through rose tinted glasses? 
  • Should one decide to spend one's whole life with a person who hopes to understand you and adjust with you? Would it better to have a simpler life hoping to find love with a person who tries to make an effort an change with you? Would you ever find that love? Is love over rated?
  • There is this nagging thought about somehow marriage is end of your freedom and hence by extension end of the desires and bucket lists which you have created. Somehow the thought of marriage to a person whom you do not understand fully conjures  up images of and endless cycle of changing yourself, awkward situations and adjustments. What about those crazy trips which you thought ( but never took ), those random drives at 2 AM, of interests which both of you would not share? But then, you might discover the comfort of companionship. Or new interests which you might develop. 
  • Probably being an single child and not having dated people for long periods of time in between,  somehow solitude has come to define comfort for me. The fact that I can do anything without having to answer for it, is something which I have gotten used to. Suddenly having a presence around you all the time would be disconcerting. The fact that you are expected to settle down and share everything in your life with that person because society expects you to is something that somehow I haven't been able to reconcile to. For me getting married to a person whom I haven't known fully is not only end of singledom/ bachelorhood but also end of the comfort of solitude. The fear is that I might still seek that solitude and hence withdraw in the marriage. Come to think of it, that is my biggest fear, that somehow I might not do justice to the sanctity of marriage and to my partner. 
  • Then there are your friends who got married, whom you have seen, have changed after marriage. Who have made changes to themselves to adjust to the new normal in their life. You have also seen the fights, which they hope to keep hidden, the slow change in their expression when something is mentioned which makes them think about their spouse. You have also wondered whether they are truly happy? Then you have come across times when they have revelled in the company of their partners. Of hidden smiles and in jokes and eventually to the point where you are the only single in the group at times and don't understand all the couple talk around.
  • Finally you have seen your parents and other relatives make through their marriages. You think perhaps, just perhaps you might be able to do that. To be with someone without knowing them fully. Perhaps Love will happen or you will realise that it is over rated. The idea of your perfect partner just does not exist, or you met and let them go or worse you might meet them in the future ( that would suck wouldn't it). I would rather, they did not exist.

I still don't know what is right or not. I still don't know whether love is over rated or not or what is it. All I know is that, at 18, I did not envision myself to be writing a post like this. I don't know whether I want to be a cattle in the Pushkar fair.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - Year in Review

There is this stupid trend, which I try to follow every year, which is to write about my year on the last day. While I haven't been regular with these posts in last couple of years, I thought, I should keep up with the tradition. The primary reason, why I did not write in last couple of years, was that I found the updates to be mundane, routine and not worth writing about ( the saved, unpublished drafts would be a testimony to that). However, while going through some of the previous posts of my year in review ( apart from being horrified about how badly I wrote), I was surprised that I did not find the instances mentioned routine or dull. What seemed like routine then, now seems like a point of view about the world at a particular age. So well, that brings me to write about my year in 2014.

2014, a year in which a lot happened. Change of government at the centre and state. A football world cup with Germany winning ( though the semi final was the game which would be talked for years to come). A flight disappeared from the face of the planet, while another one was shot down to feed hubris of one man. The Indian stock market raced upwards, while the world melted down around us. Rise of ISIS, Peshawar Attack, Great Game for Oil, Narendra Modi, tension at the border and all that. But this was the general news, how was my year, personally?

  • I took a long family holiday to Europe. Visited Paris, Lucerne, Lugano, Milan, Innsbruck and Zurich. Trekked a lot, stayed in the finest of hotels, appreciated art and history of Europe and had some great meals. However, when I look back, if I had to choose one moment, it would not be the monuments or the hotels or the malls. In Lugano, we trekked for two hours to reach a small village called Gandria on the other side of the hill. There, we found a small family owned quaint restaurant overlooking the river. I probably had the best pasta, I ever had there, in that quiet moment, over looking the river while the kids played around and some one was playing the piano. 

  • Talking about trips, I went on my first camping trip in the lower Himalayas. Me, Himanshu, Sambhav, Pama and Elodie trekked to the base camp of Deo Tibba mountain. Did I enjoy it? May be, May be not? My reasons for going on the trek were different. I went on it, because I wanted to do something outside my comfort zone. For the longest time, I have preferred the sea to the mountains ( still do), however as a friend puts it " When you stand in front of the mountain, you realise your place in the world". Perhaps, I wanted to face my fear of heights, perhaps I wanted to be away from civilisation, whatever it was, it was fun! The fact that I walked on a single unpaved meandering path at 14000 ft where a single slip would have sent me hurtling down is something I am proud of. The two sun rises which I witnessed on the trek were a sight to behold. There is something romantic as to how sun rises in the mountain, the way the light bathes the upper reaches and then when the first rays, finally hit you, you have no option but to bow down. On the first night, I also had sort of a spiritual experience, but it is not something to be put on the blog ( everybody will laugh at me), however, that would be something which would stay with me for a long time.  Also Shambu's " Bhaiyon aao mujhe dekho".
  • I also made a conscious effort to stay fit this year. It started with the Mumbai Half Marathon in January. While, I was not too happy with my timing there, I was proud of having completed it. Europe was an inspiration, seeing that the only obese people you find there, are travelling Indians. Took up Yoga, which is truly a great experience. Till now I used to think of Yoga as something which Gurus on TV peddle, however I realised that it is much more than that. I ended the year with the Delhi Half marathon, this time, I was happy with my time. The highlight was however running next to India Gate. It is a pity that the area is cordoned off for most of the year. I was in awe as I passed the building, something you cannot describe. 
  • Lots of friends got married during the year. Had great fun at Tapan's, Aastha's and Prateek's weddings. However, could not go to many other weddings. The funny part is, you attend some weddings, but might miss the weddings of some of those closest to you. Weddings are fun, the  games which the bride groom play, the gastronomic delights and the chance to dress up. However, for most, they are a chance to meet friends. You realise that time changes people. The guy who was the first one to start drinking, now swears off it and it purely into Yoga. The quiet chap is seen shouting at some hapless guy and the most reserved one is putting up the performance to remember during the sangeet. However, eventually you all connect with each other over bunked lectures and flunked exams. Talking about wedding, murmurs to get me hitched started in the house, lets see how long I can hold the fort. One thinks about finding a " soulmate" and then is asked to make a decision in a fortnight, pretty funny this business!

  • Made great friends with work colleagues in Mumbai. I never expected to bond this much with folks from work, but well I think we have transitioned from being some random people who work together to a group having in jokes and nicknames for each other. We had great bonding sessions at Kashid, the sunset from the top of the hill, the bonfire on the beach, where we were the only people for miles around and finally the post bonfire session. After that was Tapan's marraige and the trip to Shimla. The craziness of playing Taboo and Vamshi's antics. Add to that the countless parties and friday evenings which we had. Couple of them left for greener pastures, 2015 would be different without having all of them here. 
  • Talking about friendship, I made a conscious effort to remain in touch with old friends. So now I at least message people on their birthdays ( phone is still a bridge too far). One would be surprised, how happy people are to see a personal message. I have connected with people, I thought, I had lost connection, only on the basis of one message. In today's incresingly connected world, people are lonelier than ever, while one may have 250+ messages on facebook wall, people still crave for that personal connection. I also met Rishabh in Paris, that is the thing about old friends, you have a different connection, which gets activated no matter after how long or in which continent you meet. I also reconnected with an old friend, a connection which we had lost due to time, circumstances and hubris. The year also made me realise things I should have done/said years back. There is a thing about growing old and wise, you are more open to acknowledging your mistakes and realising people who truly matter to you. Hopefully, I would learn lessons and not repeat the mistakes.
  • On professional front, things stabilised towards the end. I finally graduated from the Bank's rotation program, would be starting in a new role in Private Banking. A bit of butterflies in the stomach and a tad bit of apprehension. This is the first time, somebody at my level is being taken for the role. So lets see how it goes. Apart from deployment, I also had my share of ups and downs. Had to acquire SME customers for the bank. The one moment which would stay with me, would be sitting in a Ganesh pandal after a bad call with Gautam and wondering what am I doing with my life. Having said that, the high of the year, was the first deal which I closed. It was a great experience. 
  • I also took upon myself to learn a new skill. So started learning french on Duo Lingo ( sadly left it in the middle). Learned to code in Python and a bit of Java. Discovered Coursera and randomly started viewing courses. Loved the new insights. This is something which I would love to continue in 2015. Also keep in on trying news ways to keep my brain busy ( mostly because I am afraid that I may start forgetting stuff and die of Alzheimers) 
  • Read some great books during the year. Mostly because of the long commute which I had to work. Maximum City by Suketu Mehta, Taliban Cricket club by Timeri Murari  and The days of Sepia and Gold by Yasmi Premji were, some which I enjoyed reading particularly. I also decided to start reading some of the old classics. One book which I truly enjoyed was The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald, not so much for the lyrical prose but for his insight into his characters. Why do we carry out certain actions which we do and how materialistic the world is. I am currently reading Against the Gods by Peter L Bernstein. Ohh and I bought a Kindle finally.

So well that was what 2014 was all about. How would I like 2015 to be? I would like to travel more, have a solo trip, discover myself a bit more, learn new skills, hopefully take up an outdoor sport, do well at work, listen to some great music and hopefully find somebody to share the craziness with. But mostly, I would just want to be happy. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What If!

"It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world - Chaos Theory"

I have always believed that the best way known to man for time travel is to look at old photographs. There is something about these gems, the one's which are kept hidden in some corner and are discovered serendipitously. They have the power to elicit a range of emotions. It always starts with a smile, those happy memories of a perfect past, the jokes shared with friends, that one prank which you played, that pic taken on some one's birthday which showed everybody smiling except the chap who was beaten black and blue, the pictures of events and convocations which seemed so important at that time, that picture with that girl on whom you had a crush, the picture of some date in that dimly lit restaurant, that first party which you had when you got your first salary or that farewell picture where nobody realized the fact, that it might be the final goodbye. It is then that a picture, like the last one makes you wonder about the people whom you left behind, the places you never went back to and the things that could have been!

I recently came across a stash of such photographs, hidden at an obscure corner in the net, a place about which I had forgotten  and only stumbled upon while trying to find something else. And while I smiled thinking about the times which were and even contemplated about picking the phone and refreshing the jokes and memories, an idea which I dropped, partly because of hubris and partly because I was never really good at small talk and sudden calls were never my forte', the thought with which I closed the browser window was that of what if?

The peculiar thing about human beings is the power to think and contemplate - Cogito Ergo Sum. We always want to think about what could be ( future) and what could have been (past). The answer lies mostly in some small events or actions which you carried out or failed to carry out at any point of time. What if you had given that one answer during that interview for the dream job? What if you had courage to call a spade a spade when it mattered and not be swayed personal equations? What if you had told your feelings to that girl? What if you had not acted the way you did to hurt some one? What if you had applied to that one college or accepted another admit? What if you took those half chances .... What if .... What if ....

There would always be things which could have changed the course of your life ( and probably other's) and transported you to an area and a situation radically different from the one you are currently in. I have always believed that in such cases where one encounters these dilemmas and questions, it is important to ask yourself " Did I do everything which i could? Was my conscious clear?  Do I have any regrets". And while majority of times I have found the answers to these questions as an unequivocal "yes" , the few times during which I have hesitated in answering myself, I have taken those events as life lessons. These lessons have helped me understand a lot about my character and at times helped in defining it. The few times when I have faced a similar situation again, these lessons have helped me doing things, which might appear tough or even unpopular but those which have helped me sleep peacefully at night. These lessons which I hope at some point in the future would stand me in good stead and help me in not repeating some mistakes or more appropriately choosing a path, at which I would be, much more at peace. 

And yet, there are those questions, the answers to which I would never know. Was I right in taking that course of action? What if I had done something else? Probably with time and age, I would have better sense of these situations and while getting over my hubris and picking up that phone to make the call would take some time, I hope someday I would be able to talk and resolve these things with the people who mattered. Till then I would rejoice in traveling through time via these old photographs and smile, reminiscing about the times gone by. 

As for the rest of you, open that old album and pick up that phone and revive that lost bond! :)

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Insecure Overachievers

The sky is overcast and there is a mild drizzle, not so strong,  that it would turn the birds away, but enough to dissuade one from venturing out. I sit in my weekend retreat cottage in Lonavala, overlooking the lake and trying to spot the birds in the trees beyond.  The ground is various hues of green, it is as if the earth has come to life. Sitting here, looking at the clouds rising from the valley and trees swaying in the wind, I cannot help but say to myself that this is life. Not the one, a few hundred kilometers away in Mumbai, pouring over an excel sheet trying to make a financial model day in and day out. 

But then, I have had phases in my life, where I have lived the life like this. Be it the four beautiful years I spent in Goa or the annual vacation I used to have at home in Mumbai during monsoons. A few days into each of these phases, I have yearned to get back to " more important and busy" vocations. There is a feeling of inadequacy which steps in and the urge to keep yourself busy, so much so that you start feeling guilty. Looking around, I see that this is the case with majority of people of my generation. We want everything in life and yet there are times that we refuse to take the conventional path followed by our parents. A recent article in Daily mail  called us the 'Peter Pan' generation. I somehow disagree with the term and this broad generalization. I would call ourselves, what a friend of mine termed us - " Insecure Overachievers". A generation which wants to do everything and trying to achieve everything at a very early age. This feeling of not yet reaching or achieving what we thought we would be ( a board member at 25, millionaire by 22, Inventor of the next life changing technology or well a zombie fighting Jedi Astronaut) is what is making us still, neither grow up nor letting us feel adequate with our day jobs.  I tried to ponder of the reasons, as to why this might be the case.
  • We are the first post liberalization generation in India. We started going to school when the economy was opened up. We started college at the time of the start of the great bull run and graduated at the time of the great recession. All through this period, we were brought up on the headlines like India shining. Unlike our parents, who were grew up during emergency and in a neglected socialist India, we saw the growth and the riches. We were fed on the ideals that success meant working hard, getting the right degrees and this eventually led to the riches.  
  • Two things happened when we graduated. Firstly because of the great recession, while we worked hard and got the right degrees, the riches did not eventually follow. This meant not enough jobs or the jobs which we desired or cutting down on bonuses/ growth/ perks etc. Most of the generation compromised/ parked themselves in jobs/ higher education degrees etc hoping for the tide to turn and this made us feel inadequate. We kept on working hard, trying to get the get accolades but still not feeling satisfied, a bit like building bridges to nowhere.
  • The second thing which happened, is something which I find more interesting. While, our parents grew up in a era marked by excessive controls, we were brought up in an area where we had access to everything. For them satisfaction came from reaching a status confirmed by money, houses, cars and all the materialistic trapping. Our generation having seen this things, wants something greater. We want to change the world, leave a legacy. For us satisfaction would be marked by satisfying our psychological needs. Be it working on things to change the world, traveling around the world, pursuing that childhood ambition of singing or well putting our energies to start our own ventures than working for a large corporate. We are at a constant struggle to reconcile the idea of success as a materialistic one, the idea bred into us while growing up and the need to feel contend and satisfied by pursuing more existentialistic pursuits. It is this struggle which keeps us from following the road less travelled and makes us feel guilty whenever we are not pursuing the materialistic jobs. We feel insecure and the try to achieve everything to somehow feel contend.   
  • The big question of settling down and marriage, which our generation is accused of so steadfastly avoiding. I feel there is more to it than us being just an immature irresponsible bunch. We are probably the first generation in India which actively dated before marriage. Unlike our parents, for whom the women or men they married were ( most of the time) the only person with whom they had a relationship. For them it was the person with whom they would have to spend their life, whether they liked it or not. We have met, mingled with and dated more than one person. We were brought up on the idea of ever lasting love. Our various relationships taught that love may not always be everlasting. However, for most of us, marriage, seeing our parents, is still an institution which holds a lot of sanctity. And hence we delay the idea of marriage, hoping to find or be sure of finding the one. Compromise is a trait which most of us still need to learn.
  • We have had many more career paths available than our parents. We have had more options and a sense of security which our parents probably never had. We have seen people being successful pursuing the vocations they believed in, we have seen people retire at 40 and we have seen millionaires in 20s. We are a generation which was able to have dreams because of the environment provided to us by our parents which they never could and most importantly, we are a generation  which, till now never knew what failure was. It is hence, we remain in the constant pursuit of happiness, trying out everything, hoping to become satisfied yet feeling insecure and inadequate of not achieving everything which we hoped for. 

For our parents, the path was set out for them. Work hard, get a job, get married, have children and provide a sense of security and status to your family by working till you retire. We having seen this security in terms of support of people around and the degrees which we collected like trophies want something more. We want the world, just do not know, how and where to find it.

While I write this and ponder over the questions of my purpose in life, the rain has stopped and the sun is flirting among the clouds.The birds have come out, flying over the lake. I enjoy the scene, while I wait for the lunch to be served, for tomorrow, I have to go back to that financial model.

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Sunday, June 30, 2013


There are some conversations which make you introspect and think about everything which you have worked towards till now. Those which traditionally happen on a weekend at 4 in the morning, most of the time with a friend who is lonely in a different city. The trigger for such conversation can be as innocuous as a pass being made in the mountains far away. 

The trigger for the conversation this time was the tunnel which was inaugurated in Pir Panjal recently. A friend had worked on the project and was talking about sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, which he felt when he saw the project being inaugurated. He added, as an after thought, that from working on projects which gave you such a high, he now sells biscuits for a conglomerate ( He works for one of the most respected FMCG firms, post his MBA). The broader question which he posed was, what is it that makes us happy? Is it the money? Is it getting degrees and going to the right institutions? Is it doing what we ( our in some cases the society) wanted us to do? or it something entirely else, something as simple as satisfaction?

All this made me think about the first job which I had. I had joined a state owned energy firm, directly out of college. It was a firm which had its own township, a few kilometers from the city, which was fast becoming the hub of IT and hence extremely rich. My employer, being state owned, provided salaries which were determined by pay commissions and hence revised every 10 years. The promotions were, majority of the time, based on seniority. The firm had enjoyed a monopoly for most of its 50 years of existence but it was recently facing competition from China. Being a product of Nehru's "monuments of modern India", it still had slogans, which were probably thought of then. 

The people lived in that township, cocooned from the changes of post liberalization India. They would go on walks in the morning in one of many stadiums in the township, visit the plant at 7, go home for lunch at 11:30, be back at 12, work till 5 and then spend the evening at the officer's gymkhana. they would carry on this routine till their retirement at 60. The thing about the place, was that most of them were happy. They were in fact happier than their friends a few kilometers away, working in the offices of multinational IT firms. I had always wondered why? 

At first I thought that it was the lack of ambition. But it could not have been, because while I was there, everybody was working on improving himself or herself. From the peon who would silently open his english book and try to enhance his skills during the free time at office to my boss, who would take each and every training so that he can perform his duty in a much better way, they all were trying to get to the next level. They were competitive too, almost always the buzz on the shop floor was to meet the production targets lest the business would be lost of Chinese. Surely there was something else which kept them happy.

Perhaps the reason for the happiness was that they all at a certain level believed in the slogans painted on the walls. The one's which told them that they were working for the development of the country. Most of them did talk about being the reason for the power reaching or homes. But then, if that was the case, all one has to do would be to buy a few self help books and paint a few lines.

The reason, which I discovered on my last day, was that they all were satisfied with what they were doing. Yes, they believed that they are the generators of power for India and if they stop, so would the country but they never let work become the only point of their lives. They took immense pride in what they did, perhaps a reason why they were not disenchanted with the glass offices outside the township. It was a society which content with what they had and small aspirations for what they needed, perhaps that is why they were so happy.

I would be starting with my new job this Monday. A job, for which I slogged for two years during my MBA. And while, at times, when I would get disenchanted, while running the rat race, I would think about the cocooned island, I was once a part of and the most important lesson I learnt from there - Be content in what you have and take pride in what you do. 

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

About Growing Up

All Grown up

The other day, I went for the alumni reunion of BITS. Apart from the fact that there was hardly anybody from my batch, what was disconcerting was the fact that there were people who had entered  the college after I had graduated. Those kids were now alumni. Their talks now ranged from how good last year's fest was to the profiles and packages of the industries, which they were joining. 

Standing there, looking at the magnificent Marine Drive, I could not help but accept the slow realization, which was creeping in, that I was growing older. It was like popping a bubble. It had been four years since I graduated from college. 

The thing about the process of growing up is that, you don't realize it when it's happening. One day, it just hits you in the face, like it did to me the other day. From then on you just have to accept it. 

A lot of things happen during the process ( At least happened with me). Some of them are the one's which you always knew would happen, the other's most of the time are things which you have to accept grudgingly.  I would try to enumerate some of the points which I felt, happened over the years:

  • One makes his/ her closest friends during the undergrad years. Sadly, over the years most of them move away. However, the reason you know that they are your closest friends is that you can pick up the phone and call them up anytime, referring them with that nasty nickname you had for them.

  • Money, over the years becomes a number. Yes, it is still very important. However, after sometime money would just represent a number by which you would satisfy your ego. You would chase it primarily because a higher number would look good in the account statement, but you won't find enough avenues to want to spend it. This number, however would be the reason which would at times stop you from chasing your dreams. You would rationalize saying that you need more of it ( you don't, stop kidding yourself)

  • Once you graduate from college, most of the times one is spent on a wild goose chase. The chase takes different forms, but it majorly includes trying to get into a graduate school, trying to get out of the graduate school, chasing some elusive target for the year end bonus, trying to build a " perfect profile", meeting numerous deadlines. Life quietly passes you by, while you chase these deadlines.

  • This is also the period when most of you would have your own money to spend for the first time. A lot of it would be spent at various clubs during the weekend. A lot of it would be fun. The first few of these outings would be spent in trying out everything and trying to live the life which you saw in sitcoms. However, after those outings, every nightclub would feel the same. What one would reminisce would those random low budget get togethers ( mostly at somebody else's  expense) at that small shack. 

  • A few of you would find a perfect person to spend your time with. This period would be easier for you. For the rest of us, this period would be of volatile uncertainty, trying to meet different people to find that person to spend time with. Over time, you would become more of a realist ( or a cynic). Most of you would stop seeing the world with rose tinted goggles. You would meet many people, who would change you. You will only remember a few of them. There would always be that one relationship which you would always remember and hope to get the same feelings in all your subsequent one's ( Do not do that, you would only be doing injustice to the one you are into)

  • Dating, after a point would become an algorithm with fixed restaurants and routines corresponding to the first, second and then the subsequent dates ( One of you will run out of patience before you run out of restaurants). 

  • This period would be special because it will be marked with many of your firsts. The first car, the first pay and many more ( you get the drift). You would finally be able to spend money on the crazy desires which you had - A lot of you will will spend this money on Xboxes, speakers, phones etc. The thing would be,  that you may be sleeping on the floor, but you would watch your movie in HD with surround sound at home. The women on the other hand would just buy shoes from all that extra money.

  • You would disappoint somebody during this period. A friend, a colleague, an elder or a lover.  Some of it would be because of things which will not be under your control. Some of it might be because you have changed or they have changed. Some of it might be because you could not live up to their expectations and at times because you wanted to. If possible, try to talk and explain things and at times apologize, even if you were not wrong.   

  • A lot of you would define your career during this period. Some of you would be doing, what you always hoped, some of you would be nowhere near it. But the funny things is, when you look around, the person who is finally doing what he always hoped may not be the happiest, while the guy who went at a tangent might be the happiest. Also, you would hardly find somebody who would be in love with his job ( unless, he/she is an entrepreneur). 

  • You would always be the coolest person for you nephews and nieces.

This post has gone too long. I want to write a lot more, but would stop here (maybe will write another one sometime). The one thing which I have learned from this period is that, everybody around you would be fighting his/ her own battle and having his/ her own struggle, the least we should do is respect them and their struggle. 

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Beginnings

So it has been more than two years since I have written a blog post. Before I start with this one, I would like to thank the few odd friends who still visit this blog, hoping to find a post. I would also like to thank the two odd people from Russia and the Dominican Republic who religiously visit this site every week. I hope you guys find what you are looking for!

Now that I have gotten the pleasantries out of the way, time for certain updates. The reason for my long absence was that I was pursuing an MBA ( the real reason was that I am a lazy sloth). Having finished with the roller coaster ride of the MBA ( I will write another post about the experience), having tried my hand at consulting, I would be joining a bank in a few months time. 

So I am free till September and am back home after a long time. Mumbai is as pleasant as ever and it feels good to sleep in your own bed in your own room. I plan to catch up on my books, travel ( hopefully back pack somewhere) and learn a new instrument/skill. Hopefully I would be able to achieve at least 20% of what I have planned ( see I have already started quantifying stuff! MBA was useful after all). Have read a few books till now ( will write the reviews soon), till then if you any suggestion for back packing, please do let me know ( yes I am open to places in Russia and Dominican Republic too!) 

I would try to be regular on this blog. I plan to write about my experiences of the past few years, hopefully about the places I travel to  and random musings. Till then, good to see you again :).

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